September 30, 2009

9/30/09 BIG Show recap

A fine edition of The BIG Show if I do say so myself. International audience? Check. Feedback via the blog? Check. Requests? Check. New artist, new tracks? Check and check. And oh yeah... a successful test run of the brand new feature to the show, The BIG Show Hotline.

A big big thanks to Michael Hannon of American Dog fame for helping me break in the new live call in feature. We now know that my call forwarding service limits incoming calls to 15 minutes. haha. You might have to adjust your volume a bit during that segment as I'm still working on volume leveling between me and the caller. All in all, it worked well and as always it was an entertaining chat with 'Sir Loin O' Beef' himself. :D

Thanks for supporting independent music. Thanks for Clicking on the Cat.

NEW ARTIST: The Racket
NEW TRACKS: Dave Rude Band
NEW TRACKS: My Son The Bum

Artist ---- Song Title --- Website

The Malt-Tones - This Is The BIG Show: Link
Dave Rude Band - Come Right In: Link
My Son The Bum - Mind On A Hard Drive: Link
The Unband - Geez Louise: Link
The Last Vegas - Good Deals For Bad Times: Link
Swampass - God Damn Radio: Link
Southern Electric - Welcome to The BIG Show: Link
BS - Swede Speaks Intro (HT): Link
Broken Teeth - Bonfire: Link
Midnight Fistfight - Million $ Body: Link
Nashville Pussy - Meaner Than My Mama: Link
Motorbilly - Twister Lookin' For A Trailer Park: Link
The Racket - Wrong Side Of The Tracks: Link
The Racket - Chicken Pickin': Link
The Racket - To All the Girls: Link
**Rebel Son - Drunk As A Skunk: Link
Bastard Winos - Drunk Again: Link
Promo (BS Rebroadcast) - Barbara from Germany: Link
Treasure Cat - Valhalla: Link
Paul Killington - The BIG Show (Angry Theme): Link
(-NEW-) BS Hotline - Michael Hannon (American Dog): Link
American Dog - Mean: Link
**American Dog - Shitkicker: Link
Rhino Bucket - The Hardest Town: Link
8 Lives Spent - Licka Sto: Link
Promo (BS) - Dave Arcari: Link
**Motorbilly - WWLD: Link
**Nashville Pussy - Gonna Hitchhike Down to Cincinnati...: Link
**Sinner - Fist To Face: Link
**Adrian and the Sickness - Country Poontang: Link
**Beavershot - 40 Bucks: Link
**CHIEF - Call of the Chief: Link
Station ID - Chris (CHIEF): Link
**Stripwired - Drop The Bomb: Link
Promo - The Rock Lab with Real Genius: Link
Blame It On Cain - 12-Gauge Handshake: Link
**Swiss Army Mouth - Song 2: Link
FatCat Radio - A'swepe Plug: Link
Dave Rude Band - Patiently Waiting: Link
My Son The Bum - Pendulum: Link
**Midnight Fistfight - My Cocaine: Link
**RUST - Devine Intervention: Link
**Cover of Darkness - Gods of War: Link
**The Cocksmiths - Mutha Trukka: Link
**Rhino Bucket - Monkey Boy Highway: Link
**American Dog - Gimme Back My Bullets (live): Link
Thirty 2 Life - Today, Tonight, The End: Link
BS - Swede Signs Off (HF): Link
Dave Rude Band - I'm Done: Link
Southern Electric - BIG Show Closing Theme: Link

**=by request

This episode of The BIG Show can be heard again Thursday's 'Play It Again Sam'.

Rhino Bucket: October 2009 tour dates

On a related note, Halloween brings us the 1st ever 'Rhino-Dog-Teeth' show. Or as known around these parts as 'the Mini FatCat Festival of ROCK'.

Rhino Bucket official website
Georg Dolivo @ Twitter

Blame It On Cain: On sale now !

Must be a trend due to the lousy economy. Have seen quite a few FatCat artists of late offering reduced prices on their cds. My word of advice? Take advantage !! Blame It On Cain (Milwaukee, WI) just announced a special limited time offer on one of my favorite discs of 2008.

I still think the 'C' secretly stands for Cubs.

"Blame it on Cain's debut CD Rhythm Schism is now available at the special price of $4.99! If you don't need a physical copy, you can get the full album in MP3 format for only $2.99! GO BUY NOW! LIMITED TIME OFFER! "

Rhythm Schism @ CDBaby
Blame It On Cain @ Facebook

September 29, 2009

ReverbNation Spotlight: Life Slides Down

The ReverbNation/FatCat Radio spotlight shines on Life Slides Down (Philadelphia, PA).

"Life Slides Down is: Joe Hubbard (vocals/guitar), John Baker (bass/vocals), Michael Litt (drums/vocals).

The debut album from this straightforward rock 'n' roll power trio starts off hard and strong and barely gives you time to catch your breath with it's gritty and emotional vocals, ominous harmonies, heavy hitting rhythm, and screeching guitars.


Life Slides Down can be heard on The Rock Lab and is coming soon to the Auto-Pilot. You can buy their CD Faulty Wiring for $5.00 or download it for $2.50 at

Life Slides Down on Facebook
FatCat Radio @ ReverbNation

September 28, 2009

PHOTOS: The Last Vegas / The Porn Again Christians

The Last Vegas and The Porn Again Christians played at The Dungeon in Charleston, IL on 9/26/09. I was there. Here's the photographic evidence.

