October 29, 2009

FatCat Radio: News & Notes (Halloween '09 edition)

See ya Tues


FatCat Radio will be OFF THE AIR from
Friday 10/30/09 through Monday 11/2/09


We will resume broadcasting on Tuesday 11/3.

As a result of our Rock N Roll Trip we've got some schedule interruptions to pass along. The Indigo Lounge will next air on Sunday November 8th. Monday Marathon will return on Monday November 9th. If you're wondering what happened to The Rock Lab on Tuesday nights? Your guess is as good as ours.

Music submissions, emails, etc will all have to wait until early next week. We will have little to no computer access so basically all things FatCat will be put on hold until we return.

Music To Tide You Over:
We're shutting down the live stream for a few days but FatCat On Demand is always available. We also suggest checking out our slowly expanding roster of artists at the great site ReverbNation. Are you a FatCat artist? Not included? Get signed up at Reverbnation and let us know your link.


Have a great Halloween weekend. Anyone dressing up as a FatCat?!?!

October 28, 2009

10/28/09 BIG Show recap

Thanks for listening & supporting independent music!! Don't forget, for more info on each of the artists you heard tonight simply click the links below. Feel free to contact them and let 'em know you heard on them on The BIG Show on FatCat Radio !!

Artist ---- Song Title --- Website

The Malt-Tones - This Is The BIG Show: Link
Thirty 2 Life - The BIG Show on FatCat Radio: Link
Promo (BS) - Jason McMaster (Broken Teeth): Link
Broken Teeth - She's Gonna Blow (live): Link
Rhino Bucket - Hey There (live): Link
American Dog - Another Day In Paradise (live): Link
Southern Electric - Welcome to The BIG Show: Link
BS - Swede Speaks Intro (HT): Link
Broken Teeth - Blood On The Radio: Link
Rhino Bucket - Know My Name: Link
American Dog - D-N-F: Link
Promo (Indie Shows) - Bringing The Fans To The Bands: Link
Bastard Winos - Drunk Again: Link
Phone: Brinton from Denver - "Lions" request: Link
**Dave Rude Band - Lions: Link
Station ID - Kerry (John Wilkes Booth): Link
John Wilkes Booth - Only The Facts: Link
Promo (Buggy) - Hostile Omish: Link
Hostile Omish - Epileptic Ice Cream Man: Link
Johnny Mohawk and the Assassins - Dickie Drives A Yugo: Link
Country Bob And The Bloodfarmers - Hog Wild Redux: Link
Promo (BS) - Tex (Country Bob & The Bloodfarmers): Link
7th Day Creeps - Ugly Stick: Link
The Racket - Feelin' Lonely: Link
The Skullcranes - Love Theme From The Skullcranes: Link
Phone: Grimm & Freak - Wapak RSVP: Link
**Crucified Barbara - Bad Hangover: Link
The Needles - Bad Case of the Heavies: Link
**Hot Ham and Cheese - Pleasantly Insane: Link
Sukus - I Never Loved U Anyways: Link
Germ Factory - Hot Mess: Link
Color Of Darkness - Galactic Bitch: Link
Promo (BS Rebroadcast) - Barbara from Germany: Link
**My Son The Bum - Right Smack Under The Hammer: Link
Sin City - Branded: Link
Sinner - Revolution: Link
**Dave Rude Band - Carry Me Home: Link
Dirty Kings - Blanket Of Snow: Link
RIOTGOD - Hightime: Link
8 Lives Spent - Freight Train: Link
Misc - Jon (LSC) Suppose to Be intro: Link
Last Stone Cast - Suppose To Be: Link
Promo (BS) - Dave Arcari: Link
Dave Arcari - Nobody's Fool: Link
Southern Electric - Greasy: Link
User's Guide - Stomped: Link
DFK - Sweet Poontang: Link
Poobah - 6 String: Link
Promo (BS) - Jim (Poobah): Link
Promo (Fat-Mart) - FatCat T-Shirts and more!: Link
Stripwired - Doghouse: Link
Holley 750 - Frenchie Wants To Party: Link
Four Wheel Drive - She Loves Rock'n' Roll: Link
Junkrod Joe - Drunk, Tired & Blue: Link
Rocker Lips - Out The Door: Link
Ponamero Sundown - Curtain Call: Link
BS - Swede Signs Off (HF): Link
Nashville Pussy - Let's Get the Hell Outta Here: Link
Southern Electric - BIG Show Closing Theme: Link

**=by request

This episode of The BIG Show can be heard again Thursday's 'Play It Again Sam'.

Halloween shows: All the rest

We've tried to spotlight as many FatCat Radio artists' Halloween gigs as possible over the past couple of weeks. It's a great night to get out and support live music so if you get a chance - DO IT !!

Trick or Treat

Saturday 10/31/09: See artist sites for details.

Here are several more shows (no posters available or I'm too lazy).

-- Hostile Omish w/ Johnny Mohawk & The Assassins
Scorchers , Streetsboro Ohio - FREE
-- Nashville Pussy
Bluebird Theater, 3317 E Colfax Ave, Denver, Colorado - $10
-- Guns Of Nevada
The Central Saloon, Seattle Washington - $10
-- The Skullcranes
Bulldog N.E., Minneapolis, Minnesota - FREE
-- Mongrel
Memorial Hall, Plymouth Massachusetts - $15

Last but certainly not least...the BIGGIE... the Halloween show I'll be attending
(if I survive the night before):

-- American Dog / Broken Teeth / Rhino Bucket
Clark's Bar & Grill, 96 S. 6th Street, Coshocton, Ohio - $15

The Needles: Halloween show

The Needles = a band I've been playing forever and a band I soooo would like to see live. Well, I haven't yet but if you're spending Halloween in Cape Fear - you can !

