July 31, 2009

ReverbNation Spotlight: Seven Dirty Words

The ReverbNation/FatCat Radio spotlight shines on Huntington Beach, CA's Seven Dirty Words.


"In the summer of 2006, a pure bred Rock-N-Roll band emerged in Southern California and began to conquer the music scene with intense lyrics and larger than life sound. The earliest band members, Brian (lead vox/bass) and Nate (drums), unenthused with the yawn in the world of so called "Hard Rock" bands, decided to reinvent a sorely dysfunctional sound with their own hard hitting attempt to send the hard rock trend on its ear. With a project that would incorporate the earth shattering sound of monumental artists of “real rock” namely, AC/DC, Motorhead, Supersuckers and Pantera along with an added thrill of speed rock n’ roll, they created Seven Dirty Words.

The group spawned to life as a 3 piece ensemble playing shows around the Southern California area as well as Arizona and Las Vegas. After a few months and a few lineup changes, the group had yet to find its real voice. However, by sheer coincidence, they crossed paths with the guitar shredding talent of Silvio (lead guitar) then added the solid rhythm guitar stylings of Joel Kings to complete the line up and bring a much needed fuller sound. The combined talent of the foursome spanned over several years, where each member channeled his rocking roots to put together a totally unique sound and message.

Evolving from bands such as Raw Power (Italy), Eight Ball, Red Cavalier, The Ditch Diggers and Los Griswolds (Philly-So Cal) Seven Dirty Words conjured a potion of music more powerful than any of their previous attempts. Currently with two EP's recorded, performances all along the West Coast as well as some East Coast dates, the band plans to record its first full length album. Influenced by hard driving Rock n' Roll, Punk Rock and Metal…7DW looks to revolutionize rock in an age where watered down music prevails and hard working bands never seem to get the credit that they deserve. No doubt 7DW will shatter that stigma, as they did reformatting the sissy rock of their “musical competitors”.


Trivia time - my favorite dirty word is usually a long complicated string of many curses. Jen's favorite is 'motherfucker'. :) Seven Dirty Words is a regular on The BIG Show, can be heard through out the week on the Auto-Pilot, and has been featured multiple times on Monday Marathon.

sevendirtywords.net (Official website)
FatCat Radio @ ReverbNation

July 29, 2009

7/29/09 BIG Show recap

Final show of July - and biggest listener turnout of the month. 19 requests fulfilled in a 3 hour show? Not too shabby if I do say so myself ! Thanks as always for supporting independent music and for being an active part of the show. I appreciate the live feedback via the blog as well.

Tonight's new artist - DOGS BOLLOCKS out of Switzerland - came to us via the music submission form.

A few more than usual BIG Show artists helped get the word out by reposting my day of show bulletin over at the hated MySpace. Every little bit helps - and helps assure those bands that do promote the show / FatCat Radio get regular airplay. (That's called a HINT).

Fun show tonight. Thanks for listening. Keep telling all the music fans you know to Click on the Cat!


Artist ---- Song Title --- Website

The BIG Show Theme - Swede's On The Air: Link
Dave Evans - Turn It Up: Link
Adrian and the Sickness - Turn It Up!: Link
Johnny Mohawk and the Assassins - Lets Get Drunk: Link
Looker - Lets Get Fucked Up: Link
Nashville Pussy - Come On Come On: Link
Southern Electric - Welcome to The BIG Show: Link
BS - Swede Speaks Intro (HT): Link
Rawmania - Riff Raff: Link
Sideburn - Rip It Up: Link
Sinner - Fist To Face: Link
FatCat Phone - Call now ! 206-337-0228: Link
The Dielectrics - Vegas or Bust: Link
Rhino Bucket - Street To Street: Link
American Dog - Swallow My Pride: Link
DOGS BOLLOCKS - Dogs Bollocks: Link
DOGS BOLLOCKS - Rebel Reload: Link
DOGS BOLLOCKS - Over The Top: Link
Blame It On Cain (Sam) - FatCat Festival of ROCK: Link
Blame It On Cain - Yesterday's Happy: Link
RUST - Tranquility in Darkness: Link
Promo (IndieShows) - We're In Your Head: Link
Joecephus & The George Jonestown Massacre - Jerk You Off My Mind: Link
Paul Killington - The BIG Show (Angry Theme): Link
** Autopilot Club - Down The Road: Link
** Bad Bones - Time To Rock: Link
** Dirty Kings - So Happy: Link
Promo (BS) - Dave (Dave Rude Band): Link
** Dave Rude Band - Come With Me: Link
** CHIEF - Rollin': Link
Station ID - Chris (CHIEF): Link
** Hot Ham and Cheese - New Bomb / Vietnam: Link
** SukuS - Dirty 30's: Link
SukuS - FatCat Festival of ROCK: Link
** Hate Is Just A Feeling - Born To Die: Link
** Seven Dirty Words - (I'm Your) Motherfucker: Link
** Nashville Pussy - Go Motherfucker Go: Link
** Beavershot - 40 Bucks: Link
Los Griswolds - What Would Burt Reynolds Do?: Link
Phone: Freak from KC - Rocker Lips request: Link
** Rocker Lips - Short Fuse: Link
** American Dog - Can't Throw Stones: Link
Last Stone Cast - Blown Away: Link
** Broken Teeth - Stick It In (live): Link
Station ID - Jason McMaster (Broken Teeth): Link
** Motorbilly - WWLD: Link
** RIOTGOD - Love It or Leave It: Link
** Adrian and the Sickness - Radar Love: Link
DOGS BOLLOCKS - Sex Made Me An Idol: Link
Station ID - Rhino Bucket: Link
** Rhino Bucket - Monkey Boy Highway: Link
** Broken Teeth - Blood On The Radio: Link
Overloaded - Feeling Overloaded: Link
Promo (BS Rebroadcast) - Barbara from Germany: Link
Ponamero Sundown - Hiding Inside: Link
Southern Electric - One Way Down: Link
BS - Swede Signs Off (HF): Link
Dave Arcari - Homesick & Blue: Link
Southern Electric - BIG Show Closing Theme: Link