The Dungeon, Charleston IL 9/26/09

The Dungeon. An aptly named venue if there ever was.


The Last Vegas

The Porn Again Christians

The Porn Again Christians

Nate (The Last Vegas), Swede, Jake (The Porn Again Christians)


One for the collection.

For MANY more full sized photos check out TLV/PAC/FatCat Radio photobucket. More tiny videos (d'oh!) coming later this week. Both bands kicked ass. Was a fun night. You can of course hear The Last Vegas and The Porn Again Christians right here on FatCat Radio and request 'em both Wednesday nights on The BIG Show.

Final notes: Sorry, no pics of the pre-show on stage porn viewings (Two tvs!). And if you take nothing else away from this recap, do not EVER step foot in the Pizza Hut on 105 W Lincoln Ave. Worst. Restaurant. Experience. EVER.

Maintenance continues (9/28): update # 1

Or more accurately I continue to wait for a "senior tech" to respond after three failed attempts at getting an answer via live chat. I'm tired of explaining the issue which shouldn't be an issue at all. Anyway...none of that concerns you other than the normal live page display looks a bit different. We have a temporary page until the usual song / artist / link info is back.

The important thing? FatCat Radio IS on the air. *TUNE IN*

UPDATE 1: Still waiting. My only resources are a dead, not at all applicable message board. A useless to me FAQ. Or a live support chat. I 'talked' with the 4th different customer service person tonight. She verified that my ticket was submitted and said it takes up to 48 hours and sometimes longer to get a reply.'s been about 55 hours and counting. They do appreciate my patience so I've got that going for me. *insert eyeroll here*

While I wait for the inevitable 'we're sorry we can't help you' reply or yet another copy/paste job answer that I've already gotten 4 times, I've returned to a prior set up. The Live Page should be updating correctly and have the old familiar look. It doesn't solve my problem though so unless I get a satisfactory answer by Wednesday there's a good chance things will be screwy with the now playing info page again on the next BIG Show.

Never, ever, ever go with to build a website.

September 27, 2009

The Skinny 9/27/09

'The Skinny' serves as a quick and easy catch all of various bits of news, links, and other stuff from the world of FatCat Radio.

- The live stream is currently off-line. I'm waiting to hear back from our web provider on an issue that should have been resolved in "up to 12 hours". It's now been 24+. If I don't get an answer by tonight I'll re-start the stream but with a temp live display.

UPDATE: The live stream is back up and running. Note the temp display. In related news: SUCKS.

- I'm running a bit behind with the usual emails, private messages, music submissions etc due to being out of town. Gimme some extra time and I will get back to you.

- The Porn Again Christians and The Last Vegas both ROCKED last night @ the aptly named Dungeon in Charleston, IL. Pics and video coming... eventually.


Two Swedes with Rockford, IL connections.

UPDATE: I'm pooped after a day at the dentist on Friday and Sat/Sun's rock-n-roll road trip. Don't feel like doing the photo/video stuff. Plus... I apparently fouled up the settings on the camera and the videos turned out poorly (very, very small in size). Oops.

Got news for The Cat's Meow? Drop us a line. (Contact info)

September 26, 2009

Aries Road needs your vote.

Aries Road (Broken Arrow, OK) has an opportunity to land their song "Going Home" in a movie and they need your help to make it happen.

Click image to cast your vote.

No registration required. No submitting an email address or other information. Simply cast your vote. You can vote 'early and often' which appears to be once every 15 minutes or so with a page refresh. Voting ends Wednesday, September 30th @ 11:59pm Central. So let's go FatCat Radio listeners... let's help one of artists make their movie debut!! VOTE!

Why I Love Tulsa (official website)
Aries Road (official website)

September 24, 2009

Coming soon: The BIG Show Hotline !!

In addition to the tried and true FatCat Phone (206-337-0228) I will soon be adding 'The BIG Show Hotline'. Yup, gonna have the ability to take live on the air phone calls on Wednesday nights. Gotta do some more testing and tweaking of the system but so far things are looking good. Live requests? Live phone ins from listeners? Live phone ins from bands? Live phone ins for contests/giveaways? All soon to be possible on The BIG Show. The best part - it's very user friendly for your not very technologically advanced host of the show AND all that's required of the other party is a phone. No Skype, no IM, no microphone, no special software. Just a phone.

No worries... The BIG Show ain't about to turn into a talk show anytime soon. As always the focus shall remain on the music. But I for one am very excited about this upcoming new addition to my show. What do YOU think? Listeners, would you ever wanna call in and speak directly to me? Bands, would you be available on Wednesday nights to call in live? Lemme know.....

The BIG Show Hotline. Coming soon.

ReverbNation Spotlight: 8 Lives Spent

The ReverbNation/FatCat Radio spotlight shines on 8 Lives Spent (Winchester, VA).

""8 Lives Spent can be described as a high-energy, blue-collar, roots rock band with a good time feel. They mix up a four-hour show blending unique originals with obscure B-side covers long lost in the vaults of rock-n-roll. They firmly stand on the ideology that people that lay down hard-earned money to see a band should walk away with a memorable experience, and with that they thrive to be the hosts of the party.

Described by many as “Southern boys with a kick-ass punch”, 8 Lives Spent is not your typical bar band. The show is unique in the fact that the band comes out of the gate with hard-hitting originals while, at the same time purposely steering clear of any cover material that has been beaten to death by mainstream radio or other bands.