When: Saturday October 31, 2009
Cost: N/A
Venue: Reggie's 42nd St Tavern
Where: 42nd St, Wilmington, NC

The Needles official website

October 26, 2009

Audio Violence: Halloween show

Long time FatCat Radio artist Audio Violence is one of those bands that bring a Halloween vibe to every gig they play so it's only natural they're playing the day after Devil's Night as well. Go to the show, dress up and you could walk away with $100.

When: Saturday October 31, 2009
Cost: N/A
Venue: The Rockhouse
Where: 2624 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago IL

Audio Violence official website

Rok Hollywood: Halloween show

Auto-Pilot & On Demand artist Rok Hollywood is playing a FREE show on Halloween with LA Guns. Trust me on this one... your treat will be Rok Hollywood. Seeing LA Guns live on stage these days is like getting a rock in your basket. (They SUCK!)

When: Saturday October 31, 2009
Cost: FREE
Venue: The Music Mill
Where: 3720 E. 82nd St, Indianapolis, IN

Rok Hollywood official website

Mail Order Miracle: Halloween show

Auto-Pilot artist Mail Order Miracle is part of a full Halloween night lineup in Connorsville Indiana. Attend the show, dress up and you could win $50.

When: Saturday October 31, 2009
Cost: $5
Venue: The Moose Lodge
Where: 832 N. Eastern Ave, Connersville, IN

Mail Order Miracle @ MySpace

October 25, 2009

Monday Marathon 10/26/09

Monday Marathon starts at 12AM CST and runs ALL day. There will be NO Monday Marathon programming next week. (more info coming). October 26th? Why does that ring a bell? Oh yeah... Happy Anniversary to me and Mrs Angry Swede!! :D

Line up for October 26, 2009

Broken Teeth
CD: Blood On The Radio

User's Guide
CD: The Sweetest Thing Kills

Boo Koos
CD: Knife Beats

CD: Junkrod

John Wilkes Booth
CD: Sic Semper Tyrannis

NOTES: Jen and I are very much looking forward to seeing Broken Teeth this upcoming Friday and Saturday thus the reason for the live cd. Boo Koos are making their official FatCat debut. If you like what you hear you can download the entire cd FREE @ CDbaby.com


10/25/09 Indigo Lounge

Thanks for listening today. Don't be afraid to leave feedback if you listen to the rebroadcast on Thursday. I don't bite I swear!

There will be no show next Sunday November 1st as Swede and I will be out of town. The Indigo Lounge will return on Sunday November 8th. Hope to see you then.

Happy Halloween everybody !!!

Artist ---- Song Title

1. Alvin Jett & The Phat Noiz Blues Band - Boogie To The Blues(4:22)
2. David Hull Blues Band - King of the Blues (4:47)
3. Family Style - Walking Blues (3:39)
4. Johnny Nicholas - Livin' With The Blues (4:00)
5. Dave Arcari - Good Friend Blues (2:56)
6. Mean Gene Kelton - Give Blues A Chance (4:11)
7. One Eyed Johnny and the Revelators - Gravedigger Blues (4:30)
8. Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band - Plainfield Blues (3:11)
9. Reverend Richard John - I Got a Honey (2:42)
10. The Steve Hill Trio - Hey Now, Serena (5:32)
11. Root Doctor - Me and My Wife (3:28)
12. Sean Costello - Hard Luck Woman (3:25)
13. The Mescal Sheiks - Baby Whatcha Do (3:24)
14. Doug MacLeod - Big City Woman (4:48)
15. Zak and His Unhappy Guitar - Maggie Campbell (4:00)
16. Steve Johnson - Rita Lynn (3:51)
17. Boo Boo Davis - Let Me Ride With You (3:52)
18. Demian Bell and the Maypole Blues Band - Flip Flop Fly (4:48)
19. Wild Bill Pitre - Ain't Comin' Back (2:34)
20. The Midnight Flyers - Too Much Beer (3:04)
21. the Detonators - Nine Kindsa Ugly (3:47)
22. The Blue Voodoo - Mojo Lovin' Man (3:21)
23. Percy Strother - Keep What You Got (3:23)
24. Lazy J and the Dirty Shuffle - Won't Be The Dog (3:17)
25. Harrison Kennedy - Bad Luck And Trouble (3:20)
26. Big George Jackson Blues Band - Southern In My Soul (4:09)
27. Big Mike and the Booty Papas - I May Be Crazy (5:11)
28. Big Harmonica Bob - Go Out Laughin' (2:03)

You can hear this edition of The Indigo Lounge again on Thursday's rebroadcasts.

October 24, 2009

VIDEO: The Racket - "To All The Girls I Loved"

The Racket (Riverside CA) performing 'To All The Girls I Loved' live at the Hub, Colton, California. August 2009.

Punk-A-Billy Blues

"The rock n roll trio is working harder than ever now, playing 2 to 3 shows a week, taking their act EVERYWHERE including television, youtube, and their brand new self titled CD is now available for only 5 bucks! Only 5 bucks because the Racket are firm believers in the D.I.Y. and released their CD on their very own label, Swingin Dingo Productions so that they could sell their CD at the lowest possible price. Like how rock n roll should be! "

This is The Racket's very first video and they're looking for YOUR feedback so hit 'em up. I say it's a straight forward performance video with a unique camera angle. Bonus points (cat-heads?) for the prominently featured (and impressive) facial hair. Well done.

