June 30, 2010

FatCat has gone fishin' (vacation)

FatCat Radio is ON VACATION !!!

The FatCat Radio live stream will be back on air Tuesday July 6th. FatCat On Demand is of course still available. In addition to an actual get-away vacation (no fishing though I'm afraid) it's also another nice computer break for yours truly. So... all correspondence and behind the scenes stuff is on hold until next week.

USA residents enjoy the upcoming Independence Day holiday weekend.

June 29, 2010

REVIEW: Broken Teeth: 'Viva La Rock, Fantastico'

Artist: Broken Teeth
Album: Viva La Rock, Fantastico
Released: January 26, 2010
Available: Perris Records (cd) / CDBaby.com (downloads)

So the first question you must ask yourself, dear FatCat Radio listener and reader of my ramblings here on The Cat's Meow, is this: Viva La Rock, Fantastico came out in January, Swede's been playing the hell out of it on The BIG Show ever since, so why has it taken over 5 months for an official review? The answer to that is simple. I've been busy trying to come up with a list of superlatives other than the word 'awesome' while Viva La Rock, Fantastico has pretty much turned into my personal soundtrack for 2010.

Viva La Rock, Fantastico is the follow up to my choice for Top CD of 2008, Electric. Notice a trend here? I, um, kinda like this band! As good as Electric is, it's essentially an EP. Half new material with half beefed up re-recordings of past Teeth classics. Before Electric there was the live album Blood On The Radio so basically 2010's Viva is the first full length release of all original material since 2002's Guilty Pleasure. Was it worth the wait? You're god damned right it was!!

Viva La Rock, Fantastico picks up and expands where Electric left off. It breaks no new ground musically. It's not intended to. Broken Teeth has a script and they stick to it. The thing that sets Broken Teeth apart from the hundreds, (thousands?) of other AC/DC types or riff-rock styled bands is that they are sooooooooo damn good at it. They are a well-oiled machine. They are powerful. They are talented. They ARE rock. The band line up that recorded Viva had been together for a number of years with countless live shows under their belts. The result? Viva La Rock, Fantastico is the tightest sounding Broken Teeth album yet. Broken Teeth circa 2010 is louder, faster, and (pun intended) has more bite. Viva's production value blows away their earlier efforts. All the essential Broken Teeth ingredients are found throughout Viva - the clean and crisp riffs, the Angus Young inspired solos, the fist pumping sing along choruses, the sometimes silly lyrics, and of course the powerhouse vocals of one Jason McMaster. I always seem to be drawn to the pedal to the medal type tracks - "Blackheart", "All Hail The Alter", "Viva La Rock, Fantastico" - but the album offers up nice changes of pace such as "Break The Spell" and "Back On The Road". And while there's the occasional lyrical silliness, "She raisin' hell on my Texas hornytoad" - there are also some gems as well, "Spitting nails, watch me write my name on the wall". It's rock and roll. You want a profound message go read a book.

Viva La Rock, Fantastico features what I believe to be the 1st outside collaboration in Broken Teeth's recorded history. It comes in the form of a couple guest vocal appearances by band favorite Danko Jones. In my opinion it adds very little to the album. In fact, much like his guest appearance on Nashville Pussy's From Hell To Texas, I actually find it annoying that the Danko Jones guy is taking vocal lines away from the guy I wanna hear singing! But really that is pretty much the only knock I can give Viva. I initially thought the track listing was kind of outta whack - title track is song number 11?!, "Get Outta Here Alive" ain't the final song?! - but after so many listens anything else would seem strange to me at this point. If I had to choose one track that didn't make the final cut it would be the album closer "Ride Upon The Glory". Honestly, I'm really stretching here to find any real complaints with this album. I can not recommend Viva La Rock, Fantastico highly enough. You gotta have this one in your collection. All hail the altar of rock and roll indeed. All hail Broken Teeth.

Track Listing:
01. Blackheart
02. Exploder
03. Spitting Nails
04. Dressin' Up In Flames
05. Break The Spell
06. Twister
07. Back On The Road
08. All Hail The Altar
09. Get Outta Here Alive
10. Bullet
11. Viva La Rock, Fantastico!
12. Big Spender
13. Ride Upon Glory

Bottom line: In addition to airplay on FatCat Radio, I've had this playing on the stereo, on my mp3 player, at home, and at work damn near daily for six months now. That should tell you all you need to know. BUY THIS ALBUM!

Swede's rating: 5 out of 5

5=Excellent | 4=Very Good | 3=Decent | 2=Pretty Bad | 1=Garbage

June 28, 2010

Monday Marathon: June 28, 2010

Your Monday Marathon line-up for Monday June 28th. Click the links below for more info and to buy / download the albums. Use the comments section to provide feedback for the artists.

Adrian and the Sickness
CD: Adrian For President

American Dog
CD: Last Of A Dying Breed

Nashville Pussy
CD: Let Them Eat Pussy

Los Griswolds
CD: Bring The Rock!

CD: Ride Again

NOTES: Nothing this week. Enjoy the Marathon.

FatCat Radio's Monday Marathon
Your standard song block...only fatter!!
Tune in !