8 Lives Spent can be heard on The BIG Show (Got a request for 'em last night!) as well as our Auto-Pilot programming. You can purchase their debut CD Self Inflicted Wounds at and download tracks at all the usual online outlets (Amazon, Rhapsody, I-Tunes, Napster,). Sign up for their mailing list at ReverbNation and you get an exclusive new track entitled 'Freight Train'.

8 Lives Spent (official website)
FatCat Radio @ ReverbNation

September 23, 2009

9/23/09 BIG Show recap

1st hour of the show wasn't much fun for me as I dealt with someone trying to sabotage the show / the website. Plus earlier this week I discovered some blatant plagiarizing of a large portion of the FatCat Radio website. Tonight it was some punkass punk jacking with things. Why??? If you don't like the show or the station then simply don't click on the cat. I'm just here to drink beer and support independent music.

Aside from that... another rockin' BIG Show. Thanks for the requests. A little more active blog tonight. I WANT TO HEAR FROM REBROADCAST LISTENERS too. Click the comments link below.

'til next week...

Artist ---- Song Title --- Website

Southern Electric - Welcome to The BIG Show: Link
Midnight Fistfight - The Main Event: Link
Board Track Racer - All I Own: Link
Promo (new album) - Sundrown: Link
Sundrown - Medicated Eyes: Link
Bastard Winos - Storm Called Me: Link
Rhino Bucket - Know My Name: Link
What kind of radio show is this? - This is The BIG Show !: Link
BS - Swede Speaks Intro (HT): Link
Station ID - Mutt Junction: Link
Mutt Junction - The King: Link
The Muggs - Just Another Fool: Link
Abramis Brama - Vägskäl: Link
The Demon Beat - Talk To Myself: Link
Mongrel - The World Loves A Tragedy: Link
Seven Dirty Words - Stuck Up Bitch: Link
American Dog - Workin' Man: Link
The Unband - Geez Louise: Link
My Son The Bum - Beer For Breakfast: Link
The Last Vegas - Room At The Top: Link
Paul Killington - The BIG Show (Angry Theme): Link
**8 Lives Spent - Licka Sto: Link
**Demolition Derby - Shit Box Dodge: Link
**Audio Violence - Nitebreed: Link
Promo (BS) - Dave Arcari: Link
**Rawmania - Satan Got Our Names: Link
**American Dog - God Of Thunder: Link
**Sinner - The Dog: Link
Robot Lords Of Tokyo - Princess Of Hollywood: Link
Hot Ham and Cheese - Madman: Link
Promo (BS) - Charlie (Hot Ham & Cheese): Link
**Sundrown - The 8th Day Bliss: Link
**Rhino Bucket - The Hardest Town: Link
Flexx Bronco - Scratch Me: Link
Promo - The Rock Lab with Real Genius: Link
Looker - Mind Control On the Radio: Link
The Turbomen - Jesus Rides A Harley: Link
Promo (Sex & Beer & RnR) - The Turbomen: Link
Midnight Fistfight - Rock n' Roll Villain: Link
Sin City - Ammunition: Link
Beef Barons - Boobs'N'Booties: Link
Barbears - Rock & Roll Is My Heroine: Link
Broken Teeth - Pull The Plug (live): Link
Station ID - Jason McMaster (Broken Teeth): Link
The Porn Again Christians - Celebro American: Link
Station ID - Tom (Ohio Noise Machine): Link
The Ohio Noise Machine - Corporate Whore: Link
Uncle Scratch's Gospel Revival - Back Door Man (No More!): Link
BS - Swede Signs Off (HF): Link
Nashville Pussy - Let's Get the Hell Outta Here: Link
Southern Electric - BIG Show Closing Theme: Link

**=by request

This episode of The BIG Show can be heard again Thursday's 'Play It Again Sam'.

Happy Birthday Barbara!

This is Barbara. She lives in Germany. She has excellent taste in music.
And today is her birthday.

Happy Birthday to our undisputed and still # 1 German Listener.

September 22, 2009

The Last Vegas w/ The Porn Again Christians


"The Last Vegas make a rare, small club appearance 9/26! Hot off the heels of opening for Motley Crue on the Saints of Los Angeles Tour, The Last Vegas is currently on tour with Buckcherry. They will make a stop in Charleston, IL on 9/26 to play with The Porn Again Christians at the Dungeon. Prior to the show, The Last Vegas will be at Vinyl Tap Records (619 Monroe) to meet fans and sign autographs. Don't miss this one!"

Really looking forward to this one. It's a 450+ mile round trip but yeah... like the press release says its a rarity to see The Last Vegas in an intimate setting anymore. Plus, I'll get to see The Porn Again Christians for the 1st time. That's two FatCat Radio artists on one small stage for those of you keeping score at home. An added bonus? There should be Old Style on tap! Jen and I plan on attending... are YOU?

When: Saturday September 26, 2009
Cost: $5
Venue: The Dungeon
Where: 509 Van Buren, Charleston, IL

The Last Vegas (official website)
The Porn Again Christians (Myspace)

Thirty 2 Life: Got One In The Chamber

Ready. Aim. Fire. News on the brand new Thirty 2 Life (Jonesboro, Arkansas) album Got One In The Chamber.

Source: Thirty 2 Life forum

"The new Thirty 2 Life cd entitled Got One In The Chamber is finally finished.

