May 31, 2009

5/31/09 Indigo Lounge recap

Thanks for listening everybody. Sorry for the microphone problems!

Artist ---- Song Title

1. Byther Smith - Love Me Like I Love You (4:39)

2. Big George Jackson Blues Band - Blue Sky (4:31)

3. Doug MacLeod - A Little Sin (4:26)

4. The Blue Voodoo - Black Moon (3:58)

5. Sean Costello - Going Home (3:30)

6. The Alligators - In Way Over My Head (6:05)

7. Dave Arcari - Come With Me (3:27)

8. Reverend Blue - Goin' From the Fryin' Pan (3:32)

9. Maxwell Street - All Your Lovin (4:11)

10. Cherri & the Violators - Frettin for Nothing (3:15)

11. The Midnight Flyers - Bartender (4:16)

12. David Hull Blues Band - Moving On (3:29)

13. E.G. Kight - It's Hot in Here (3:28)

14. Percy Strother - Poor Boy (4:00)

15. Big Mike and the Booty Papas - You Can't Do That (3:33)

16. Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band - Spreadin' Your Love Around (3:02)

17. Kane Daily - Switchblade (3:15)

18. Mark Kerr - Woman with No Shame (3:33)

19. One Eyed Johnny and the Revelators - Lord Say You Love Me (3:42)

20. Boo Boo Davis - Ain't Got No Problems (5:46)

21. Calvin Owens - Please Love Me (4:31)

22. The Rockin' Armadillos - Scratch My Back (3:53)

23. Johnny Nicholas - Mandolin Boogie (3:37)

24. Ray Schinnery - Heavy Women (4:12)

25. Nick Moss & the Flip Tops - I'll Be Straight With You (2:13)

26. Mean Gene Kelton - Mean Guitar (4:46)

27. Reverend Richard John - Bookie Man Blues (2:55)

28. Root Doctor/Sofa King Horns - Love Bones (3:58)

29. Bob Kirkpatrick - Been Around Too Long (4:49)

30. Big Harmonica Bob - Go Out Laughin' (2:03)

You can hear this edition of The Indigo Lounge again on Thursday's rebroadcasts.

May 30, 2009

FatCat Radio: News & notes

FatCat news
It ain't called FatCat for nothin'!

News from the land of independent rock & blues & big fat kitties.


- The Indigo Lounge, hosted by Jen, makes it's long awaited return to the virtual airwaves on Sunday May 31st. 10AM Central.

- Monday Marathon will return to the schedule on Monday (duh) June 8th.

- The BIG Show is taking another week hiatus. NO show June 3rd.

- Volume 51 of The A'swepe Hour from Somewhere in Texas is scheduled to air Saturday June 6th

New Artists:

While the majority of the live shows have been on brief breaks, the Auto-Pilot has picked up the slack. New artists currently in heavy rotation on FatCat Live's automated programming include:

Sinner (Stuttgart, Germany)

Filthy Rich (Smederevo, Serbia)

Barbears (Szeged, Hungry)

Ponamero Sundrown (Stockholm, Sweden)

Wrench (Aarus, Denmark)

DeciBel ChamBer (Stratford, ON Canada)

Snot Rocket (Apple Valley, CA)

Roedhouse (Edmonds, WA)

Right now these fine artists are rockin' the Auto-Pilot. Some may also be heard on future editions of The BIG Show.


Down for maintenance? What's up with that? A significant change is coming to the tired and outdated message board. If you are a registered member of the FatCat forum you should have received an email this weekend asking you to provide us with your current contact info (name / email). Please do so !! We promise not to spam.

A couple other changes are in the works as well. We are always striving to make things better for both the listeners and the artists. And making things a little easier on yours truly ain't such a bad idea either. Stay tuned.

As always - feedback is welcome on any of the above. Click the comments link below and post away (registration is not required).

May 27, 2009

Smashed Alley's bassist injured in hit & run

Frequent BIG Show contributor and one of the true 'good guys' in rock, Fenix Anthony of Smashed Alley (Raleigh, NC) was injured in a hit and run accident last weekend.

"On Friday night May 22 our bass player Fenix was hit by a car while he was riding his motorcycle in Durham NC. The driver of the car did not stop to even see if he was alive. A witness said that Fenix's bike flipped 5 or 6 times. Fenix was found in a field approximately 40 feet from the road. His injuries are not life threatening but are severe enough that the band has had to drop out of 2 shows for this weekend May 29th & 30. You should still go to those shows and support the other great bands that will be playing. Fenix would like to thank all of you for all of your kind words, thoughts & prayers."