**=by request

This episode of The BIG Show can be heard again Thursday's 'Play It Again Sam'.

FatCat Radio: As heard in 78 countries !

The FatCat Radio Network added live programming in September of 2006. Broadcasting from Rockford, Illinois, USA we have now reached an incredible 40 percent of all the countries around the world!!

Country #78
Republic of Moldova - thanks for Clicking on the Cat!

Earlier today a listener from Chişinău, the capital of The Republic of Moldova tuned in to our Auto-Pilot programming and in doing so became the 78th different country to listen to FatCat Radio. Not hits or visitors to the website - all 78 countries have been confirmed as opening up the live stream. Might of been one listener, one time for 30 seconds or it may have been several people listening many hours a week but we now have had 78 of the world's 195 countries tuned in. Awesome!!!

Thanks to all who help spread the word of our station, including the many directories that have recently added us, as well as the numerous 'sister sites' that stream our programming.

I'll post the complete list (to date) as a comment below.

July 28, 2009

The Skinny: 7/28/09

'The Skinny' serves as a quick and easy catch all of various bits of news, links, and other stuff from the world of FatCat Radio.

- Congrats to Cat's Meow reader / FatCat Radio listener, Brian for winning a Overloaded cd last week. Was there a contest? How did he win? Brian was the 1st person in 3+ weeks to leave a comment here on the blog. I felt like rewarding him. Simple as that.

- In related news... happy trails to Overloaded (Detroit, MI). The band has gone their separate ways after 5 years. You can watch a video of their final show here.

- IndieShows has an exclusive interview with "D" from Toronto's Mass Assembly. Check it out to get some FREE downloads.

- Update to an earlier post. American Dog's forthcoming EP, 'This Ain't The Summer of Love', will be a limited run of 1000 copies. Still a rarity but double the number originally reported will now be available in late August. The disc will include the title track ('Mean') of their next full length studio CD due November 2009.

- We finally got our FatCat Radio Staff Photos back from the pharmacy. :D

July 27, 2009

Festival of ROCK lineup no longer goes to 11

Citing a family obligation, Last Stone Cast informed the FatCat Festival of ROCK organizers today that they will not be able to perform on August 8th. So...that means the lineup no longer goes to eleven.

Disappointing indeed but hey, TEN kickass bands remain on the schedule!! Last Stone Cast will not be replaced (too short of notice). The previously posted schedule remains in effect.

Tickets on sale now !! Call Ron at 419-739-7833 Tuesdays - Saturdays between 4PM and 9PM Eastern. For more info see rhythmandbrews.com

12 more days!!!

July 26, 2009

Your official FatCat Festival of ROCK schedule

Outside rain or shine Saturday August 8, 2009. Gates open at noon.
(Info coming soon on how early birds can get some FREE STUFF from the FatCat Radio Prize Vault!)

Route 33 Rhythm & Brews (Backyard stage)
09891 Co. Rd. 33A
Wapakoneta, Ohio 45895

Located on County Road 33A (also known as Plank Pike) between Wapakoneta and St. Marys, Ohio. 60 miles north of Dayton, 70 miles south of Toledo, 90 miles west of Columbus, and 70 miles east of Fort Wayne, IN

Bands schedule to appear:

1:30PM Swiss Army Mouth

2:30PM Mutt Junction

3:30PM SukuS / Vertical Reign

4:30PM Johnny Mohawk and the Assassins

5:30PM Last Stone Cast 7/27 UPDATE: This band will NOT be appearing.

6:30PM Rocker Lips

7:30PM Blame It On Cain

8:30PM Southern Electric

9:30PM Robot Lords of Tokyo

10:30PM American Dog

For ticket purchases over the phone using Visa or MasterCard
call 419-739-7833 Tuesday through Saturday between the hours of 4pm - 9pm Eastern.

All attendees will be issued wristbands to allow you go to come and go through out the afternoon / evening. This is an outdoor event, seating is limited, so if you've got a lawn chair it might be a good idea to bring it! No carry ins allowed however. PLENTY of the famous Rhythm and Brews food and (everyone's favorite) ALCOHOL will be available for purchase on site.