October 21, 2009

10/21/09 BIG Show recap

No complaints from me this week. :) Back still hurts but I was doing MUCH better than I was at this time last week. Thanks for listening tonight USA, Canada, Brazil, Finland and Germany. Thanks for a little more active Live Blog. (Still a loooong way to go to get listeners to use the blog but any amount of audience participation / interaction is appreciated.) Thanks for the several requests. Thanks to Brinton from Denver for the call on the FatCat Phone. (Next week the BIG Show Hotline aka live phone-in feature will be available). And thanks to YOU for supporting independent music by Clicking on the Cat.

Rebroadcast listener? Leave some feedback on Thursday. Band member trolling the blog to see if I played your stuff? Check in and say hello by posting a comment.

See you next week. Same time. Same station. www.fatcatradio.com

Artist ---- Song Title --- Website

What kind of radio show is this? - This is The BIG Show !: Link
American Dog - Be A Man: Link
Rhino Bucket - Street To Street: Link
Broken Teeth - Roll Over: Link
Nashville Pussy - Come On Come On: Link
Southern Electric - Welcome to The BIG Show: Link
BS - Swede Speaks Intro (HT): Link
Soulburners - C'mon And Love Me: Link
Midnight Creeps - All For One: Link
Holley 750 - Frenchie Wants To Party: Link
Hostile Omish - Who's All Going: Link
My Son The Bum - Nuckin Futz: Link
Hot Ham and Cheese - Cocaine Billy: Link
Bastard Winos - Good Times And Trouble: Link
8 Lives Spent - Licka Sto: Link
Big Coffin Hunters - Lizzie Borden: Link
**Stripwired - Fifty Cent Millionaire: Link
**Stripwired - Drop The Bomb: Link
Thirty 2 Life - The BIG Show on FatCat Radio: Link
**Johnny Mohawk and the Assassins - American Punk: Link
**Sundrown - Medicated Eyes: Link
**Beavershot - Designer Pussy: Link
**Seven Dirty Words - (I'm Your) Motherfucker: Link
**CHIVO - Viva Knievel: Link
Promo (Indie Shows) - Rusty Gumbo: Link
Station ID - Kerry (John Wilkes Booth): Link
John Wilkes Booth - Dense: Link
Midnight Fistfight - Rock n' Roll Villain: Link
The Creeping Cruds - I Killed Santa Clause: Link
Promo - The A'swepe Hour: Link
Mongrel - I Refuse: Link
Innocent Rosie - Wasteland: Link
Promo (Rock Socks) - Innocent Rosie: Link
Phone: Brinton from Denver - Dave Rude Band request: Link
**Dave Rude Band - Devil's Embrace: Link
Dave Rude Band - Patiently Waiting: Link
Sukus - Dirty Knees Girl: Link
Last Stone Cast - Blown Away: Link
Adrian and the Sickness - Won't Be Me: Link
Promo (BS Rebroadcast) - Barbara from Germany: Link
**My Son The Bum - Opinions Are Like Ass Holes: Link
Abramis Brama - Kylan kommer inifrån: Link
Thirty 2 Life - Living Is My Suicide: Link
Color Of Darkness - Breakdown: Link
Promo - $how Your $upport: Link
Hilljack - Dogs Of War: Link
Treasure Cat - Hurt Myself Being Stupid: Link
Ponamero Sundown - Curtain Call: Link
American Dog - Movin' On: Link
BS - Swede Signs Off (HF): Link
User's Guide - Cream D'La Cream: Link
Southern Electric - BIG Show Closing Theme: Link

**=by request

This episode of The BIG Show can be heard again Thursday's 'Play It Again Sam'.

8 Lives Spent need your vote

8 Lives Spent is the latest FatCat artist that needs your vote. This time around it's 100% hassle free - all it takes is two clicks of your mouse.

"Hey fans... Bars4Bikers.com was kind enough to put us in a contest on their site. We would greatly appreciate you hitting them up at www.bars4bikers.com/bandcontest.html and casting a vote for us. There's no sign up BS to deal with. We would greatly appreciate it!"

What a cool and great idea for a website by the way. We just might have to add 'em to our Litterbox section. There you go, no registration, no email, no forms. Just 2 clicks and you're done. ONE day a FatCat Radio artist might actually win one of these things !! Good luck to 8 Lives Spent.

Don't forget - your last chance to see 8 Lives Spent live on stage until April 2010 is this Saturday. And what a great show. 8 Lives Spent and fellow FatCat Radio stalwarts Rhino Bucket and American Dog Saturday October 24th @ JAXX Concert Hall & Nightclub 6355 Rolling Road, West Springfield, VA.

Big Coffin Hunters need your vote

Big Coffin Hunters (Portland, ME) has an opportunity to win $10,000 and they're asking for your help to make it happen. 10 Grand?! Perhaps they'll remember who voted for 'em should they win. :D

" BCH is on The Bone radio's "Project Rock ME" CD compilation, and we need your help to play in the showdown! We have a real chance to win $10,000, which would be put to some great use for our band!

It's easy. Just go to this website (click here). Vote for "Lizzie Borden" by Big Coffin Hunters, and register your email on the website. DO IT! DO IT FOR US! This is the first step towards a very rare opportunity for Maine bands!

Thanks fans and friends of BCH! See you Oct. 30th in Windham!

You do gotta give your email address so keep that in mind. Otherwise it's a simple form to fill out and takes about 20 seconds of your time. Good luck to Big Coffin Hunters. "Lizzie Borden" just happens to be one of Mrs Angry Swede's favorite FatCat Radio songs ever.

Big Coffin Hunters @ ReverbNation

From The Litterbox: Hard Rock Passion

Another find from our Litterbox.


"Hard Rock Passion's website: updated regularly, slowly but surely by fans from France, Belgium and Canada."