If you'd like to make a donation to help cover his medical expenses (the band reports he has no medical insurance) you can do so via PayPal ( We here at FatCat Radio wish Fenix a speedy recovery. And may the hit and run driver rot in hell.

BIG Show Update


No BIG Show tonight Wednesday May 27. Still dealing with some heavy duty dental work (2 more appointments this week). Still feeling the need to take a MUCH NEEDED break to recharge my batteries.

Watch this space for updates. The BIG Show is scheduled to return sometime in June.

May 20, 2009

5/20/09 BIG Show recap

The 'Dedication Special' albeit an abbreviated one (2 hrs 15 mins). Biggest listener turnout since March despite the usual very little promotional help from the bands or listeners. As always I want to say to those that DO support the show, FatCat Radio and independent music -- YOU kick ass and I thank you.

Thanks to those that heeded my many pleas and threats (joke) to take part in the show. Fell a bit short of my goal for total dedications but I can't say that I'm surprised. The ones we did get ranged from silly to serious - I hope you enjoyed the special !!

The BIG Show is OFF THE AIR until sometime in June. Yup, you read that right. Watch The Cat's Meow for updates. And finally, to all USA artists and listeners - FatCat Radio wishes you a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!!

Artist ---- Song Title --- Website

The Malt-Tones - This Is The BIG Show: Link
Hostile Omish - One Man: Link
Nine Pound Hammer - Drunk, Tired, & Mean: Link
The Vageenas - Don't Care: Link
Chop Suicide - Runnin' On Empty: Link
Color Of Darkness - Nobody Hears: Link
Country Bob And The Bloodfarmers - What The Fuck: Link
Southern Electric - Welcome to The BIG Show: Link
BS - Swede Speaks Intro (HT): Link
The Demon Beat - Talk To Myself: Link
Rebel Son - Quit Your Bitchin': Link
John Wilkes Booth - Only The Facts: Link
The Cat's Meow - Official FatCat blog: Link
Promo - The A'swepe Hour: Link
Johnny Mohawk - FatCat Festival of ROCK: Link
Johnny Mohawk and the Assassins - Tell Me Something I Don't Know: Link
CHIVO - Rock n Roll Band: Link
The Shaker Hoods - Dead N Gone: Link
Thirty 2 Life - I Dreamed Of Killing You: Link
The Hunchies - War Pigs (cover): Link
Jingle - FatCat Radio: Link
Paul Killington - The BIG Show (Angry Theme): Link
DEDICATION - Yves (France)
**American Dog - D-N-F: Link
**American Dog - Drank Too Much: Link
DEDICATION (Alain, Belgium)
**American Dog - Last Of A Dying Breed: Link
FatCat Festival of Rock - August 8, 2009: Link
**Nashville Pussy - Speed Machine: Link
**Rhino Bucket - Dog Don't Bite: Link
**Sukus - Live For Today: Link
**Blame It On Cain - Miami Beach: Link
DEDICATION (Barbara, Germany)
**Flexx Bronco - Go Fast!: Link
**Seven Dirty Words - Lucky Lick: Link
**Adrian and the Sickness - Garbage: Link
**The Cocksmiths - Might Take A Murder: Link
**Interfear - Sex Machine: Link
Promo (DA) - The Indigo Lounge: Link
Promo - The A'swepe Hour: Link
Promo (BS Rebroadcast) - Barbara from Germany: Link
Junkrod Joe - Drunk, Tired & Blue: Link
BS - Swede Signs Off (HF): Link
Guns of Nevada - You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone: Link
Southern Electric - BIG Show Closing Theme: Link

Catch this edition of The BIG Show again on Thursday's rebroadcasts.

May 19, 2009

ReverbNation Spotlight: Aries Road

Auto-Pilot artist Aries Road (Broken Arrow, OK) released their album Keyholder last month and now...they get The Cat's Meow spotlight.

"In the summer of 2004, guitarist/songwriter Ryan McCarty met singer/songwriter Ashley McCarty (now his wife) a passionate and avid connoisseur of quality, note-worthy music. Once discovering her amazing vocal talent and her genuine lyrical writing style, Ryan instantly knew he had found the vocalist he had been searching for. After spending time together and combining their backlogged material, they knew immediately what they had was very special. Ashley could see that Ryan was also a very talented musician. Due to the lack of resources and musicians in the area, he was able to take the task upon himself to begin laying down the bass and percussion tracks for their self-released album, Keyholder.