Need additional information? Contact the event organizers at fatcatfestivalofrock@yahoo.com or go to rhythmandbrews.com

7/26/09 Indigo Lounge recap

Thanks for listening everybody and for the requests. I have some changes coming to the show sometime in August so stay tuned! Don't forget, I looooove to get feedback so leave your comments here on the blog or send me an email at fatcatradio.indigolounge@gmail.com. See you next week in the Lounge !!!

Artist ---- Song Title

1. The Mescal Sheiks - Live From the Gates of Hell (3:07)
2. Sean Costello - Hard Luck Woman (3:25)
3. Doug MacLeod - Walkin' While I Bleed (5:03)
4. Johnny Rawls and the Rays - Long Black Car (3:10)
5. Mean Gene Kelton & The Die Hards - Even Meaner (5:02)
6. Tommy Castro Band - How Long Must I Cry (6:29)
7. Dave Arcari - No Easy Way (1:49)
8. Bob Kirkpatrick - Drove All Night (4:05)
9. Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band - Sugar Man (4:00)
10. Axe Masterson - Preachin' Blues (3:24)
11. Johnny Nicholas - Mandolin Boogie (3:37)
12. The Blue Voodoo - Mojo Lovin' Man (3:21)
13. The Midnight Flyers - No Destination (5:00)
14. Percy Strother - Red Rooster (5:16)
15. Felonius Blues Revue - Silver City (2:23)
16. Alvin Jett and the Phat Noiz Blues Band - My Baby's Place (7:39)
17. The Steve Hill Trio - Video Game Baby (2:25)
18. Mark Kerr - Thick Side (4:34)
19. Pat Carr - Bad Habit (5:35)
20. Big George Jackson Blues Band - The Daddy (3:15)
21. Billy Jones - Pull My 44 (4:16)
22. Calvin Owens - Please Love Me (4:31)
23. Freightrain Jones - I'm Down (4:08)
24. the Detonators - Rain, Rain (3:11)
25. Root Doctor - Mississippi Blues (2:59)
26. Elam McKnight and Keith Carter - Ms. Maureen (3:43)
27. Harrison Kennedy - Going Down (3:26)
28. Family Style - Walking Blues (3:39)
29. Reverend Richard John - I Got a Honey (2:42)
30. Southern Electric - Lucky Seven (3:35)
31. Big Harmonica Bob - Go Out Laughin' (2:03)

You can hear this edition of The Indigo Lounge again on Thursday's rebroadcasts.

July 25, 2009

REVIEW: RiotGod - 'RiotGod'


Artist: RiotGod
Album: RiotGod
Released: 2009
Available: CDBaby

My introduction to the band RiotGod (Red Bank, NJ) came last month in the form of an email whose subject read: 'Greetings from 2/4 of Monster Magnet'. As well documented in our station's FAQ we normally delete all unsolicited requests for airplay (use the music submission form) but there are always exceptions to the rule. Especially an introductory letter as intriguing as this. As it turned out the email was from someone calling himself simply 'Sun' who sings for a band called RiotGod that features the current Monster Magnet rhythm section of drummer Bob Pantella and bassist Jim Baglino. They wanted to send me a copy of their self-titled disc for review. Not being one to simply collect cds, I gave a quick listen to a couple different tracks over at their ReverbNation site before replying. A couple weeks went by and in my mailbox appeared what has quickly turned out to be one of my favorite albums of 2009.

Overall the music on RiotGod could be compared to stoner rock ala Monster Magnet, 70's style arena rock ala Led Zeppelin, 90's grunge rock ala Soundgarden along with a bit of psychedelic rock. As much as the band's marketing hook (the Monster Magnet connection) bring to the table what really makes this cd are the 'other guys' - Mark Sunshine (vocals) and Garrett Sweeny (guitars). More accurately, what makes this disc stand out are the contributions from all four band members. Collectively they have created some great music. Music that at once draws on their influences, sounds immediately familiar, and yet fresh at the same time. That's one of those elusive traits when it comes to songwriting I believe. Creating something that sounds familiar without sounding like a retread. RIOTGOD has that ability. The songwriting on this disc is particularly strong. And this really is an album that holds up to repeated listens - particularly the 1st half - another sign of an especially talented group.

Standout tracks include 'Light of The Sun' 'Crusader', 'The Time Is Now', 'Pinata' and 'Love It Or Leave It'.

The tracks I don't especially care for are the ones where the band veers a bit too much into 'hippy-dippy' territory. (Avoid 'Collapsing Stars'). There's not really a clunker in the bunch but if RiotGod was perhaps a ten song disc, it would be one of those rarieties where every song is a keeper.

Track Listing:

Light of the Sun
The Time Is Now
9th Life
Collapsing Stars
Drone Station
Love It or Leave It
Sweet Kaos
Grand Design


Bottom line: A Monster Magnet side project that deserves to be front and center.