Track listing:
1. Raise Your Flag
2. Today, Tonight, The End
3. Got One In The Chamber
4. The Silence Sings
5. The Day We Dread
6. Despise Me

These six songs were some of the last things we recorded with Daniel, before his death in April. We still have a drum track or two from songs we were in the process of recording and we have some live stuff, so maybe we'll do something with those in the future. But for now we wanted to polish up the songs we had finished and put them out as a tribute to our fallen brother.

The cd will be available as a digital album at various online retailers before too long and the actual cd's should be here towards the end of October. But for now you can stream the cd at our page on MySpace and on our ReverbNation page.

Thanks for the support,
Thirty 2 Life

PS- We've been busy and new songs are coming soon~!

September 21, 2009

The Skinny: 9/21/09

'The Skinny' serves as a quick and easy catch all of various bits of news, links, and other stuff from the world of FatCat Radio.

- PROGRAMMING ANNOUNCEMENT 1: No Monday Marathon scheduled for Monday 9/21. The response to no Monday Marathon last week was underwhelming. No surprise there.

- PROGRAMMING ANNOUNCEMENT 2: No Indigo Lounge scheduled for Sunday 9/27. Jen and I are planning a rock-n-roll road trip next weekend. (Scroll down and to your right for the Featured Event ).

- You can now stream FatCat Radio on Facebook.

- I've got a couple of tentative 'Swede Interviews' lined up. Working on a better method of recording them too.

- I did some numbers crunching today and found that since we added the new Music Submission Form in June we've approved 29% of the artists who've submitted their music for airplay consideration. I was frankly a bit surprised the percentage was that high as we are admittedly tough to please. Some great music has been added as result. And of course more than few artists have tried to sneak in by claiming their rap or death metal was in fact rock or blues. *Sigh* A word of advice? Before attempting to get airplay READ the FAQ and LISTEN to the station. To date we've added artists who have properly submitted their music for review to each of the live shows (except the less than month old Rock Lab), the Auto-Pilot, and On Demand.

- The push remains for MORE (any) FEEDBACK here on The Cat's Meow. Let us know what you think of the music, the live programs, the blog content, the website, etc etc etc. You never know when I'll select a random comment and send the poster a little something something from the Prize Vault.

Got news for The Cat's Meow? Drop us a line. (Contact info)

September 20, 2009

9/20/09 Indigo Lounge recap

Here's what I played today. Don't forget, there will be no Indigo Lounge next week September 27th. I will be back on Sunday October 4th. Until then, Go Raiders !! :D


PS. Swede tells me I'm supposed to remind you to please leave some feedback. Tell me what you liked about the show or tell me that I sucked. Use the comment form below or send me an email at

Artist ---- Song Title

1. Alvin Jett and the Phat Noiz Blues Band - Best Friend You Ever Had (4:46)
2. Reverend Blue - Let Me Go (3:00)
3. P P Junior & The BlueHawks - HipShake (4:21)
4. Doug MacLeod - Walkin' While I Bleed (5:03)
5. Maxwell Street - All Your Lovin (4:11)
6. Big George Jackson Blues Band - Go For A Ride (3:09)
7. Vince Lee and the Big Combo - Dallas Texas (4:46)
8. Tom Hunter - Here I Go Again (5:10)
9. Mean Gene Kelton - Mean Guitar (4:46)
10. Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band - My Soul to Keep (3:39)
11. Mean Gene Kelton & The Die Hards - Even Meaner (5:02)
12. Billy Jones - Pull My 44 (4:16)
13. Sean Costello - Anytime You Want (3:43)
14. Elam McKnight - Only Game In Town (3:09)
15. Lazy J and the Dirty Shuffle - Won't Be The Dog (3:17)
16. Bob Kirkpatrick - Been Around Too Long (4:49)
17. Mark Kerr - Thick Side (4:34)
18. Percy Strother - Last Night (3:14)
19. The Mescal Sheiks - Got To Have Me Two (3:10)
20. the Detonators - Nine Kindsa Ugly (3:47)
21. Southern Electric - Lucky Seven (3:35)
22. The Blue Voodoo - Black Moon (3:58)
23. Dave Arcari - Hear Me Coming (3:08)
24. The Coggs - Devil's Knockin' (2:54)
25. The Midnight Flyers - Bartender (4:16)
26. One Eyed Johnny and the Revelators - Walkin' Away (4:13)
27. Vince Lee and the Big Combo - Goin' Away Baby (4:29)
28. Big Harmonica Bob - Go Out Laughin' (2:03)

You can hear this edition of The Indigo Lounge again on Thursday's rebroadcasts.

VIDEO: Nashville Pussy - "Ain't Your Business" (live)

Nashville Pussy (Atlanta, GA) performing 'Ain't Your Business' off their current release From Hell to Texas on September 3rd, 2009 @ the Metropolis in Montreal.

Video doesn't do 'em justice. If you get a chance go see Nashville Pussy LIVE. Currently on tour with Motorhead. Shows this week include:

Sep 20, 2009 Austin, TX - Stubbs
Sep 23, 2009 St. Louis, MO - The Pageant
Sep 24, 2009 Kansas City, MO - Midland Theater
Sep 25, 2009 Kearney, NE - The Garage
Sep 27, 2009 Calgary, AB Canada - Flames Central (Official website)

September 19, 2009

8 Lives Spent: Personnel change

A little late on the news but hey, there a LOT of FatCat Radio artists to keep track of! 8 Lives Spent (Winchester, VA) announced a personnel change last month.