And so, the birth of Aries Road.

Quantcast (Official website)
FatCat Radio @ ReverbNation

Out: Drive 56, In: Stop The World

Drive 56 (Philadelphia, PA) is now known as Stop The World

"We are very excited to have Greg Tripp, formerly from the band Octane, join us on guitar and vocals. Greg brings a powerhouse vibe and energy to the band.

Speaking of the band........we have decided to drop the name DRIVE 56 and will now be called "Stop The World".

New songs are being written and will soon be included on a full length CD to be out sometime later this year. Expect to hear some new tracks very very soon. Sooner than you think. As in right now.

Also, most importantly, expect a whole new kickass live show like you have never seen before. We are here to Stop The World.

Get Ready!

Out: The Shaker Hoods, In: Board Track Racer

Sad to announce The Shaker Hoods (Kansas City, MO) are no more. Glad to announce that a new band called Board Track Racer has been formed.

"Hey Swede,

I'm sure you've heard by now that The Shaker Hoods have disbanded. :( bummer... BUT I'm in the studio with my new solo project called Board Track Racer. A friend of mine came in to play the drum kit and we got the drum tracks for all 6 songs down yesterday. They are sounding fantastic and I'm going to be getting you my new music ASAP!!! Thanks for ALL of your support Swede!

--Jon Freeman

The Shaker Hoods will remain in rotation on FatCat Radio. Board Track Racer will be coming soon to The BIG Show.

May 15, 2009

On the next BIG Show: Dedication Special

On the next BIG Show (May 20th):

'DEDICATION SPECIAL' - we've done this once before ( 11/20/08 BS ) - and since it was a lot of fun AND set a 'record' for most phone calls aired in one show I figured I'd give it another go.

Here's how it works. There will be no requests taken on the 5/20 BIG Show, instead it will be all dedications. Take a look at the current active BIG Show playlist and pick a track to dedicate. Hell...since I want to set a record you can also select a track you've heard on the Auto-Pilot or a 'deep cut' from a cd you may have heard on Monday Marathon. Just DON'T ask me to dedicate a Metallica song or something.

Send your dedication out to a loved one, a co-worker, your favorite sports team etc. Or send it out to the boss you hate, the state of the economy, the jerk who cut you off in traffic... Whatever. You get the picture. If you don't ? - see my example below.


This is One Angry Swede and I'd like to dedicate Rhino Bucket's "Know My Name" to all the idiots who get the name of the station wrong!
It's FatCat - all one word. Capital F. Capital C. FatCat. Know MY name !!


IMPORTANT: Please get them to me by Tuesday May 19th. The preferred method is YOU doing the actual dedicating by leaving a voicemail on the FatCat Phone 206-337-0228. One of the best things about a DEDICATION SPECIAL is it keeps ME off the air and lets YOU be a part of the show !! The FatCat phone is available 24 hrs a day. Be sure to identify yourself, name the artist/song, and make your dedication.

If you're too shy to have your voice broadcast around the world, or if you're listening from somewhere other than the USA and don't wanna spend a fortune calling the FatCat Phone, I'll give you the option to email your dedications to my attention at . If you can't call them in then please email only. No posting them here or in the forum and especially not on stupid Myspace.

Review the BIG Show playlist. Phone (206-337-0228) or email ( your DEDICATIONS for the 5/20 BIG Show by Tuesday May 19th. Have fun with it or make 'em serious. Let's see if we can break the record of 15 dedications from the previous show.

Any questions - post 'em here, via the forum, or drop me a line.


May 13, 2009

5/13/09 BIG Show recap

Another rockin' BIG Show, another nice listener turnout tonight. A BIG thanks to the listeners and bands who are actively promoting the show and FatCat Radio (You know who you are). Every little bit truly does help. Managed to get all 3 hours in tonight despite a raging thunderstorm. Thanks for the requests and calls.

In case you missed it, next week's show will be DEDICATIONS ONLY. (no requests). We've done this gimmick once before and it was well received. Information will be posted soon as to how to get YOUR dedication aired next week. Until then.... keep clicking on the cat. (And get signed up for On Air Alerts 'cause I have a feeling there just might be a Friday night edition of The BIG Show this week.)