June 27, 2010

Picture Of The Week 6/27/10

Adrian Pic of the Week
Unknown fan sporting some AATS panties.

Panties, shirts, and music available for purchase here. Some big news from the Adrian and the Sickness camp announced a couple days ago via Facebook. They've amicably parted ways with their drummer of the past 2 years, Melodie Zapata.


Do YOU have a photo for our new Picture of the Week feature? Send it (or a link) to us via EMAIL!!

June 26, 2010

VIDEO: The Naddiks - 'RagTop'

The Naddiks (Canberra, Australia) performing "RagTop" @ Fusion 2010 (5/22/10).


The Naddiks are another find from the Music Submission Form. You can catch them Wednesday nights on The BIG Show. Look for The Naddiks debut EP Get Evolved on an upcoming edition of Monday Marathon as well.

REVIEW: Serial Obsession - 'Shotgun Opera'

Artist: Serial Obsession
Album: Shotgun Opera
Released: April 2010
Available: CD Baby

Serial Obsession (NYC, NY) came to FatCat Radio in late March by way of the Music Submission Form. While not normally a fan of "melodic rock" I gotta admit I found myself listening to the tracks on their EPK repeatedly upon first review. My initial thoughts were 'these guys are radio ready'. And I'm not just talking a small internet radio station with a cult like following (and an affinity for portly pussycats). I mean ready for the Big Boy radio stations out there. I rarely - actually make that NEVER - listen to modern radio so I'm waaaay outta touch with the current scene. However, I would sure think that Serial Obsession would fit in nicely with the current modern rock format.

Shotgun Opera was released in late April. It's the band's first official full length album coming nearly 2 years after their debut EP Sexy But Useless. (Great title btw!) The extra time was put into crafting the songs on the album and working on getting a polished final product. They succeeded. Shotgun is an impressive sounding album from the opening bass thump on "All The Way" to the final cymbal crash of "So Cold". If you're like me and the whole 'melodic' thing might tend to make you shy away at first, rest assured this is NOT a wimpy album. Shotgun Opera is a guitar driven hard rock album through and through. There is as much a classic rock feel to the overall product as there is the modern slant. Basically it's the stylings of vocalist Shawn Sugrue that gives the material that 'radio friendly' sheen. Plus, the material is simply catchy as hell. Shotgun Opera is one of those albums you'll find yourself listening to the entire thing once you push the play button. Stand out tracks include the aforementioned "All The Way" and "So Cold" as well as "Edge Of The Blade", "Half Cocked", and "Inside Out". The only track I usually avoid is the little too sweet sounding "I Can't Believe".

Final Thoughts: I know I'm old school but I really do recommend buying the physical cd over simply doing the download thing. The artwork/packaging is really sharp. Whoever came up with the playbill concept deserves a pat on the back.

Track Listing:
1. All the Way 3:02
2. Edge of the Blade 3:08
3. Dear Abby 3:27
4. Follow You Down 3:46
5. Costa Rica (Two In The Head) 4:40
6. Half Cocked 3:25
7. Inside Out 4:21
8. I Can't Believe 4:10
9. No Surprise 3:21
10. So Cold 3:48

Web music player
Bottom line: If you can get an AC/DC and Motorhead loving dinosaur like me to open my ears a bit to something oft described as 'modern' and 'melodic' you must be doin' something right.

Swede's rating: 4 out of 5

5=Excellent | 4=Very Good | 3=Decent | 2=Pretty Bad | 1=Garbage

June 23, 2010

6/23/10 BIG Show -- CANCELED

Sorry listeners. Due to technical difficulties beyond my control, tonight's BIG Show has been canceled. I'm on vacation (a real one this time) next week.


June 22, 2010

Sacred 13: New album news

Official press release from Sacred 13 (Edinboro, PA).

Sacred 13: “JAGGED REGRETS” – the new album due in August!

FOR IMMIDIATE (sic) RELEASE: Friday June 18

"Sacred 13, along with M4 Music Management, is proud to announce Jagged Regrets as the title of the band’s third studio album, which is to have 13 tracks and be released Friday August 13th. The album is described to contain the band’s signature melodies and hooks, driving riffs, soaring vocals, and blazing guitar work; however this time around, also featuring a more epic, creative, and story-telling side with a few longer tracks- with the album pushing nearly an hour in length!

“This album is definitely the next evolution of our band, and it’s incredibly diverse! I think it contains the progress we made during the step from our debut record Remanence, to our second album Tattered Memories, however I think this album (in a way) is more or less a return to our roots as showcased in Remanence; and what I mean by this, is the overall creative and diverse factor- thinking and writing out of the box. We went in with a clean slate, and we wrote music with no limitations and because of this I think the songs flow extremely well, with each song simply grabbing you from the very start either with the melodies, the driving beat and rhythm, or the deep, personal, lyrical meanings this album contains- from death, to a tragic fire, to finding yourself, and to treating everyday as if it were your last. It’s a very personal and emotional album with a mystique vibe to It, and that’s why I feel it’s going to go over so well with the fans…” ~Josh K

Source: Sacred 13

For the complete press release, which includes the track listing along with info on multiple cd release shows, visit the band's official website. 2009's Tattered Memories (purchase info) is a hell of an album - I look forward to hearing the boys' follow up.