Founding member: Joe "2-coat" Jones
"As of August 12 our bassist, Joe Jones, resigned from 8 Lives Spent. Joe was one of the founding members and an integral part of our unit. Therefore this was a decision that naturally surfaced a lot of emotions.

The purpose for sharing this news is to completely clarify any misconceptions as to Joe's decision. Let's face it, we live in Winchester where BS tends to run deep, therefore we decided to nip it in the bud before it happens.

First and foremost, Joe is family. He will always be family. His decision to resign was solely based on the fact that he has far too many irons in the fire and felt it best for everyone involved that he eliminate some of the stress in his life (yes, a band can be stressful). Along that line Joe stated that his decision ultimately had the band's best interest at heart and we commend him for that. In addition to regular work Joe has recently invested in other ventures that require much of his attention. He is also a single father of two and therefore realizes the importance of keeping his children top on his priority list (as it should be).

Therefore Joe's decision to resign was based solely on the aforementioned. There was/is no animosity between Joe and the band whatsoever. In fact if Joe starts a project down the road, we will support him wholeheartedly.

In regard to 8 Lives Spent, the band will continue. As difficult as all of this is emotionally, the fact is that this is music, and situations simply have to be worked through. We'll all be fine in the end and we know that Joe will likewise continue to support us."

All the best to Joe and good luck to the rest of the 8LS guys. Replacing a band member is never easy, but if there's one constant in the world of independent music, it's that things are always changing. In other 8 Lives Spent news, the band is working on its latest project Outcast that is scheduled to be available for digital download by December 2009. Two new tracks,"Licka Sto" and "Freight Train" have been added to the rotation on FatCat Radio.

8 Lives Spent Official website
8 Lives Spent @ Facebook

September 18, 2009

ReverbNation Spotlight: Hemmit

The ReverbNation/FatCat Radio spotlight shines on Hemmit (Portland, OR).

""Hemmit is a 3-piece based in Portland, Oregon blending Grade A hooks with mountain-grown riffage for the finest power rock this side of the Rockies. It's like The Ramones went to summer camp with AC/DC and their camp counselor was Ozzy....punk rawk!"


Hemmit can be heard on The Rock Lab as well as our Auto-Pilot programming. Buy or download their CD RocketRide for $9.99 at

Hemmit on Facebook
FatCat Radio @ ReverbNation

September 17, 2009

Midnight Fistfight: FREE show Sept 22nd

New BIG Show artist Midnight Fistfight (New York, NY) are celebrating bass player Nick Cageao's birthday with a FREE show next Tuesday.

When: Tuesday September 22, 2009
Cost: FREE
Venue: Bowery Electric
Where: 327 Bowery, New York, NY

Midnight Fistfight (Myspace)

September 16, 2009

9/16/09 BIG Show recap

Thanks for listening tonight. Had a few glitches with the live page display and a few more with my software (it wasn't the beer I swear!) but the show rocked. Computers. What are you gonna do?

Thanks for the 14 requests. Thanks to Van and Fenix for the calls on the FatCat Phone. And a BIG thanks to those who made use of the Live Blog. (What you're reading right now). I'm making it a priority and it was the theme of the night. I wanna hear from YOU. Don't kiss my ass and tell me 'The BIG Show rocks' but lemme know what you think of the MUSIC, the bands, the FatCat Radio website, The Cat's Meow etc. Any comments, suggestions, questions etc you may have I wanna hear 'em. Good, bad, or indifferent. Click the comments link below. That goes for you rebroadcast listeners too.

Hope you dug the show. I did !! See ya next week.

NEW ARTISTS: Midnight Fistfight, Board Track Racer
NEW TRACKS: Sundrown

Artist ---- Song Title --- Website

The BIG Show Theme - Swede's On The Air: Link
American Dog - Shitkicker: Link
Abramis Brama - Kylan kommer inifrån: Link
The Hunchies - Muddy Water Peace Of Mind: Link
Rocker Lips - Short Fuse: Link
Serpenteens - The Superhuman Monstershow: Link
Swampass - God Damn Radio: Link
Southern Electric - Welcome to The BIG Show: Link
BS - Swede Speaks Intro (HT): Link
Holley 750 - Death Machine: Link
Hostile Omish - Mohawk: Link
Face Down Presley - Rock N Roll: Link
Song Intro / Dave Evans - Helluva Night: Link
Dave Evans - Helluva Night: Link
Dirty Kings - Play By Play: Link
DOGS BOLLOCKS - March Baby March: Link
Treasure Cat - King Shit Of Fuck Avenue (203 McLane Ave): Link
Midnight Fistfight - Rock n' Roll Villain: Link
Midnight Fistfight - Million $ Body: Link
Midnight Fistfight - The Main Event: Link
Paul Killington - The BIG Show (Angry Theme): Link
**Rhino Bucket - World Gone Mad: Link
**Rhino Bucket - Beat To Death Like A Dog: Link
**American Dog - Barely Half Alive: Link
**Crucified Barbara - Bad Hangover: Link
**Nashville Pussy - The Bitch Just Kicked Me Out: Link
Promo (The Devil is..) - Brother Ed (USGR): Link
**Uncle Scratch's Gospel Revival - I Can't Bang You On A Sunday: Link
Station ID - Tom (Ohio Noise Machine): Link
**The Ohio Noise Machine - Delta 88: Link
**Nashville Pussy - Go Motherfucker Go: Link
Promo (BS Rebroadcast) - Barbara from Germany: Link
Board Track Racer - All I Own: Link
The Shaker Hoods - This Chariot May Kill Me: Link
Dirty Kings - Characters & Freakouts: Link
Promo - The Rock Lab with Real Genius: Link
Broken Teeth - Burns Like Love: Link
John Wilkes Booth - Hey Girl: Link
The Last Vegas - High Class Trash: Link
Promo (new album) - Sundrown: Link
Sundrown - The 8th Day Bliss: Link
Sundrown - Sucker: Link
**Seven Dirty Words - Firebird: Link
**Sacred 13 - Empty: Link
**Sideburn - Cherry Red: Link
PHONE: Fenix Anthony - Devil's Alibi (new band): Link
**CHIVO - Rock n Roll Band: Link
Midnight Fistfight - Booze & Bitches: Link
**Holley 750 - Riverside Rock n Roll: Link
**Beavershot - One Horse Town: Link
Devils Right Hand - I'm Gone: Link
Guns of Nevada - Hard to Wave Goodbye (In Handcuffs): Link
BS - Swede Signs Off (HF): Link
Dave Arcari - Homesick & Blue: Link
Southern Electric - BIG Show Closing Theme: Link