NEW TRACKS: 7th Day Creeps

Artist ---- Song Title --- Website

The Malt-Tones - This Is The BIG Show: Link
Truckasaurus - Cat Food: Link
CHIVO - Dive Right In: Link
Seven Dirty Words - Let It Ride: Link
Holley 750 - Kill Kill Kill: Link
Beavershot - Helluvanite: Link
Southern Electric - Welcome to The BIG Show: Link
BS - Swede Speaks Intro (HT): Link
Promo (BS) - Dave Evans: Link
Dave Evans - Turn It Up: Link
Looker - Mind Control On the Radio: Link
Flexx Bronco - Dead Man: Link
Rocker Lips (Matt) - FatCat Festival of ROCK: Link
Rocker Lips - Had Enough: Link
American Dog - Drank Too Much: Link
Station ID - Simon Wright (Rhino Bucket): Link
Rhino Bucket - Know My Name: Link
Sideburn - Never Kill The Chicken: Link
Sin City - Ammunition: Link
Stripwired - Another Shot: Link
Nashville Pussy - Drunk Driving Man: Link
Paul Killington - The BIG Show (Angry Theme): Link
Phone: Barbara from Germany - Requests: Link
**American Dog - Barely Half Alive: Link
**Country Bob And The Bloodfarmers - Get Out Of Sodom: Link
**Nashville Pussy - Meaner Than My Mama: Link
**Rhino Bucket - Justified: Link
Phone: Eric from Pittsburgh - Turning now to sports...: Link
**The Hunchies - Pump It Up: Link
**Southern Electric - Checkin For Soul: Link
**7th Day Creeps - Ugly Stick: Link
7th Day Creeps - Depressive Mania: Link
7th Day Creeps - Teachers Lounge: Link
Promo (Churn To The Beat) - Hostile Omish: Link
Hostile Omish - Lizard Up My Butthole: Link
The Creeping Cruds - Mosquitos: Link
The Press Gang - Me And My Wiener Dog: Link
Promo (Indie Shows) - Rusty Gumbo: Link
The Porn Again Christians - Celebro American: Link
Uncle Scratch's Gospel Revival - Back Door Man (No More!): Link
Joecephus & The George Jonestown Massacre - Going Back To Memphis: Link
Promo (BS) - Eric from The Burgh: Link
**The Vageenas - Talk Too Much: Link
Rawmania - Looking Good In Blood: Link
Promo (Fat-Mart) - FatCat T-Shirts and more!: Link
RUST - Tranquility in Darkness: Link
Sacred 13 - Hollow Visions: Link
The Cocksmiths - Ten 2 One: Link
The Laundromat - Corporate Static: Link
Thirty 2 Life - I Dreamed Of Killing You: Link
The Last Vegas - Raw Dog: Link
Song Intro / Michael Hannon - Sometimes You Eat The Pussy: Link
American Dog - Sometimes You Eat The Pussy: Link
FatCat Festival of Rock - August 8, 2009: Link
Silver Dirt - About Rock'n' Roll: Link
Royal Bubble Orchestra - Thrill Me: Link
Eternal Fear - Evil Deeds: Link
Devils Right Hand - I'm Gone: Link
BS - Swede Signs Off (HF): Link
User's Guide - Cream D'La Cream: Link
Southern Electric - BIG Show Closing Theme: Link

**=by request

As always you can hear this edition of The BIG Show again on Thursday's rebroadcasts.

ReverbNation Spotlight: Joecephus & The George Jonestown Massacre

Long time BIG Show artist Joecephus and the George Jonestown Massacre (Memphis, TN) recently joined ReverbNation and now...they get The Cat's Meow spotlight.
"Blazing a trail out of Memphis, Tennessee, Joecephus and the George Jonestown Massacre are on a roll. Having been referred to as “a cross between Motorhead and Merle Haggard” and having served as opening acts for such diverse artists as Shooter Jennings, Hayseed Dixie, David Allan Coe, Unknown Hinson, Green Jelly, Southern Culture on The Skids, Jim Dickinson, Scott Biram, The Reverend Horton Heat, to H. R. of the legendary Bad Brains, Joecephus and company are ready for full auditory assault in any venue that can take it.

Exhibiting a tireless work ethic, the band has played Honky-tonk venues as well as Punk/ Metal clubs throughout the tri-state area. They have created a unique style by mixing “old-school” country sounds with rockabilly rhythms in combination with hardcore metal drumbeats, blurring the boundaries of country, psychobilly, and punk.

Quantcast (Official website)
FatCat Radio @ ReverbNation

May 11, 2009

FatCat Festival of Rock : Update !


That's right - less than 3 months before you can see 11 FatCat Radio artists on 1 stage for only $15 !! The FatCat Festival of Rock, an event put together by the fans and by the bands, is scheduled for August 8, 2009 at Route 33 Rhythm and Brews in Wapakoneta, Ohio.