Swede's rating: 4 out of 5

5=Excellent | 4=Very Good | 3=Decent | 2=Pretty Bad | 1=Garbage

July 24, 2009

Thrill Warriors: lead singer wanted

Thrill Warriors (Kronobergs län, Sweden), purveyors of self described "pure bad-ass bitch n roll", are looking for a new vocalist.

Blonde hair may or may not be a requirement

"Sigge Strong and the four warriors have after two years of pain and pleasure decided to go separate ways. We're now searching for a new raw lead singer who should be a hell of a thrill and of course have a badass voice with loads of guts!

Are you what we're looking for? Send us an e-mail with some samples and be prepared for a kickass journey to hell!

Hail and thrill!
Fisten, Luvan Loud, Jenna Jail & Mini Maneater

www.myspace.com/thrillwarriors (Official website)

July 23, 2009

The Skinny

'The Skinny' is a new feature of The Cat's Meow. A quick and easy catch all of various bits of news, links, and other stuff from the world of FatCat Radio.

- American Dog will be on Q-FM-96 at 7:00 AM Friday morning plugging their upcoming gig at Knuckleheads in Grove City, OH and debuting their new cover of the KISS classic 'God of Thunder'.

- Josh Schmidt from The Dave Rude Band answers Street Team member questions in a 2 part interview found @ daverudeband.proboards.com

- Believe it or not FatCat Radio artists are playing elsewhere other than the center of our universe on August 8th:

- Treasure Cat will be at 31st Pub 3101 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, PA.

- Rhino Bucket at Burt’s Tiki Lounge 726 S. State St., Salt Lake City, UT.

- Joecephus and the George Jonestown Massacre at Midtown Billiards 1316 Main St, Little Rock, AR.

July 22, 2009

7/22/09 BIG Show recap

As always I kept the focus on the MUSIC tonight as after all that is ALL that matters. (No live blog tonight). Thanks for the requests and emails. Don't forget, the new request link is ONLY available during show hours (see the live page). Of course you can call the FatCat Phone anytime during the week at 206-337-0228. Leave a voicemail and we just might broadcast your voice worldwide. Listening to FatCat Radio today? USA, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Thailand, Norway, Finland, and Australia.

BIG Show artists - take advantage of our request lines to assure regular airplay. Tell your fans to request your stuff on Wednesday nights. And repost my $&*!&$#~ day of show Myspace bulletins. (You'll be glad you did)

BIG Show listeners - let me know what YOU thought of tonight's show by posting your feedback here OR by dropping me a line at fatcatradio@gmail.com.

NEW TRACKS: Rawmania

Artist ---- Song Title --- Website

The Malt-Tones - This Is The BIG Show: Link
User's Guide - The Sweetest Thing Kills: Link
The Visitors - Kars, ON: Link
The Laundromat - Corporate Static: Link
Southern Electric - Loosen Up: Link
Mutt Junction - The King: Link
Seven Dirty Words - (I'm Your) Motherfucker: Link
What kind of radio show is this? - This is The BIG Show !: Link
BS - Swede Speaks Intro (HT): Link
Rhino Bucket - The Hardest Town: Link
American Dog - Sometimes You Eat The Pussy: Link
Broken Teeth - Burns Like Love: Link
Nashville Pussy - Drunk Driving Man: Link
**Mutt Junction - The Giants Are Coming: Link
Robot Lords of Tokyo (Rick) - FatCat Festival of ROCK: Link
**Robot Lords Of Tokyo - Burn The Sky: Link
Robot Lords Of Tokyo - Comes Eternal Night: Link
RIOTGOD - Love It or Leave It: Link
Paul Killington - The BIG Show (Angry Theme): Link
Rawmania - The Noble Art of Self Destruction: Link
Rawmania - Pissed Off At The Guitar Shop: Link
Rawmania - Riff Raff: Link
Rawmania - Satan Got Our Names: Link
Rawmania - How I Almost Sold My Soul: Link
Rawmania - Gotta Getaway: Link
Promo (BS) - Mr Matt for The BIG Show: Link
**Beantown Boozehounds - Old Mr Boston: Link
Station ID - Jason McMaster (Broken Teeth): Link
**Broken Teeth - Crashlanding Affair: Link
**CHIEF - ManClimber: Link
The Cat's Meow - Official FatCat blog: Link
SukuS - FatCat Festival of ROCK: Link
SukuS - Rock City: Link
Blame It On Cain - Let It Go: Link
Smashed Alley - Come What May: Link
Promo (Keep Listening) - Innocent Rosie: Link
Innocent Rosie - Knock Me Out: Link
Sinner - Like A Rock: Link
The Shaker Hoods - Faithless: Link
Dirty Kings - Play By Play: Link
Rocker Lips - Apply Within: Link
The Last Vegas - Room At The Top: Link
Ponamero Sundown - Black Widow: Link
Last Stone Cast - Blown Away: Link
Hot Ham and Cheese - She Thinks She's Bad: Link
Promo (DA) - The Indigo Lounge: Link
Barbears - Rock & Roll Is My Heroine: Link
Color Of Darkness - Die Alive: Link
18 Speed Tranny - BFD: Link
Uncle Scratch's Gospel Revival - Back Door Man (No More!): Link
Thirty 2 Life - Leaving You Behind: Link
American Dog - Movin On: Link
BS - Swede Signs Off (HF): Link
Joecephus & The George Jonestown Massacre - Quitin' Time: Link

**=by request

This episode of The BIG Show can be heard again Thursday's 'Play It Again Sam'.