**=by request

This episode of The BIG Show can be heard again Thursday's 'Play It Again Sam'.

September 15, 2009

American Dog: 'Mean' update

Wasting little time after the release of the limited edition This Ain't The Summer of Love (Swede Review) last month, American Dog is back with an update on Mean.

Not exactly a portrait in mean is it? A little mad perhaps.

"The artwork is being put together with the new photos and credits, and all that jazz.

Our goal is to have the cd in our hands for the October shows with Rhino Bucket and Broken Teeth.

Crazy Cool new Photos by Rob Kern have been added

There will be a poster with this bad-boy too........

No More FatCat's out of the bag ..........yet. ".

- Michael Hannon

That's especially good news since I plan on attending those shows!! For all the latest news such as these nuggets on the much anticipated Mean album be sure to check out the American Dog message board. And note Hannon's correct spelling of FatCat !! Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

From The Litterbox: Black and Tan Records

It's been's another find from our Litterbox.

"Black and Tan is an independent record label & publishing company. The company was founded in 1998 and we're based in the Netherlands. We are passionate about music and look for artists that can sing and have something to say. You'll find story telling music that is created by artists who write and sing their own songs about their own life. The voice and the story are the roots of this original, honest and handmade music. "

If you are a regular listener of The Indigo Lounge you'll see many familiar names when perusing the Black and Tan artist roster. It's a great label run by true music lovers and has been a valuable resource for FatCat Radio over the past few years.

If you like the blues do yourself a favor and check out the Black and Tan web shop.

More info on the "From the Litterbox" feature.

September 14, 2009

The Skinny: 9/14/09

'The Skinny' serves as a quick and easy catch all of various bits of news, links, and other stuff from the world of FatCat Radio.

- PROGRAMMING ANNOUNCEMENT: No Monday Marathon scheduled for Monday 9/14. We may be revamping it or putting it on the shelf during football season. Listener numbers have been waaaaay down on Monday nights anyway. If YOU want the Monday Marathon to continue speak up in the comment section.

- A new Google Search feature has been added to the website. For the best results be sure to put your search term in quotes. ala "my band name". It's by no means exhaustive but it's a good start and a pretty cool feature I think. The link to the Festival of ROCK section has been moved to the Litterbox area.

- Couple of tweaks made to The Cat's Meow. A revised section for recent posts / archives and a (hopefully) improved comments area. You'll see what I mean if you actually comment on one of our posts once in awhile. <-- Yes, that's bitter sarcasm. Links to our Myspace (yuck), new Facebook and Twitter are now found on the blog as well. And I removed the Google Ads. 11,000+ impressions in 4 months with one (1) click-thru. Yeah... that was a real money maker! <--More sarcasm. FatCat Radio and it's related blog is once again proudly 100% ad free. - Several new artists have been added to the Auto-Pilot rotation courtesy of Punk Rock Review and the compilation cd Punk Rock Pot Luck Vol 2.

- Adrian and the Sickness has a new mailing address. Contact them @ PO Box 41672, Austin TX 78704.

- Upcoming gigs:
Christian D and the Hangovers Sat. Sept 19th @ The O-Town Hoedown, Ottawa.
The Flat Tires Sat. Sept 19 @ Wilson County Fairgrounds, Lebanon TN.
Seven Dirty Words Sat Sept 26 @ The Blue Cafe, Huntington Beach, CA.

Got news for The Cat's Meow? Drop us a line. (Contact info)

September 13, 2009

09/13/09 Indigo Lounge recap

Thanks for listening to the blues on FatCat Radio. From now until early January 2010 all shows will end either promptly at 12:00pm Central or slightly before to accommodate football season.

Go Raiders !

