May 9, 2009

ReverbNation Spotlight: CHIVO

If you've ever listened to The BIG Show or frequented the FatCat Forum you know that I am not at all a fan of myspace. I have however recently jumped on the ReverbNation bandwagon. Although it's not officially a part of the FatCat Radio Network, I have been using the site more and more and have been encouraging all FatCat artists to get signed up. Why? 'Cause I said so ! And because there are a lot of cool features for bands. The widgets alone make it worthwhile. And since ReverbNation is so user friendly it allows me to do stuff like this new feature : The semi-regular FatCat Radio / ReverbNation artist spotlight. Up first is a band recently added to The BIG Show playlist.
"From the dust of the Mojave Desert comes CHIVO, like a stolen GTO from Vegas to L.A. With a blue collar attitude and work ethic, CHIVO has dedicated themselves to making ass kicking Rock N' Roll that will help you to forget about sub-genres completely. Playing their own blend of Hard Rock, Punk, Metal and even a little Country, CHIVO have managed to make fans of everyone that hears them, no matter what style of music they're into."

FatCat Radio @ ReverbNation