July 21, 2009

SukuS: Final show will be the FatCat Festival of ROCK

The underrated 'raunch-n-roll' band with the naughty yet memorable name, SukuS (Columbus, OH), have announced they're hanging it up a few short months after the release of their cd 'Lips, Spit, $ Ass'. The final SukuS performance will be August 8, 2009 at a little get together called the FatCat Festival of ROCK

SukuS main man - 'Ragencobra'

"SukuS will play its Final Show at the FatCat Festival Of Rock. This has been one of the best creations I have ever endeavored in and enjoyed all the turmoil and greatness the band saw over 4 years!! Two great cds - one done at Schwab Studios and 'Lips' done at Mr Matt's Studios in Grove City last year! The band saw many faces but the cds saw the originals minus Trapper John on Lips! This band experimented with many ideas but still rocked Raunch N Roll Style ! I feel its time to move on past the SukuS name and create another kixass band so I will be working on that after the FatCat Show!

Line up for final show:

Ragencobra - All guitars
Dustin Justice - Vox
Dr. Lo - Bass
Beer Nuts - Drums"

Things change rapidly in the world of music, particularly independent music so this may not be the absolute latest news but... Ragencobra also wrote in a blog dated June 23rd that he plans on joining the band Vertical Reign. Might there be plans for a solo album as well? One thing I know is that Ragencobra writes a lot of music so I'm sure we'll be hearing new stuff from him soon.

I always hate to see bands call it a day but I am glad that I'll be able to say that I saw SukuS perform at least once. While I shied away from some of their um, 'less mature' material, and at times was a bit confused as to who was in the band at any one time (at least 3 different lead singers in a year) there's no denying the talent involved. Ragencobra is a hell of guitarist and has a knack for writing memorable melodies to go along with his classic rock inspired leads. SukuS has always been well received on The BIG Show and is oft requested. A big thanks to the band for promoting the hell out of FatCat Radio.

So that's it for Sukus - come on out on August 8th to help send 'em off into the sunset.


July 19, 2009

Monday Marathon 7/20/09

Your lineup for Monday July 20th

Mass Assembly

The Steve Hill Trio



NOTE: This lineup will be played twice.

Monday Marathon features extended sets by FatCat artists between the hours of 7PM-11PM Central. Tracks from each artist will be included on Thursday's Play It Again Sam programming.


7/19/09 Indigo Lounge recap

Back in the DJ chair for the 1st time in awhile. I had a new artist on the show today - The Steve Hill Trio (Springtown, TX) - who came to us via the new music submission form.

I have a new email address for the show if anybody's interested. fatcatradio.indigolounge@gmail.com. Thanks for listening everybody. See you next week !

Artist ---- Song Title

1. Ray Schinnery - Heavy Women (4:12)
2. Family Style - Walking Blues (3:39)
3. Sean Costello - Anytime You Want (3:43)
4. Reverend Blue - Southbound (3:20)
5. Bob Kirkpatrick - I Did Her Wrong (3:45)
6. the Detonators - Nine Kindsa Ugly (3:47)
7. Doug MacLeod - Long Time Road (3:16)
8. Steve Johnson - Wild Magnolia (3:36)
9. The Clam Daddys - Viper Jive (0:04)
10. The Midnight Flyers - Bartender (4:16)
11. Dave Arcari - Bound to Ride (3:11)
12. Harrison Kennedy - What A Way To Go (3:03)
13. The Steve Hill Trio - Love Me Right (3:18)
14. The Steve Hill Trio - Hey Now, Serena (5:32)
15. The Blue Voodoo - Monday Morning Blues (3:16)
16. Tommy Castro Band - Soul Shaker (3:54)
17. Axe Masterson - Key To The Hiway (3:28)
18. Mean Gene Kelton - Mean Guitar (4:46)
19. Bad Influence - Don't Forget Your Nightclothes (4:53)
20. The Mescal Sheiks - Looking Out 4 #1 (2:52)
21. Robin Sylar - Sugar Bee (2:14)
22. Percy Strother - Blow Wind Blow (2:28)
23. Maxwell Street - All Your Lovin (4:11)
24. Kane Daily - The Sun Don't Shine (3:34)
25. Edwin Holt - Down To The Bone (4:26)
26. Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band - Mud (2:43)
27. The Steve Hill Trio - The Dog in Me (3:44)
28. The Coggs - Devil's Knockin' (2:54)
29. Axe Masterson - Preachin' Blues (3:24)
30. P.W. Fenton & The Second Ward - Like Tears In Rain (3:10)
31. My Buddy Todd - Sings Like an Angel, Mouth Like a Sailor (4:15)
32. Nick Moss & the Flip Tops - Peculiar Feeling (5:27)
33. Zak and His Unhappy Guitar - Maggie Campbell (4:00)
34. Big Harmonica Bob - Go Out Laughin' (2:03)

You can hear this edition of The Indigo Lounge again on Thursday's rebroadcasts.