Artist ---- Song Title

1. The Steve Hill Trio - Show Me a Heart (2:44)
2. Sean Costello - Same Old Game (3:28)
3. Bad Influence - Don't Forget Your Nightclothes (4:53)
4. Wild Bill Pitre - Sawmill Blues (4:17)
5. The Alligators - In Way Over My Head (6:05)
6. Joel T. Johnson - Blood From A Stone (3:44)
7. Boo Boo Davis - Ain't Gotta A Dime (5:32)
8. Edwin Holt - Red Clay Back Road Mama (4:18)
9. Alvin Jett and the Phat Noiz Blues Band - Best Friend You Ever Had (4:46)
10. Dave Arcari - No Easy Way (1:49)
11. Dave Arcari - Good Friend Blues (2:56)
12. Tom Hunter - Here I Go Again (5:10)
13. Billy Jones - Bluez Comes Callin' (4:58)
14. Lazy J & The Dirty Shuffle - Woke Up This Morning (3:46)
15. Elam McKnight - Only Game In Town (3:09)
16. Byther Smith - I Can't Understand You Baby (4:38)
17. the Detonators - Nine Kindsa Ugly (3:47)
18. Mean Gene Kelton - Mean Guitar (4:46)
19. Bob Kirkpatrick - Been Around Too Long (4:49)
20. Big George Jackson Blues Band - Southern In My Soul (4:09)
21. Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band - Another Bottle (3:42)
22. Percy Strother - Last Night (3:14)
23. Steve Johnson - Rita Lynn (3:51)
24. Southern Electric - Lucky Seven (3:35)
25. One Eyed Johnny and the Revelators - Lord Say You Love Me (3:42)
26. Harrison Kennedy - Bad Luck And Trouble (3:20)
27. Doug MacLeod - One Fool Show (2:45)
28. Big Harmonica Bob - Go Out Laughin' (2:03)

You can hear this edition of The Indigo Lounge again on Thursday's rebroadcasts.

September 12, 2009

REVIEW: American Dog - 'This Ain't The Summer Of Love'

Artist: American Dog
Album: This Ain't The Summer Of Love
Released: August 2009
Available: Bad Reputation (Europe) / Dog Merch Store (USA)

American Dog (Columbus, OH) is one of my personal favorite bands - independent or otherwise. Much like I wrote earlier this year in a review of their frequent tour mates Rhino Bucket, at this point in their career American Dog could put out an album of jazz standards or decide to release a country western album and I'd still, ahem, lap it up. Toss into the mix that Jen and I are proud to be members of the "Dog Family", that I do some occasional behind the scenes promotional work for the boys, and the undeniable fact that American Dog has done more than any other band on the FatCat Radio roster to help build the station's profile / listener base and well... it does make it kinda hard to be an unbiased reviewer. But friendships and fandomness (yes, I just made up a word) aside, I gotta call 'em like I see 'em.

Now that you're half expecting me to trash This Ain't The Summer Of Love here's the deal - it rocks. Of course it does!! My only beef with the "new" release is it ain't really new and I'm not really a cover song kinda guy. Don't let the rating at the bottom of the review throw you off. On performance, quality of songs etc it rates higher. I just can't give 4+ cat-heads to a covers EP. Of course this isn't meant to be a full fledged American Dog album. It is exactly what they intended it to be. A stop gap release before Mean comes out late this year, and a special treat for the many Dog fans around the world. It is a limited release of 1,000 copies and from early reports it sounds like it won't be too much longer before it truly is a collectors item and is out of print. So again, mission accomplished with the album. I just wasn't as excited for a 6 track EP of songs I've heard before (except for one) than I was for the release of Hard in 2007.

The title track and cover art are nods to Michael Hannon's love of Blue Oyster Cult. I never heard the song until American Dog starting covering it live last year. I tracked it down on Youtube, and let's just say the Dogs do a MUCH more rocking version! (Listen here). The "God of Thunder" cover is particularly strong as well as it's done a bit faster and bit meaner than the KISS original. As for the studio version of "Bomber" by Motorhead? I prefer the energy and feel of their previously released take on the Lemmy classic found on Foamin' At The Mouth (Live).

Again, the covers are nice, and were probably a lot of fun for the guys to record but the standout tracks for me are the originals. "Mean" is the title track of the forthcoming new cd and it's an awesome track. Continuing on with the slightly harder, slightly heavier sounds of their last album. I've been fortunate to hear many of the songs off Mean and I can tell you right now - it's gonna be everyone's new favorite American Dog album. "Movin' On" is a rare track taken from a German released Harley Davidson tribute compilation cd. I've been featuring it on The BIG Show for a couple years now and it's always well received by my listeners. The real find on the album for me is the song "New Evil". A song included on the European version of Red, White, Black and Blue. Not your typical sounding Dog song in structure or content. And although not all that rare, it was new to me.

Final thoughts: Sharp looking packaging / artwork. Not as jam packed with features as a regular American Dog release but the liner notes with Hannon's musings on each song were a nice touch.

Track Listing:
1. This Ain't the Summer of Love
2. Mean
3. God of Thunder
4. New Evil
5. Movin ' On
6. Bomber

Bottom line: Buy it for the novelties of the cover songs. Buy it for the rarities if you're a completest. But mainly buy it for the teaser track "Mean".

Swede's rating: 3.5 out of 5

5=Excellent | 4=Very Good | 3=Decent | 2=Pretty Bad | 1=Garbage

September 11, 2009

Holley 750: 'Prison Rules 2009' tour

Get ready West Coast. Holley 750 (Denver, CO) is headed your way in less than 2 weeks with their 'Prison Rules 2009' tour.


Sep 23 2009: Gustos - Boise, Idaho
Sep 24 2009: The Cretin Hop - Spokane, Washington
Sep 25 2009: Plan B Bar - Portland, Oregon
Sep 26 2009: Slim's Last Chance - Seattle, Washington
Sep 27 2009: Winterland - Bremerton, Washington
Sep 28 2009: Johnny B’s - Medford, Oregon
Sep 30 2009: Annie’s Social Club - San Francisco, California
Oct 01 2009: Dollhut - Anaheim, California
Oct 02 2009: The Juke Joint - Anaheim, California
Oct 03 2009: Double Down Saloon - Las Vegas, Nevada

Holley 750 will be joined by fellow BIG Show artist Seven Dirty Words on the final two dates. Brand NEW tracks from the upcoming full length Prison Rules CD were posted earlier today at Holley 750's MySpace. I especially like "Payin' The Bills" and "Drug Train".