While not strictly an indie music site the France based Hard Rock Passion does include a fair number of unsigned and small label artists in their ever increasing database. The site is easy to use (great search feature) and includes encyclopedia type listings of hard rock artists. Info includes: band's name , country , style, picture, discography, website, and videos.

More info on the "From the Litterbox" feature.

October 20, 2009

10/20/09: NO Rock Lab tonight

Sorry for the last minute notice. There will be NO Rock Lab airing tonight. Check in again next Tuesday....

October 19, 2009

Feedback from Finland

It's stuff like this that keeps FatCat Radio chugging along...


Unsolicited feedback received today from a new listener. (Reprinted by permission)

I'm Johanna from Finland and I just wanted to let you know what an awesome radio station you have. My good friend Eric from Pittsburgh introduced FatCat Radio to me and I've really enjoyed the music it has been broadcasting like the music on Monday Marathon today.

In Finland we don't really have any radio stations which would play the music of small label independent artists, so it has been very refreshing to listen to your station. I've many friends here in Finland who love new music experiences and I've already told them about FatCat Radio and recommended them that it's a station worth to listen.

Take care and keep up the good work.


Week in and week out all of us on the FatCat staff implore our listeners to provide feedback. Positive, negative, neutral - it doesn't matter. We want to know what YOU think about the music we play and to a lesser extent what you think of the station as a whole. Obviously we're proud of what we do at FatCat Radio and the support we've gotten over the years is phenomenal. But as you can see by the infrequent comments left here at The Cat's Meow, the actual feedback we receive is few and far between. Yes, it can get discouraging to operate in a vacuum. Especially when we get decent, consistent, and above average listener numbers for a station our size. (With zero advertising on the website). We are not looking for pats on the back but a little feedback and listener interaction goes a long way. It helps to keep us on the right track and it gives us incentive to keep going.

So then... A BIG BIG BIG FatCat Radio thank you goes out to Johanna from Finland for taking the time to contact us today. Thanks for reminding ol' One Angry Swede why he does all this in the first place.

Feedback is greatly appreciated. We killed the forum this summer due to inactivity, Myspace is dying (haha). Facebook & Twitter are ok but it's not FatCat Radio. Click the comments link found at the bottom of the blog entries, check in during the live blogs (when applicable), shoot us an email, or call the FatCat phone. (contact info) and let us know what's what from time to time.

October 18, 2009

Monday Marathon: 10/19/09

Remember- Monday Marathon now starts at 12AM CST and runs ALL day.

Line up for October 19, 2009.

American Dog
CD: This Ain't The Summer Of Love
CD: Hard On The Road (live)

The Needles
CD: In The Red

The Steve Hill Trio
CD: (What Ever Happened To) Playing for the Love of Music !?

Sacred 13
CD: Tattered Memories

CD: We're Gonna Burn Your Soul

NOTES: Two 'rare' cds from American Dog, Sacred 13 has a new live DVD available for sale at their website, and The Steve Hill Trio came to FatCat Radio via the Music Submission Form.


10/18/09 Indigo Lounge recap

Thanks for listening to the "Block Party" this morning. Don't know what I'm referring to? You should of been listening ! Don't forget rebroadcast listeners, you too can get your requests in by emailing me at fatcatradio.indigolounge@gmail.com. Send me your requests and I will play them on the next live Indigo Lounge.

Artist ---- Song Title

1. The Mescal Sheiks - Live From the Gates of Hell (3:07)
2. The Coggs - Devil's Knockin' (2:54)
3. Axe Masterson - Preachin' Blues (3:24)
4. Pat Carr - Evil Evil (5:04)
5. Big Harmonica Bob - Lyin' Preacher Man (3:05)
6. Johnny Nicholas - Sleeping With the Devil (3:31)
7. One Eyed Johnny and the Revelators - Lord Say You Love Me (3:42)
8. Sean Costello - How in the Devil (3:35)
9. Zak and His Unhappy Guitar - Rollin and Tumblin' (3:14)
10. Maxwell Street - All Your Lovin (4:11)
11. Felonius Blues Revue - You Can't Get That Stuff No More (3:29)
12. The Blind Pharaohs - Milk Cow Blues (2:56)
13. Sean Costello - I'm a Ram (3:51)
14. David Hull Blues Band - Sky is Crying (4:34)
15. L.A. Big Daddy's - The Night Time (Is the Right Time) (3:56)
16. Mean Gene Kelton - Let Me Pump Your Gas (4:00)
17. Byther Smith - I Didn't Get None (3:23)
18. Ray Schinnery - The Thrill I Get (4:22)
19. Boo Boo Davis - There's A Roach Crawlin (4:46)
20. Dave Arcari - Hear Me Coming (3:08)
21. Billy Jones - Bluez Comes Callin' (4:58)
22. Demian Bell and the Maypole Blues Band - Flip Flop Fly (4:48)
23. Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band - My Old Man Boogie (2:59)
24. The Steve Hill Trio - The Dog in Me (3:44)
25. Kane Daily - Stop Breakin Down (3:31)
26. Doug MacLeod - Big City Woman (4:48)
27. Mean Gene Kelton - Big Legged Mama (3:39)
28. Harry Lucas and the Lowdown - Take A Last Look (4:13)
29. Big Harmonica Bob - Go Out Laughin' (2:03)

You can hear this edition of The Indigo Lounge again on Thursday's rebroadcasts.

October 17, 2009

ReverbNation Spotlight: Mean Gene Kelton & The Die Hards

The ReverbNation/FatCat Radio spotlight shines on the self described black leather blues & redneck rock n roll sounds of Mean Gene Kelton & The Die Hards (Baytown, TX).