July 18, 2009

American Dog: This Ain't The Summer of Love

FatCat Festival of ROCK headliners, American Dog will have a cd of 'new music' this summer - just not the stuff first reported here. Turns out the release date of the new full length studio cd has been pushed out until November or December. As a stop gap their French record label Bad Reputation is instead releasing a limited edition EP of previously recorded cover songs (Blue Öyster Cult, Kiss, Motörhead) and a teaser track called 'Mean' from the forthcoming cd.

Click cover for purchase info.

Track listing:

1. This Ain't the Summer of Love
2. Mean
3. God of Thunder
4. New Evil
5. Movin' On
6. Bomber

Release date is August 25, 2009. Limited run of 500 copies - 100 of which will be available at the band's upcoming gigs here in the States.


ReverbNation Spotlight: Mass Assembly

Shining the ReverbNation/FatCat Radio spotlight on one of the newest artists to the station. A band I found at IndieShows.net. From Toronto Canada, it's Mass Assembly. If you don't like the song 'Tranquilizer' I don't think we can be friends.


"Mass Assembly is an Indie Garage Rock band that is best known for their story telling lyrics. Mass Assembly has existed for years but under different names and a few faces have changed, but the concept remains the same. Our aim is to not just be a band, but to be entertainers.

Scheduled to produce a new album in the summer of 2009! Watch for more details.

Register today at www.massassembly.org to become a member of the underground community and support the Campaign.


Mass Assembly reminds me a bit of The Kinks, Cheap Trick, and the now sadly defunct Thee Electric Bastards.

massassembly.org (Official website)
FatCat Radio @ ReverbNation

July 17, 2009

This almost killed my lifelong love of music

We take our first (and probably last) step away from independent music and FatCat Radio related posts to bring you the following video. Why? 'Cause there'll be a few new reviews coming soon and I wanted to reacquaint Cat's Meow readers with our silly rating system. And for the record, even though I'm a fat guy who listens to music on a computer, the 'me' featured below is NOT me.

I apologize in advance

The only thing that made this watchable for me was the part starting at the 1:27 mark. The guy coming in from grabbing an outside smoke makes me laugh. As for the "star" of the video? Makes me wanna knock out a few more of his teeth.

Swede's rating: 1.5 out of 5

5=Excellent | 4=Great | 3=Good | 2=Poor | 1=Stay away

3 weeks and a day

Keep an eye out... I should be announcing soon a little something for all who pre-order tix and or are the 1st thru the gates...


The FatCat Festival of Rock is hands down the greatest thing to ever happen to the station in our nearly 8 year history. An event put together entirely by the fans and by the bands - 11 FatCat Radio artists on 1 stage. The Festival of Rock takes place August 8, 2009 at Route 33 Rhythm and Brews in Wapakoneta, Ohio. For ticket information, artist links and more see fatcatradio.com/fatcatfestivalofrock.htm

Need additional information? Contact the event organizers at fatcatfestivalofrock@yahoo.com or go to rhythmandbrews.com

July 15, 2009

7/15/09 BIG Show Recap

Back from vacation. Busted out a bunch of tracks I haven't played in awhile. If you heard something you liked please consider clicking the links below and contacting the artists to let 'em know.

Feedback, feedback, feedback - it's the BEST thing you can provide to the artists (and yours truly).

