July 29, 2009

FatCat Radio: As heard in 78 countries !

The FatCat Radio Network added live programming in September of 2006. Broadcasting from Rockford, Illinois, USA we have now reached an incredible 40 percent of all the countries around the world!!

Country #78
Republic of Moldova - thanks for Clicking on the Cat!

Earlier today a listener from Chişinău, the capital of The Republic of Moldova tuned in to our Auto-Pilot programming and in doing so became the 78th different country to listen to FatCat Radio. Not hits or visitors to the website - all 78 countries have been confirmed as opening up the live stream. Might of been one listener, one time for 30 seconds or it may have been several people listening many hours a week but we now have had 78 of the world's 195 countries tuned in. Awesome!!!

Thanks to all who help spread the word of our station, including the many directories that have recently added us, as well as the numerous 'sister sites' that stream our programming.

I'll post the complete list (to date) as a comment below.