"Mean Gene Kelton-Lead Guitar/Vocals/Harmonica, Wolff DeLong-Bass/Vocals, Ted McCumber-Drums/Vocals

Mean Gene Kelton & The Die Hards are considered to be one of the top Biker Rally and Blues Festival headliner acts, sharing the bill with Lynyrd Skynyrd, Peter Frampton, Marshall Tucker Band, David Allan Coe, Marcia Ball and many others.

Thanks to the internet, world-wide radio play and TouchTunes, Kelton has amassed a strong national following. His website currently averages 150,000 hits a month!

Kelton’s song “My Baby Don’t Wear No Panties” - a favorite at motorcycle rallies - went #1 eight times in a row! Listen to a free sample of this very unique song or purchase it on CD or per single download at www.genekelton.com


Mean Gene Kelton & The Die Hards can be heard on The Indigo Lounge, our Auto-Pilot programming, and FatCat On Demand. Upcoming shows include: today @ Backwoods Bar & Grill in Cleveland TX, 10/18 @ 18th Street Bar & Grill in San Leon, TX, and 10/25 @ the Texas Saloon in Pasadena, TX.

Mean Gene Kelton on Twitter
FatCat Radio @ ReverbNation

October 16, 2009

Scheduled Downtime: Friday 10/16

UPDATE: Back on air 5pm CST.

FatCat Radio will be off air Friday afternoon.

FatCat On Demand is always available.

October 15, 2009

My Son The Bum: Free album downloads

My Son The Bum (Long Beach, NY) has a new album. It's called Bipola Victrola. You may have heard some tracks on The BIG Show. Perhaps you heard it in it's entirety on a recent Monday Marathon? Well guess what? You can download the entire album for FREE !

Click album cover for track listing

No gimmick. The mastermind behind MSTB, Brian Kroll (guitars) and the rest of the boys in the band are deservedly proud of their latest effort and they want as many people as possible to hear it. Download individual tracks or click here to download the entire album.

Pretty sweet deal huh? It gets even better because for a limited time you can also download the two previous My Son The Bum albums... absolutely free.

Lots of great tracks. Top notch production. Killer guitar work. Funny & smart lyrics. Don't YOU be a bum and miss out. Take advantage of this incredibly generous offer from My Son The Bum.

More info: mysonthebum.com

Face Down Presley: Halloween show

Ahhhhh--oooooooooooooooooooo! Another FatCat Radio artist. Another Halloween gig. Face Down Presley will be howling on October 31st @ Howler's Coyote Cafe.

When: Saturday October 31, 2009
Cost: $8 / $6 with costume
Venue: Howler’s Coyote Cafe
Where: Bloomfield, PA

Face Down Presley @ ReverbNation

October 14, 2009

10/14/09 BIG Show recap

Shut it down early tonight. A bad back + a bad attitude are to blame.

No feedback via the blog and no calls after I opened up the new BIG Show Hotline were disappointing especially since there was a decent listener turnout for the 2 hours I was live on air. (USA, Canada, and Germany). I don't like operating in a vacuum. Listener interaction for ALL the programs on FatCat Radio goes a long way people. Feedback for the artists is the BEST thing you can provide them short of buying all their cds, merch, concert tix.

Support the show. Support FatCat. Support these artists.

Artist ---- Song Title --- Website

Thirty 2 Life - The BIG Show on FatCat Radio: Link
Rhino Bucket - World Gone Mad: Link
Broken Teeth - El Diablo: Link
American Dog - Drank Too Much: Link
Nashville Pussy - I'm the Man: Link
The Malt-Tones - This Is The BIG Show: Link
BS - Swede Speaks Intro (HT): Link
Truckasaurus - Cat Food: Link
The Catburglars - Don't Need You (To Ruin My Life, Anyway): Link
The Junktones - We Hate HipHop: Link
Drain Bramaged - We All Cuss: Link
The Cat's Meow - Official FatCat blog: Link
Snot Rocket - Red Alert: Link
Johnny Mohawk and the Assassins - Lets Get Drunk: Link
Station ID - Tom (Ohio Noise Machine): Link
The Ohio Noise Machine - Corporate Whore: Link
**The Racket - To All The Girls: Link
The Racket - Wrong Side Of The Tracks: Link
**Dirty Kings - For The Lack: Link
**Dave Evans - Helluva Night: Link
Promo (BS) - Dave Evans: Link
Southern Electric - Lucky 7: Link
The Cocksmiths - Mutha Trukka: Link
Paul Killington - The BIG Show (Angry Theme): Link
The Vageenas - Talk Too Much: Link
Abramis Brama - Kylan kommer inifrån: Link
Promo (IndieShows) - We're In Your Head: Link
Rocker Lips - Social City Meltdown: Link
Sideburn - Hurricane Race: Link
My Son The Bum - The Trigger: Link
Seven Dirty Words - Outta My Head: Link
Station ID - Mutt Junction: Link
Mutt Junction - Giants Are Coming: Link
Rawmania - Satan Got Our Names: Link
Biff Steel - Train Wreck: Link
7th Day Creeps - I Don't Care: Link
Sukus - I Never Loved U Anyways: Link
The Demon Beat - Talk To Myself: Link
The Press Gang - Bullshit: Link
BS - Swede Signs Off (HF): Link
Thirty 2 Life - Raise Your Flag (Surrender): Link
Southern Electric - BIG Show Closing Theme: Link

**=by request

This episode of The BIG Show can be heard again Thursday's 'Play It Again Sam'.

Rocker Lips: Halloween show

The "rock star lookingest" band from this past August's FatCat Festival of ROCK - Rocker Lips - are bringing their Kansas City sleaze to Chicago on Halloween.