Holley 750 on tour. Get on out and support live music. Just don't drop the soap.

Nashville Pussy = Bashful Puppy



Earlier this week, Nashville Pussy (Atlanta, GA) joined in on the whole Twitter craze just in time to document their continuing adventures as they tour the USA with Motorhead and the Reverend Horton Heat. Since someone had already created a bogus account with their name they chose to go with the someone cryptic 'BashfulPuppy'.

If you're into the whole Twitter thing don't forget we here at FatCat Radio took the plunge a couple months ago as well. You can find us at Leave YOUR Twitter info in the comment section below.

September 10, 2009

John Wilkes Booth: New band photo

John Wilkes Booth (Long Island, NY) recently posted a brand new official band photo on their Facebook site.

JWB @ Facebook

Old-timey pictures rock !! The band doesn't have any upcoming gigs posted anywhere so... to get your fix of John Wilkes Booth tune in to The BIG Show (played 'em by request last night) or go to CDBaby and download the entire 15 song Sic Semper Tyrannis album for $9.97

VIDEO: CHIVO - "Viva Knievel"

Continuing the string of video posts with a brand new one from CHIVO (Apple Valley, CA). A track all about one of my childhood heroes. You heard it last night on The BIG Show - now you can enjoy 'Viva Knievel' complete with moving pictures.

CHIVO's next scheduled gig is a FREE show at Frogee's Cocktail Lounge in Apple Valley on Friday October 30th.

CHIVO Official Website

September 9, 2009

09/09/09 BIG Show recap

As promised... a 3 hr and 33 min edition of the show to mark 3 years of Live broadcasts here on your source for the best independent rock and blues - FatCat Radio. There are many pretenders and many contenders out there, but there's only one BIG Show. And only one FatCat Radio.

I sincerely thank you for choosing to listen every Wednesday night and for continuing to support our efforts to promote independent music. Keep Clicking on the Cat 'cause we ain't going away anytime soon.

NEW ARTIST: Abramis Brama

Artist ---- Song Title --- Website

The Malt-Tones - This Is The BIG Show: Link
Silver Dirt - Go! She Said: Link
The Last Vegas - Room At The Top: Link
Bastard Winos - Rock Me: Link
Southern Electric - Next Big Thing: Link
Sideburn - Mr. FatCat: Link
Stripwired - Cat Drag: Link
Southern Electric - Welcome to The BIG Show: Link
BS - Swede Speaks Intro (HT): Link
American Dog - Mean: Link
Rhino Bucket - Know My Name: Link
Broken Teeth - Electric: Link
Nashville Pussy - Drunk Driving Man: Link
Station ID - Tom (Ohio Noise Machine): Link
The Ohio Noise Machine - Delta 88: Link
Treasure Cat - King Shit Of Fuck Avenue (203 McLane Ave): Link
Abramis Brama - Kylan kommer inifrån: Link
Abramis Brama - Smakar Söndag: Link
Abramis Brama - Enkel Resa: Link
Ponamero Sundown - Live the Lie: Link
Promo (BS) - Jim (Poobah): Link
Poobah - 2 Faced Liar: Link
Beavershot - Helluvanite: Link
Promo (BS) - Dave Arcari: Link
**Stripwired - Drop The Bomb: Link
Promo - The Rock Lab with Real Genius: Link
**Sundrown - Breakthrough: Link
Station ID - John (The Midnight Flyers): Link
**The Midnight Flyers - Too Much Beer: Link
**Seven Dirty Words - (I'm Your) Motherfucker: Link
**Los Griswolds - Fight Me: Link
**Holley 750 - Death Machine: Link
**Demolition Derby - Decapitated Again: Link
**Crashers - Creature of the Dark: Link
**John Wilkes Booth - Only The Facts: Link
Click on the Cat - Barbara from Germany: Link
Dave Rude Band - Devils Embrace: Link
The Hunchies - Preprogrammed: Link
Dirty Kings - Swampussy: Link
Sukus - I Never Loved U Anyways: Link
Cover of Darkness - Indecisive: Link
American Dog - New Evil: Link
Four Wheel Drive - Four Wheel Drive: Link
CHIVO - Viva Knievel: Link
Country Bob And The Bloodfarmers - Opry Star: Link
Joecephus & The George Jonestown Massacre - Bloody Mary Morning: Link
Bastard Winos - Drunk Again: Link
Station ID - Mean Gene (Face Down Presley): Link
Face Down Presley - Shotgun Johnny: Link
Johnny Mohawk and the Assassins - Tell Me Something I Don't Know: Link
Abramis Brama - Öga för öga: Link
Promo (PIAS) - Dave Arcari: Link
Thirty 2 Life - I Dreamed Of Killing You: Link
Color Of Darkness - Eye In The Sky: Link
BS - Swede Signs Off (HF): Link
Dave Arcari - Homesick & Blue: Link
The Blind Pharaohs - KillSwitch: Link
Southern Electric - BIG Show Closing Theme: Link

**=by request

This episode of The BIG Show can be heard again Thursday's 'Play It Again Sam'.