Stick this flyer everywhere!!

For ticket info, artist links and more see the Festival of Rock page at

Additional information can be found at the forum or by contacting the event organizers at

May 10, 2009

Truckasaurus: Bass player needed

Truckasaurus (Arvada, Colorado) are in need of a bass player. Their stringent requirements are as follows:

"Attention, we are now excepting applications for a full time bass player. Prospective band members should be able to meet all or most of the following requirements.

Able to play at a some what reasonable skill level.

Have your own bass guitar and amp.
(That one is really important)

Obsessive passion for old school punk rock.

Over 21 or a very good fake ID.

Able to practice one week night and one weekend night pretty much every week.

Able to play weekend shows and very rarely a weekday show if it's something really kick ass.

Able to go on tour for a week in August.

Serious drinking problem helps but not required.

A complete distrust and contempt for Walmart or any kind of authority.

Send a message if you are interested and we can set up an interview at our corporate headquarters.

You can hear Truckasaurus and their ditties about cat food and beer Wednesday nights on The BIG Show.

May 9, 2009

Monday Marathon 5/11/09

5-11-09 Lineup

Rhino Bucket



Face Down Presley


NOTE: This lineup will be played twice.

Monday Marathon features extended sets by FatCat artists between the hours of 7PM-11PM Central. Tracks from each artist will be included on Thursday's Play It Again Sam programming

ReverbNation Spotlight: CHIVO

If you've ever listened to The BIG Show or frequented the FatCat Forum you know that I am not at all a fan of myspace. I have however recently jumped on the ReverbNation bandwagon. Although it's not officially a part of the FatCat Radio Network, I have been using the site more and more and have been encouraging all FatCat artists to get signed up. Why? 'Cause I said so ! And because there are a lot of cool features for bands. The widgets alone make it worthwhile. And since ReverbNation is so user friendly it allows me to do stuff like this new feature : The semi-regular FatCat Radio / ReverbNation artist spotlight. Up first is a band recently added to The BIG Show playlist.
"From the dust of the Mojave Desert comes CHIVO, like a stolen GTO from Vegas to L.A. With a blue collar attitude and work ethic, CHIVO has dedicated themselves to making ass kicking Rock N' Roll that will help you to forget about sub-genres completely. Playing their own blend of Hard Rock, Punk, Metal and even a little Country, CHIVO have managed to make fans of everyone that hears them, no matter what style of music they're into."

FatCat Radio @ ReverbNation

May 8, 2009

REVIEW: Rhino Bucket - 'The Hardest Town'

Artist: Rhino Bucket
Album: The Hardest Town
Released: May 2009
Available: Acetate

Rhino Bucket (Van Nuys, CA) has been one of my personal favorite bands for the past 20 years and The Hardest Town was one of my most anticipated releases of 2009. Rhino Bucket's brand of rock has been, and rock gods willing, will always be my favorite type of music. So... Georg and the boys could put out an album of polka standards and I'd still probably give it at least a 3 outta 5 !!

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, onto the review. Well, after we get in the prerequisite AC/DC mention. Much like my all time favorite band, Rhino Bucket has never really wavered from their formula. Could be one of the main reasons I've dug them for so long. Riff rock + an amazing vocalist + sing-a-long hooky choruses. Why change that? Of course without mixing things up a bit you can get accused of making the same album over and over again. With The Hardest Town, Rhino Bucket has managed to put out a product that is both familiar and slightly different from what we've come to expect from the band. Whether you like the results or not they deserve credit for trying things a bit different this far into their career.

Familiar Rhino Bucket (Street To Street):
"I'm a bad motherfuckin' man if you take what's mine"


Unexpected Rhino Bucket (To Be Mine):
"'Cause I'm just a lonely guy and I need a lonely girl to be mine"

The first half of the album is the familiar hard rocking, up tempo Bucket while the second half finds the band stretching out a bit. The album as a whole sounds great. The quality of the recording and mixing get top marks. That's what struck me most upon first listen - that this sounds great. Another thing I took note of is the backing vocals. They really add a lot to songs such as 'Justified', 'Dog Don't Bite' and my favorite track 'Know My Name'.

As previously mentioned, with Rhino Bucket you normally know what you're gonna get. The first four tracks off The Hardest Town are in vintage rockin' mode, including the bluesy 'Dog Don't Bite'. This is the Rhino Bucket you've known - big guitars and banging drums. And if I had to guess, these are the songs (along with 'Street to Street') that most fans are going to name as their favorites.