When: Saturday October 31, 2009
Cost: $10
Venue: US Beer Company
Where: 1801 N. Clybourn, Chicago, IL

Rocker Lips official website

October 13, 2009

The Cocksmiths: Final show 10/17/09

As first reported a couple months back, long time FatCat Radio artist (and personal fav) The Cocksmiths are riding into the sunset. Their final show is Saturday.

"Hello Cocksmiths Nation,

Please join us for The Cocksmiths final show. We want to say goodbye to all our friends. So please join us for our final show Saturday October 17th at the BBC with special guests The Hustlers.

This show is going to be sick and loud!!! All your favorites will be played with true ferocity. 'Sweet Soul', 'Twisted Wrist', 'Shave Yo Shit', 'Mutha Trucka', and we're even throwing some Johnny Cash and a few surprises not to mention a few new one that have never been performed live. Come down and celebrate with Ryan, Dave, Joey, and myself as we rock out and say thanks for supporting us for the past five years!!! Come early. We're rocking out a little earlier than usual so we can hang and share a Pabst with all our friends. - Paris "

When: Saturday October 17, 2009
Cost: N/A
Venue: Bradford Beach Club
Where: 2022 E North Ave Milwaukee, WI


October 11, 2009

The Skinny: 10/11/09

'The Skinny' serves as a quick and easy catch all of various bits of news, links, and other stuff from the world of FatCat Radio.

- The newly revamped Monday Marathon was a small success last week so we're doing it again tomorrow. What's different about it? Instead of 4 or 5 artists played over a 4 hour period, the Marathon now lasts ALL day. Start time is at / around 12AM CST. Extended sets, and quite often complete cds played in their entirety. The lineup for tomorrow's Marathon will be announced later tonight.

- Real Genius (The Rock Lab) will be announcing a fairly involved promotion / audience participation contest soon. It will be your chance to 'earn your degree', to help promote FatCat Radio, AND to win yourself some cool prizes.

- Last week's 'Swede Interviews: Dave Rude' segment is now available as a PodCat. 30+ minutes in length minus the Dave Rude Band tracks that aired during the original live show and subsequent rebroadcasts of The BIG Show. Due to size limitations the audio quality has been reduced to 96k/bps. Another reason I don't dig podcasts but it's a cool and informative interview so we want as many people as possible to hear it. fatcatradio.podbean.com

- Auto start music player on home page. Thumbs up or thumbs down? I've given serious consideration to adding it to the On Air page as well. The nice thing is if you're already listening via the default FatCat player (see On Air or Media) the player on the home page will NOT begin streaming.

- Still time left to take 14.92% off everything at Fat-Mart but you better hurry!

- We've further cut our ties with Myspace. 2,600 + "friends" were dumped this weekend leaving actual FatCat Radio artists and supporters. I personally enjoy seeing that site's relevance dwindle more and more as the months go by. Many of our artists still use it as their primary website and many listeners still seem to click on the cat or this blog after reading a bulletin so I haven't dumped it completely (yet). Also, we're no longer accepting add requests from bands. We will add YOU if you've been added to one of our show rosters or Auto-Pilot playlist. So, yeah, we're still using it but you will see less and less bulletins. The Cat's Meow is THE place to keep up to date with us. For the other stuff we're using Facebook and Twitter.

- For the umpteenth time, we not so gently remind you of the # 1 FatCat Radio rule. That, of course, involves the name of the station. Yet again I'm beyond the point of caring who I offend or if I come across as a whack-job. The name is FatCat. All one word. Capital F. Capital C. It's the very first thing you see when you read the FAQ. Something all new artists and listeners for that matter should check out soon after clicking on the cat for the 1st time. Three times over the past two days I've had to correct a new artist regarding our station's name. I AM TIRED OF IT. Think privately what you want but every time I see the name FatCat mangled here's what I see with my eyes: 'F**k You Swede'. Get it right or I will seriously start dropping artists who don't. We strive to treat our artists with the utmost respect. I honestly don't think it's too much to ask in return for a little respect when it comes to the name of the station. FatCat Radio. One word. Capital F. Capital C. FatCat.

Got news for The Cat's Meow? Drop us a line. (Contact info)

10/11/09 Indigo Lounge recap

Thanks for supporting independent blues by listening to the Indigo Lounge on FatCat Radio. Thanks for the rare requests this morning! Don't forget you can make your requests each week by clicking the request button during my show or by calling the FatCat phone 206-337-0228. Leave your feedback below or by emailing me at
fatcatradio.indigolounge@gmail.com. See you next week !

Artist ---- Song Title

1. Tom Hunter - Here I Go Again (5:10)
2. The Midnight Flyers - Too Much Beer (3:04)
3. Doug MacLeod - Have A Little Taste (5:34)
4. Robin Sylar - Can't Judge a Book (4:57)
5. Elam McKnight - Only Game In Town (3:09)
6. Bad Influence - She What (3:45)
7. Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band - Boom Chank (3:39)
8. Calvin Owens - Please Love Me (4:31)
9. Johnny Nicholas - Sleeping With the Devil (3:31)
10. Boo Boo Davis - There's A Roach Crawlin (4:46)
11. Mean Gene Kelton - Mean Guitar (4:46)
12. The Steve Hill Trio - You Just Might Find (3:05)
13. The Alligators - In Way Over My Head (6:05)
14. Mark Kerr - Woman with No Shame (3:33)
15. Ray Schinnery - The Thrill I Get (4:22)
16. Lazy J & The Dirty Shuffle - Woke Up This Morning (3:46)
17. Bob Kirkpatrick - I Did Her Wrong (3:45)
18. Dave Arcari - Good Friend Blues (2:56)
19. Billy Jones - Bluez Comes Callin' (4:58)
20. The Rockin' Armadillos - Aint Gonna Let You Win Again (3:20)
21. Root Doctor/Sofa King Horns - Love Bones (3:58)
22. Axe Masterson - Louis Collins (3:01)
23. Pat Carr - Evil Evil (5:04)
24. Sean Costello - I'm a Ram (3:51)
25. Brother Chunky - Chunky Lady (3:23)
26. Southern Electric - Lucky Seven (3:35)
27. P P Junior & The BlueHawks - Hard Road Blues (3:58)
28. Vince Lee and the Big Combo - Old Friends (3:10)
29. the Detonators - Rain, Rain (3:11)
30. Alvin Jett and the Phat Noiz Blues Band - Boogie to the Blues (4:22)
31. Reverend Richard John - Red Hot Woman (2:09)
32. Big Harmonica Bob - Go Out Laughin' (2:03)