Artist ---- Song Title --- Website

The Malt-Tones - This Is The BIG Show: Link
RIOTGOD - The Time Is Now: Link
Bad Bones - Time To Rock: Link
Sinner - Break The Silence: Link
Adrian and the Sickness - Turn It Up!: Link
Sideburn - Rip It Up: Link
Bleeding Deacons - Back in Illinois: Link
Southern Electric - Welcome to The BIG Show: Link
BS - Swede Speaks Intro (HT): Link
The Junktones - Welcome To The USA: Link
Nashville Pussy - The Late Great USA: Link
American Dog - Workin' Man: Link
Blind Dog - Sleeping Dogs: Link
Promo (Rock Socks) - Innocent Rosie: Link
Innocent Rosie - Wasteland: Link
Rocker Lips - Short Fuse: Link
Rocker Lips (Matt) - FatCat Festival of ROCK: Link
Phone: Fenix (Smashed Alley) - Calling all drummers: Link
Smashed Alley - Four On The Floor: Link
Snot Rocket - B4UGO: Link
John Wilkes Booth - Hey Girl: Link
CatBoy and The Dogs of Sin - Prozac Button: Link
Promo (Indie Shows) - Rusty Gumbo: Link
Bastard Sons of Boris Karloff - House Of Bad Memories: Link
The Skullcranes - Hate My Job: Link
The Press Gang - Bullshit: Link
The Wussies - Moral Authority: Link
Uncle Scratch's Gospel Revival - Devil's Chrysler: Link
Promo (BS) - Jimmy (7th Day Creeps): Link
7th Day Creeps - I Want To Sleep With The Dead: Link
Rawmania - I Wanna Open Fire: Link
Hammerlock - I Shot My Baby: Link
Germ Factory - Bite The Bullet: Link
Holley 750 - Kill Kill Kill: Link
Sideburn - Never Kill The Chicken: Link
The Creeping Cruds - I Killed Santa Clause: Link
Country Bob And The Bloodfarmers - The Head On The Sidewalk: Link
Audio Violence - Ultra Violence: Link
Serpenteens - Day Of The Dead: Link
Station ID - Junkrod: Link
Junkrod Joe - Drunk, Tired & Blue: Link
Johnny Mohawk and the Assassins - Tell Me Something I Don't Know: Link
Johnny Mohawk - FatCat Festival of ROCK: Link
Promo - The A'swepe Hour: Link
Southern Electric - Greasy: Link
Dave Arcari - You Oughta Know: Link
Blame It On Cain (Sam) - FatCat Festival of ROCK: Link
Blame It On Cain - Yesterday's Happy: Link
Brother Chunky - Chunky Boogie (live): Link
Beantown Boozehounds - Pour Another Round: Link
American Dog - Drank Too Much: Link
Rebel Son - Drunk As A Skunk: Link
CHIVO - Girl Drink Drunk: Link
Flat Tires - Bourbon Whiskey: Link
Flexx Bronco - Bar Fight: Link
Barbears - I Don't Care: Link
RIOTGOD - Love It or Leave It: Link
BS - Swede Signs Off (HF): Link
Predestined - G o o d n i t e: Link
Southern Electric - BIG Show Closing Theme: Link

This episode of The BIG Show can be heard again Thursday's 'Play It Again Sam'.

CatBoy and the Dogs of Sin - Free show Thurs 16 July

From the inbox (fatcatradio@gmail.com), we have extremely short notice of a CatBoy and the Dogs of Sin gig on Thursday.

When: Thursday July 16, 2009
Cost: FREE
Venue: The New Carrington Inn
Where: 335 Mansfield Road, Carrington, Nottingham

CatBoy and the Dogs of Sin (MySpace)

July 14, 2009

John Wilkes Booth - Saturday 7/18 @ Mr. Beery's

Hell, if I was in the area I'd go just 'cause of the name of the venue !! Of course JWB rocks and most likely will be playing some new material so there's your real reason to go. Plus - 4 bands for 5 bucks leaves plenty of cash leftover for a beery or two.

Click the zombie hamster for directions

When: Saturday July 18, 2009
Cost: $5
Venue: Mr. Beery's
Where: 4019 Hempstead Tpke, Bethpage, NY

John Wilkes Booth(MySpace)

July 13, 2009

Snot Rocket - Free show 7/17/09

With a name like Snot Rocket I'm guessing you might wanna reconsider that front row seat!

When: Friday July 17, 2009
Cost: FREE
Venue: One of Life's Perks
Where: 18375 Outer Highway 18, Apple Valley, CA

Official Snot Rocket website

Monday Marathon 7/13/09

7-13-09 Lineup

Tonight's Monday Marathon artists:



Back to Blue

Vertical Reign

NOTE: This lineup will be played twice.

Monday Marathon features extended sets by FatCat artists between the hours of 7PM-11PM Central. Tracks from each artist will be included on Thursday's Play It Again Sam programming.


Rhymes with LITTER

Still don't get it. Said I'd never do it. But what the hell. The whole point is to get our artists as much publicity as possible after all...


I feel kinda dirty. Anyway... there you go, sign up, follow us, whatever the terminology is. It's all gonna be FatCat Radio related and most likely just link right back to HERE, The Cat's Meow, THE place for all the latest station / artist news.

July 12, 2009

Now playing

Me and catch up !

Actually, I have a Sony Walkman MP3 player thank you very much!

Bear with me as I play catch up after a week away. Email replies, Music Submission Form replies, station news, artist news, Festival of Rock updates, this week's live schedule, etc etc etc all coming soon.

And yes, I had a nice vacation. (Even though the fishin' sucked!)

July 4, 2009

The 'Cat has gone fishin'

On vacation !!

Here are the tentative return dates of the various live shows:

7/13: Monday Marathon
7/15: The BIG Show
7/16: Play It Again Sam
7/18: The A'swepe Hour from Somewhere in Texas
7/19: The Indigo Lounge

I'll check in from time to time but I'm outta here until Sunday the 12th. The Auto-Pilot will be up and running barring any further technical difficulties. If you see the regular Live page display but no music is playing? Means our DSL is on the fritz again.

The Demon Beat: Best band in West Virginia

The Demon Beat (Shepherdstown, WV) was recently named one of the "Independents Day Best New Bands In America" by the Boston Phoenix.


"We are very proud to announce that The Boston Phoenix in their annual "Best New Bands In America" search have selected The Demon Beat as the best new band in West Virginia.

They had some pretty interesting things to say about us, namely some stuff about bongs and Adam's facial hair.

Boston Phoenix write up of The Demon Beat

Also, we have been busy adding plenty of new shows, so be sure to check them out to see if we are making a stop in a city near you. There's some very big news just around the corner, so keep your eyes and ears peeled.