The track 'No One Here' is the first hint at something a bit different. The main riff reminded me a lot of The Cult for some reason. All in all it still sounds like a track that wouldn't be out of place on their previous album 'And Then It Got Ugly'. This track is followed by the ballbreaker cited above 'Street To Street'. 'Take Me Down' is another slow swampy blues number with a big chorus. 'She's With Me' is where we find Rhino Bucket veering from the norm. Prior to the album release the band was giving a sneak peek at songs from The Hardest Town by posting a new track weekly on their myspace. I think this was the second one offered up and upon first listen I didn't care for it at all. It has since grown on me. I've seen plenty of similar comments on various music forums when it comes to 'She's With Me'. ('I didn't like it at first.... not as good as 'Justified' etc). One mentioned that it reminded him of early KISS. There is a bit of pop edge to it that I think caused me to be slow to warm up to it.

Speaking of pop, the main riff of 'You're Gone' reminded me of a Cheap Trick song. That's a compliment, not a slight. It's Rhino Bucket but just slightly different. The song is a great showcase for Georg Dolivo when it comes to double tracking the lead vocal or harmonizing with himself. The album ends with two more mid tempo tracks, 'To Be Mine' which is the only song that finds me reaching for the fast forward button, and the bonus track that isn't, 'Slip Away'. The final song is actually included on all the cds, not just the pre-release. A password to download a true bonus song ('Vision Thing') was emailed to all who helped finance the recording of The Hardest Town by pre-ordering the album earlier this year.

Final thoughts on the album. The artwork / layout is very cool. A great band picture on the back of the booklet. Full lyrics included. Easily the most rocking use of the words clandestine and asunder ever !! And if you're one to read the liner notes you'll notice a thank you to a certain station you may have heard of. A BIG BIG BIG thanks to Rhino Bucket for the FatCat Radio mention. The liner notes mention is an honor that never gets old. We've been fortunate to be included on many artist's releases over the years but this one by far meant the most to yours truly.

Track Listing:

1. The Hardest Town
2. Justified
3. Know My Name
4. Dog Don't Bite
5. No One Here
6. Street To Street
7. Take Me Down
8. She's With Me
9. You're Gone
10. To Be Mine
11. Slip Away

Bottom line: It's a Rhino Bucket album that sounds like Rhino Bucket. Except when it doesn't !! When The Hardest Town rocks, it rocks hard. Several more classic tracks have been added to the already impressive Rhino Bucket back catalog.

Swede's rating: 3.5 out of 5

5=Excellent | 4=Very Good | 3=Decent | 2=Pretty Bad | 1=Garbage

May 6, 2009

5/6/09 BIG Show recap

A return to normalcy this week. Thanks to those that heeded my call and stepped up the promotional help. The result? Biggest listener turnout since mid March with an audience hailing from the US, Canada, Germany, Trinidad & Tobago, Finland and Japan.

No doubt the Rawmania t-shirt/cd contest helped draw in a few new listeners too. Congrats to contest winners : Jimmy from Sacramento CA and Gina from Apple Valley CA. Thanks to Eric from Pittsburgh for the call on the FatCat phone as well as the rest of the requests received via the forum. As always I encourage you to click the links below for more information on the bands.

Thanks for Clicking on the Cat. See ya next week. (or sooner?)