You can hear this edition of The Indigo Lounge again on Thursday's rebroadcasts.

October 9, 2009

Fat-Mart: Columbus Day sale (14.92% off)

As always when it comes to the merchandise available at Fat-Mart I advise you to take advantage of the many deals Zazzle.com offers throughout the year. Here's the latest: 14.92% off all items in honor of Columbus Day.

Columbus sailed the ocean blue to save 14.92 percent on all FatCat Radio swag!
Complete details:

"14.92% of the net sale price will be deducted when the coupon code 1492COLUMBUS is applied at checkout. For most products, the net sale price is the price of the product (excluding shipping and taxes).

Offer is valid from October 9, 2009 at 12:01am PT through October 12, 2009 at 11:59pm PT. This promotional offer may not combine with any other Zazzle promotional or discount offers. Offer valid on Zazzle.com only.

If you do take advantage of this sale?

A) THANK YOU ! The dollar or so per shirt we get helps keep FatCat on the air.

B) Get me a picture so I can add you to our roster of Fat-Mart models.

Shop Fat-Mart today!

VIDEO: 60 seconds with Joecephus

Joecephus himself from Memphis Tennessee's Joecephus and the George Jonestown Massacre performing one of my personal favorite tracks. Ever. One of the longest standing 'the show's over' type songs from The BIG Show.

"Quittin' Time"

VIDEO: Seven Dirty Words - "Outta My Head"

Seven Dirty Words (Orange County CA) performing 'Outta My Head' @ Spike's Bar, Rosemead, CA.

'Outta My Head' can be found on the excellent Hard Boiled & Dirty EP which includes the oft requested song "(I'm Your)Motherfucker". Pick it for only $6.00 at the band's webstore located at sevendirtywords.net.

Big Bullet Records: Terminal Ballistics Vol 1

Big Bullet Records, home of FatCat Radio artist The Demon Beat and many other West Virginia acts, has issued the following press release.
On Monday, September 21, 2009 the inaugural compilation BIG BULLET RECORDS Presents: TERMINAL BALLISTCS Volume 1 was released for a free online download. Included with the free download was cover art provided by Clover Studio, as well as an in-depth song guide with comprehensive liner notes.

Click for track listing

To download the album for free, simply click here.

To stream the album for free, simply click here.

There have already been numerous write-ups about the compilation. You can check those out here, as well as in our press section: WVRockscene, The Shepherdstown Chronicle, Rock-O-Clock .

Tracks from Terminal Ballistics Vol 1 are coming soon to the Auto-Pilot. A big thanks to the fine folks at Big Bullet Records for the mention in the liner notes.

ReverbNation Spotlight: Bastard Winos

The ReverbNation/FatCat Radio spotlight shines on Bastard Winos (Huntington Beach, CA). The 'Winos' came to us via the Music Submission Form and have been doing a great job of helping promote FatCat Radio. Much appreciated !


"The Bastards: Harlis Sweetwater on guitar and vocals, Chile Thomas on vocals, Jimmy Sena, on drums and Chris Garcia on bass.

The Plan: Simple. Twist the cap and play original no frills music with a heavy back beat that stems from the music they all love.

The Shows: With headlining and support shows in and around Orange County, San Diego L.A. and Las Vegas under their belt and more on the way, the Bastard Winos look forward to keeping true to their music and motto: Women. Booze & Damnation.


The Bastard Winos can be heard on The BIG Show as well as our Auto-Pilot programming. Your next chances to catch 'em live on stage include 10/10 @ Fitzgeralds in Huntington Beach CA, 10/23 @ the Double Down Saloon in Las Vegas NV, and 10/31 @ Hellbilly Fest in Tempe AZ.

Bastard Winos on Facebook
FatCat Radio @ ReverbNation

John Wilkes Booth: New shirts. New songs.

John Wilkes Booth (Long Island, NY) has new shirts for sale.

Click to purchase

And for your listening pleasure, two brand new tracks were recently posted on their Myspace page. Myspace? The hated Myspace? C'mon JWB... you gotta start using ReverbNation or add tracks to your Facebook to keep getting the FatCat love!!!

The tracks are: ""This Seat Is Taken" and "Out From Under".
John Wilkes Booth @ Myspace

October 7, 2009

10/07/09 BIG Show recap

The one with the heavily hyped 'Swede Interviews: Dave Rude' and a 'Listen & Win' giveaway. Hope you dug the interview. Hope I turned you on to some cool new music. Feedback via THIS BLOG would be appreciated. I can not tell you how much I hate myspace. We want you to use the blog or email to check in.

Congrats to 1st time listener Jill from Miami, FL for winning the DRB t-shirt. Thanks for those who left feedback via the blog and for making some requests as well. Didn't have a lot of time for 'em but I did the best I could. Nice listener turnout tonight. Listeners from 7 countries clicked on the cat today as well. Thanks to the BIG Show artists who regularly help promote the show (I know who you are.)

