September 2, 2009

FatCat Radio: As heard in 79 countries!

Belarus - thanks for Clicking on the Cat!


At 3AM this morning a listener from Minsk, the capital and largest city in Belarus tuned in to our Auto-Pilot programming for approximately 15 minutes and in doing so made Belarus the 79th different country to listen to FatCat Radio. Not hits or visitors to the website - all 79 countries have been confirmed as connecting to the live stream. Might of been one listener, one time for 30 seconds or it may have been several people listening many hours a week but we now have had 40% of the world's countries (79 of 195 ) tuned in. That is amazing !! Quality independent rock and blues music is universal.

Thanks to all who help spread the word of our station. When you post a Myspace bulletin, tell a friend, wear your FatCat Radio t-shirt, etc YOU are helping to promote independent music.

See the complete list (as of Sept 2, 2009) in the comments section below.