Artist ---- Song Title --- Website

The Malt-Tones - This Is The BIG Show: Link
Innocent Rosie - Wasteland: Link
Cover of Darkness - Gods of War: Link
Flexx Bronco - A Lesson In Love: Link
Boss Kean's Ditch - Workin' Man's Pride: Link
Rhino Bucket - Street To Street: Link
What kind of radio show is this? - This is The BIG Show !!!: Link
BS - Swede Speaks Intro (HT): Link
Station ID - Matt (Swiss Army Mouth): Link
**Swiss Army Mouth - Song 1: Link
**7th Day Creeps - Party In Hell: Link
**Poobah - Walk On: Link
Phone - Eric from Pitts - Hunchies request: Link
**The Hunchies - Muddy Water Peace Of Mind: Link
All Access Magazine (Kim) - FatCat Festival of ROCK: Link
American Dog - Train: Link
Promo (BS) - Michael Hannon (American Dog): Link
CHIVO - Viva Knievel: Link
CHIVO - Rock n Roll Band: Link
CHIVO - Built To Last: Link
Seven Dirty Words - In Hell: Link
Motorbilly - WWLD: Link
Paul Killington - The BIG Show (Angry Theme): Link
Rawmania - I'm With The Boys Now Baby: Link
Rawmania - Burn In Hell: Link
Rawmania - Looking Good In Blood: Link
Rawmania - I'm A Fucking Idiot: Link
Blame It On Cain (Sam) - FatCat Festival of ROCK: Link
Blame It On Cain - 12-Gauge Handshake: Link
The Last Vegas - Love Me When I'm Bad: Link
Dave Rude Band - Crooked Bullseye: Link
Chrome Machine - Backstabbing Man: Link
Nashville Pussy - Why Why Why: Link
Johnny Mohawk - FatCat Festival of ROCK: Link
Johnny Mohawk and the Assassins - 12 Oz Of Fury: Link
Station ID - Sacred 13: Link
Sacred 13 - Every Sin: Link
The Highgears - Jack P. Neigle, Jack P. Quick: Link
RUST - Devine Intervention: Link
Stripwired - Doghouse: Link
Promo - The A'swepe Hour: Link
Promo (Fat-Mart) - FatCat T-Shirts and more!: Link
Joecephus & the George Jonestown Massacre - Bloody Mary Morning: Link
CHIVO - Girl Drink Drunk: Link
The Press Gang - We May Have Been Drunk: Link
Junkrod - Bad Mutha Trucker: Link
**American Dog - Can't Throw Stones: Link
Rhino Bucket - Slip Away: Link
Station ID - Jason McMaster (Broken Teeth): Link
Broken Teeth - Stick It In (live): Link
Nine Pound Hammer - Drunk, Tired, & Mean: Link
Kill Allen Wrench - Godbye: Link
Chrome Machine - Go To Hell: Link
BS - Swede Signs Off (HF): Link
Dave Arcari - Homesick & Blue: Link
Southern Electric - BIG Show Closing Theme: Link

**=by request

As always you can hear this edition of The BIG Show again on Thursday's rebroadcasts.

And the winners are.... (Rawmania contest)

Rawmania T-shirt / cd contest. (details)

Track # 2 from the disc is called 'Looking Good In Blood' so... I asked the following:

QUESTION: "How much blood is in an average adult body?"
ANSWER: 10-12 pints or 5 liters or approx 2 gallons.


T-shirt and CD:
Jimmy aka Jimmy from Sacramento, CA

CD: *
missyaggravation aka Gina from Apple Valley, CA

*since Gina actually followed the contest rules and I was a bit aggravated myself at those posting replies in the forum and via private message instead of email....she ALSO gets a shirt !!


Thanks again to Rawmania - - for donating the prizes. Keep listening and keep an eye on The Cat's Meow for future contests. (Be sure to read the rules!)

May 4, 2009

Dave Rude Band - Official forum launched

I personally think forums or message boards are kind of a dying breed but then again maybe it's just 'cause the FatCat Forum is marching slowly towards it's own demise. Thanks in part to The Cat's Meow !! (I love it!) hahaha. The Official Dave Rude Band Street Team (don't get me started on the whole 'street team' concept) has recently announced the launch of the Official Dave Rude Band Message Board.

They've gone with the set up which I've used for several years now over the course of two of my own forums. The Dave Rude Band message board just launched but it looks to be off to a promising start. Might wanna scale back a bit on the number of topics/boards but that's just my opinion. The best part of the deal is yes, it is an official forum, and yes, Dave is involved and actively posting. Being a veteran of many band forums over the years that is definitely the key - having the band actively involved. So for all the latest news on the Dave Rude Band and to hang out with other fans check out the new DRB forum. And yup... you can find Swede there whoring out FatCat Radio in his signature!

May 2, 2009

Monday Marathon 5/4/09

5-4-09 Lineup


Boss Kean's Ditch

Southern Electric

James Thorogood & The Cohorts

NOTE: This lineup will be played twice.

Monday Marathon features extended sets by FatCat artists between the hours of 7PM-11PM Central. Tracks from each artist will be included on Thursday's Play It Again Sam programming

CONTEST: Win a Rawmania t-shirt and CD

Rawmania T-shirt / CD contest. A LISTEN AND WIN EVENT.

Tune in to The BIG Show on Wednesday May 6th for a chance to win a Rawmania T-shirt and a copy of their 2006 CD "I'm With The Boys Now Baby". If you wanna win you must be listening Wednesday night. Approximate time of the contest is 9pm Central (1 hour into the show).



A black/white ringer design shirt with the logo seen above.
Direct from Sweden! 100% cotton. Size: Men's Large.
NOTE: The size appears to be a bit smaller than what we fat
Americans are used to. Might be a bit closer to a Men's medium.
This is a really sharp looking shirt.