Back to the regular format next week... maybe, just maybe, I'll make the BIG Show Hotline available.

I've been busting my ass the past couple weeks with promotion, website updates, dealing with the worthless idiots at our website provider, concert pics / videos , testing the new phone-in feature, interviews, blog updates, reviewing music submissions etc... I'm gonna try to step away from the computer for the next couple of days. Nobody wants me burning out again.

Oh yeah - according to Dave a raindrop is 1.3 ounces. :D

Artist ---- Song Title --- Website

Thirty 2 Life - The BIG Show on FatCat Radio: Link
Thirty 2 Life - Raise Your Flag (Surrender): Link
Ponamero Sundown - Alcoholic Deathride: Link
American Dog - Magnificent Bastard: Link
Southern Electric - Welcome to The BIG Show: Link
BS - Swede Speaks Intro (HT): Link
Southern Electric - Next Big Thing: Link
Seven Dirty Words - (I'm Your) Motherfucker: Link
**Nashville Pussy - Go Motherfucker Go: Link
CHIVO - Viva Knievel: Link
The Racket - Wrong Side Of The Tracks: Link
Bastard Winos - Rock Me: Link
The Muggs - Should’ve Learned My Lesson: Link
Station ID - Tony (The Muggs): Link
**The Racket - Chicken Pickin': Link
Nine Pound Hammer - Chicken Hi, Chicken Lo: Link
Board Track Racer - All I Own: Link
Promo (Rip It Up) - Bon Scott (AC/DC): Link
Sideburn - Ghost Of 1980 (to Bon Scott): Link
Song Intro / Dave Evans - Helluva Night: Link
**Dave Evans - Helluva Night: Link
Paul Killington - The BIG Show (Angry Theme): Link
My Son The Bum - Opinions Are Like Ass Holes: Link
The Last Vegas - High Class Trash: Link
Soul Motor - Down In Mexico: Link
Frank Hannon - De la Luna Acoustica: Link
Dave Rude Band - Fallin' Down: Link
Swede Interviews (Part 1) - Dave Rude: Link
Dave Rude Band - Lions: Link
Dave Rude Band - Carry Me Home: Link
Swede Interviews (Part 2) - Dave Rude: Link
Dave Rude Band - Heavy As A Raindrop (C'mon,C'mon): Link
**RIOTGOD - Love It or Leave It: Link
**Rawmania - She Hates My Rock N' Roll Records: Link
**Robot Lords Of Tokyo - Princess Of Hollywood: Link
Rhino Bucket - Dog Don't Bite: Link
Promo (DA) - The Indigo Lounge: Link
American Dog - New Evil: Link
Sundrown - Medicated Eyes: Link
Thirty 2 Life - Today, Tonight, The End: Link
BS - Swede Signs Off (HF): Link
Dave Rude Band - I'm Done: Link
Joecephus & The George Jonestown Massacre - Quitin' Time: Link
Southern Electric - BIG Show Closing Theme: Link

**=by request

This episode of The BIG Show can be heard again Thursday's 'Play It Again Sam'.

LISTEN & WIN: Dave Rude Band merchandise

CONTEST IS OVER Congrats to Jill from Miami, FL. 1st time listener and winner of the DRB shirt.

A LISTEN & WIN event tonight on The BIG Show. I'll be airing an interview I recorded over the weekend with Dave Rude. In the course of the interview I asked him a question pertaining to one of my favorite tracks off the band's self-titled debut EP. Click on the Cat tonight, listen for the answer and YOU could win the following:

DRB shirt
Brand new. Mens XXL

How do you win? Simple. Be the 1st to email me the answer to this question: According to Dave Rude, exactly how heavy IS a raindrop?

Yes, I ask the hard-hitting questions during my Swede Interviews segments don't I? Listen to the interview tonight live on The BIG Show. When you hear Dave's response send me an email with his answer to fatcatradio@gmail.com. Email ONLY. Do not post a comment here on the blog. Do not send a private message. Email ONLY. The 1st correct answer I receive wins the shirt. Please include your name and location in the email as well.

UPDATE: Nice listener turnout tonight but just a wee bit short of the high for 2009 and well short of the all-time FatCat Radio record. The cds go back into the Prize Vault and will be available another day.


I am expecting (hoping for at least) a large listener turnout tonight. A) 'Cause Dave's a popular guy what with the whole Tesla thing, B) the Dave Rude Band rocks, and C) folks have been doing a nice job getting the word out about the interview, including Bravewords and Blabbermouth among others. So here's a 2nd chance to score some DRB goodies. If we achieve the highest listener turnout of 2009 tonight I will announce that on air and ask everybody to send me an email (fatcatradio@gmail.com) with a specific message. From those entries I will select a random winner. He or she will win this:

DRB 1st cd
Self-titled debut cd

And lastly, if we happen to set an all-time listener record for FatCat Radio, I will arrange to have an autographed copy of the brand new Dave Rude Band cd Carry Me Home sent to one lucky listener. As with the above you must be listening to hear any announcement / prompt to submit your email.

So there you go. Up to three chances to score some Dave Rude Band merchandise. And all you gotta do is listen. And encourage others to do the same. Good luck everybody. I hope you enjoy the interview.

The BIG Show airs tonight on your source for today's best independent rock and blues, FatCat Radio fatcatradio.com. Show starts @ 8PM CST. Interview should begin at or around 9:30PM CST. For more information about the interview please see this: The Swede Interviews: Dave Rude 10/7.

FINE PRINT: FatCat Radio staff members not eligible. The contest applies ONLY to the original live broadcast on Wednesday October 7, 2009. You could conceivably win up to (3) times. It will require (3) seperate emails.