Much love,
The Demon Beat"

Nice job guys!! And I agree - "Bad Man" is a great track (my personal fav) and yeah, that's an impressive set of whiskers. The Demon Beat can be heard Wednesday nights on FatCat Radio's The BIG Show.

From the Litterbox: Road Crew comic

From the Litterbox - a webcomic from Ireland that appeals to both bands and music fans alike.


Road Crew follows the continuing adventures of Jim (sound), Matt (light), and Eric (everything else) on the road, in the studio, and all points in between. The comic recently wrapped up Season 1. There's a LOT of back story - I spent most of a weekend getting up to speed when I discovered the site a few months back - but it's definitely a lot of fun. To make things a bit easier, the mastermind behind Road Crew, Tommie Kelly, has the following message:

"If you have just clicked onto Road Crew for the first time you probably will have a hard time trying to work out what’s going on. The thing about Road Crew is that the story Arcs are quite long. Longer than most daily webcomics. The storylines can last up to a month, so if you come in half way through, chances are that you won’t get what’s going on.

So you clicked on the new reader’s page and found yourself here. Good job! You’ll be glad you did.

Season One Summary direct link

Keep in mind Road Crew is rated for 'Older Audiences' which means there's a fair share of Sex, Drugs, and Rock-N-Roll.

More info on "From the Litterbox" here.

July 1, 2009

7/1/09 BIG Show recap

Another rockin' show if I do say so myself. Good mix of old and new stuff and some fine requests made as always. Thanks for listening and for your continuing support of all things indie music and all things FatCat Radio.

I am on v-a-c-a-t-i-o-n next week !!! The BIG Show returns on Weds July 15th. To all my USA listeners - have a great (and safe) 4th of July. Worldwide listeners? Enjoy your regular ol' Saturday. haha.

"See you" on the 15th.


Artist ---- Song Title --- Website

The Malt-Tones - This Is The BIG Show: Link
Nashville Pussy - I'm the Man: Link
Dave Arcari - You Oughta Know: Link
Sideburn - Mr. FatCat: Link
Chop Suicide - Here To Stay: Link
Scarlet Violet - Ready To Rock: Link
Rhino Bucket - What'd You Expect: Link
Southern Electric - Welcome to The BIG Show: Link
BS - Swede Speaks Intro (HT): Link
Sinner - Break The Silence: Link
CatBoy and The Dogs of Sin - Say Something: Link
Barbears - Rock & Roll Is My Heroine: Link
Ponamero Sundown - Black Widow: Link
Station ID - Sacred 13: Link
Sacred 13 - Hollow Visions: Link
CHIVO - Built To Last: Link
RIOTGOD - Pinata: Link
RIOTGOD - Crusader: Link
RIOTGOD - The Time Is Now: Link
Rocker Lips (Matt) - FatCat Festival of ROCK: Link
Rocker Lips - Social City Meltdown: Link
Last Stone Cast - I Don't Owe You Anything: Link
American Dog - Magnificent Bastard: Link
Paul Killington - The BIG Show (Angry Theme): Link
**Hostile Omish - Who's All Going: Link
**The Muggs - Get It On: Link
**Dave Rude Band - Heavy As A Raindrop (C'mon,C'mon): Link
**Nashville Pussy - Gimme a Hit Before I Go: Link
Adrian and the Sickness - Turn It Up!: Link
Station ID - Adrian and the Sickness: Link
The Dielectrics - Too Bad: Link
The Highgears - The Declaration of Codependence: Link
The Turbomen - The 4 Horsewomen: Link
Promo (We'll Be Back) - The Turbomen: Link
Swampass - Better Off Than Dead: Link
INDRA - Its Not Heaven: Link
SukuS - FatCat Festival of ROCK: Link
Sukus - Dirty Knees Girl: Link
Robot Lords Of Tokyo - Burn The Sky: Link
**Robot Lords Of Tokyo - Larger Than Life: Link
Station ID - Ken (18 Speed Tranny): Link
**18 Speed Tranny - '69 GTO: Link
**Rhino Bucket - I Was Told: Link
Hilljack - Ego Insane: Link
Dirty Kings - Drinkin': Link
The Unband - (Sure Do Feel Like A) Piece of Shit: Link
Broken Teeth - Pull The Plug (live): Link
RIOTGOD - Love It or Leave It: Link
BS - Swede Signs Off (HF): Link
Guns of Nevada - You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone: Link
Southern Electric - BIG Show Closing Theme: Link

**=by request

Missed it? Wanna hear it again? Catch this edition of The BIG Show again on Thursday's rebroadcasts.

Technical difficulties

UPDATE: All appears to be well as of 5:26PM Central. Back on air.

The only downside of running an internet radio station is that um, it's dependent on the INTERNET.

Stupid computers
Thanks for nothing AT&T

Last night and this morning we've had some spotty outages with our DSL. The Auto-Pilot is down (FatCat Live). FatCat On Demand is always available.

Hopefully things will be cleared up in time for The BIG Show tonight.