December 17, 2014

VIDEO: The Creeping Cruds - 'I Killed Santa Claus'

Ho Ho Ho - it's time to go!

"Sing along as The Creeping Cruds drop the holiday axe on the jolly fat man.
It's great fun for the whole family!" 

December 11, 2014

VIDEO: Super Witch (Complete Live Set)

So cool to see FatCat bands posting complete sets. The latest is Super Witch with a multi-camera shot recording of their gig at The Stage Shop in Memphis, TN on November 28, 2014. See below for set list.

December 8, 2014

VIDEO: American Dog - 'Merry Christmas Asshole'

Tired of the non-stop 'Happy Holidays' crap being shoved down your throat since the day after Halloween? Never fear... the always festive American Dog is here to help you cope.

"The Alcoholidays are upon us and what better way to celebrate the 'holiest' of Seasons than a festive Christmas song from American Dog? Throw another log on the electric fireplace, grab a cold one for each fist and crank up the new video for "Merry Christmas Asshole," a ditty guaranteed to deflate your neighbor's 20 foot tall inflatable Santa."