'I'm With The Boys Now Baby'
Rock and roll. Pure, honest and simple. Guitar, bass and drums. This is what rock music is about, and Rawmania from Sweden knows it's that simple. Being around for over ten years playing their songs, doing their thing and just having a great time, they know how powerful rock is and how easy it is to love.

Track listing / samples available here:


As with all FatCat Radio contests and giveaways you MUST be a registered member of the forum ( to be eligible to win. So if you're not already a member of the forum, register before Wednesday night.

At or around the start of Hour # 2 (9pm Central) I will play a block of Rawmania music. I will then ask a simple trivia question relating to a specific track. Don't worry, it will be an easy to figure out answer. You won't need to be a Rawmania expert or even have prior knowledge of the song. Send your answer to with the subject title 'RAWMANIA'.

IMPORTANT: Use the email address associated with your forum account. It's how I'm able to verify you are who you say you are!

You will have 3 minutes and 52 seconds (the length of the track) to answer. The 1st person to answer correctly wins the shirt and the cd !! And since it's been awhile since we've had a true LISTEN AND WIN event on The BIG Show, I'm offering a 2nd chance opportunity. Later in the show I will select a name at random from all the other correct answers received. That person will win the CD only.

So there you have it. Its a Rawmania T-shirt and CD contest. Get signed up at the FatCat forum. Listen to the BIG Show on FatCat Radio this Wednesday May 6th and you might win !!

May 1, 2009

REVIEW: The Last Vegas - 'Whatever Gets You Off'

Artist: The Last Vegas
Album: Whatever Gets You Off
Released: April 2009
Available: All major retailers including Amazon

The Last Vegas (Chicago, IL), winners of the recent Guitar Center On Stage contest and fresh off their main prize of opening for Motley Crue on the Saints of Los Angeles tour, are back with a "new" album. And I say "new" in quotes because if you've been following The Last Vegas for any amount of time prior to their recent overnight success status, you'll know that very little of Whatever Gets You Off is in fact new. And that, I'm happy to say, is my only real complaint with an otherwise fine rock+glam+sleaze+punk album.

As far as I can tell eight of the eleven tracks have either been previously released exactly as heard on Whatever Gets You Off or have been re-recorded or rearranged for the "new" album. The good news is the songs all rock. The bulk of Whatever Gets... comes from the self titled independently released disc I named as # 2 on my list of top 12 cds of 2008. The first single 'I'm Bad' recorded and released within days of winning the Guitar Center contest, is a reworking of one of my favorite Last Vegas tracks called 'So Young, So Pretty, So What'. I didn't like the changes at all and was worried that working with big time producers on a big time budget might take the sleaze off The Last Vegas. Thankfully that is NOT the case. The rest of the old songs have been left in all their sleazy, grimy glory. They either have been left as is (with truncated song titles), or like the track 'Loose Lips', re-recorded with the same intensity and drive as the originals. Although it feels like a bit of retread, its good to know the big time producers were able to recognize that 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'. As for the new material the title track is the best of the bunch. 'Whatever Gets You Off' serves as a great introduction to the band and was a wise choice as the lead track. Other stand outs include 'High Class Trash', 'Loose Lips', 'Love Me Bad' and 'Outta Mind'.

Track Listing:
1. Whatever Gets You Off 3:48
2. I'm Bad 3:38
3. High Class Trash 3:32
4. Loose Lips 4:24
5. Apologize 5:27
6. Cherry Red 3:13
7. Another Lover 3:58
8. Dirty Things You Do 3:22
9. White Lies 5:15
10. Love Me Bad 5:18
11. Outta My Mind 3:03

Bottom line: If this is the first Last Vegas cd in your collection you're gonna be quite happy. (Add an extra half a cat head to the rating below because this IS a great release). If you've known of the band prior to their recent popularity explosion you'll feel a bit cheated. More greatest hits than new album.

Swede's rating: 3.5 out of 5

5=Excellent | 4=Very Good | 3=Decent | 2=Pretty Bad | 1=Garbage

Drive 56 - FREE show on 5/1

What's my favorite four letter word (besides b-e-e-r)? That would be FREE. And that's exactly what the price of admission is to see BIG Show artist Drive 56 tonight in their hometown of Philadelphia.

Drive 56

The Indigo Lounge: News and notes

The Indigo Lounge will be back live on Sunday, May 3rd! Tune in to hear the blues and nothing but the blues, independent style!