June 20, 2010

Picture of the Week 6/20/10

Big Dum Dum Head
The other cat-head.

Week number four of the new 'Picture of the Week' feature and still not a single band or listener submittal? Fine. Here's a stupid picture of one of the stupid FatCats. If you've read a review here at The Cat's Meow you'll recognize the face as FatCat #2 aka Elsie. Or as she's better known around here: Elsmo, Elsmoid, Melsmo, Dum-Dum, Little Punk etc etc etc.

We're not crazy cat people - I will NOT be posting a bunch of kitty pics week after week. LISTENERS AND BANDS - PLEASE HELP US OUT !! Submit your photos !!! Just try to have them at least somewhat FatCat Radio related, although that's not a strict requirement. (details). And while you're at it...submit some news or a feature idea too.

June 19, 2010

Aries Road: Absolutely wants your vote.

Congrats to Aries Road (Broken Arrow, OK) for earning a nomination in this year's Tulsa Music Awards. Want to help 'em win? Sure you do ! Keep reading.

Don't let the fact they use the word 'peeps' against them. Vote Aries Road!

"We are very excited to be a contender this year at the 2nd annual Absolute Best of Tulsa Music Awards (ABoT Awards) for the “Newcomer of the Year” category. If you were one of the awesome peeps that nominated us, we thank you! Voting for category finalists begins June 10th and ends at 12:01 AM on July 17th - we need YOUR vote to win this award...


Thanks again for the support...please pass this along to your friends. We will keep you posted!

Source: Aries Road eNews

When you click the link to go to the voting site be sure you select the Newcomer of the Year button on the left hand side of the site. From there, simply vote for Aries Road and their song "Going Home". Takes 15 seconds if that. NO registration required. NO personal info or email required. Remember - when it comes to contests like this the recommended policy is to vote early and vote often for the FatCat Radio artist!! Good luck Aries Road. Voting ends July 17, 2010.

Aries Road (official website)
ABoT (More info)

June 16, 2010

Reminder: NO BIG Show this week

Sorry loyal BS listeners. I'm (trying) to take a long overdue computer vacation.

Computer Vacation

Taking my 1st night off in 3 months. The BIG Show returns at its usual time (7pm - 10pm CDT) on Wednesday June 23rd. Enjoy some past editions of The BIG Show during the day by tuning in to the Auto-Pilot. Do it right - crack open a beer and crank up your speakers. See ya next week.

June 15, 2010

ReverbNation Spotlight: The Saints And Sinners

Spotlight on: The Saints And Sinners (Wilmington, CA).


"The Saints And Sinners may hold a short history as a band, but are destined for a long and successful future. Drawn together by their love of music, several members of various local bands got together in 2006 with one idea in mind- the future of music. Althought the lineup has changed over the years, the idea has not. The Saints And Sinners continues to reinvent themselves with every song. From the punk rock driven to the easy going bluesy tracks, every song draws in its listener. They recorded their first album 'The Truth About Lies' in 2007. With stand out tracks such as 'City Lights', 'Dirty Rich', and it's title track, The Saints And Sinners developed a heavy local following. Their latest album, 'Calling', recorded in 2009 has finally brought them the critical acclaim that they have been aiming for.From the first hard hitting sounds of 'Come And Get It' to the haunting gypsy like 'Walking On Glass' it has been called "outstanding from the first song to the last" by Local Music Scene Fanzine. It also earned them the fanzines 'Band Of The Month" for January 2010, less than a month after the album was completed. With two albums under their belt The Saints and Sinners continue to write and tour, hoping to spread their eclectic sound to the masses."

Digital Press Kits

The Saints And Sinners came to FatCat Radio via the Music Submission Form. You can hear their tunes throughout the week on the Auto-Pilot and on the new and improved FatCat On Demand.

The Saints And Sinners Official Website
FatCat Radio @ ReverbNation

June 13, 2010

Monday Marathon: 6/14/10 *Special Edition*

Monday June 14th : All Joecephus. All The Time.

FatCat Radio proudly presents the WORLD PREMIERE of Hell or High Water
the new album from Joecephus and the George Jonestown Massacre.

Instead of the normal Monday Marathon format this time around we are devoting 24 straight hours to one artist / one album. Tune in through out the day Monday June 14th to hear the entire Hell or High Water album from long time FatCat Radio artist Joecephus and the George Jonestown Massacre. That's right, Joecephus is taking over FatCat Radio. We're playing the new album non-stop for 24 hours! Other than a couple tracks released last week at www.jk47.com this is your 1st chance to hear the new material. Hell or High Water is the band's heaviest album yet - less hilliblly and more hard rock. Hell...'s release date is Tuesday June 15th. (downloads). Physical copies available soon after that.

Also... be sure to click on the cat through out the day to hear Joecephus himself talking a bit about the new album and the inspiration for a couple of the tracks. And if that wasn't enough, FatCat Radio is also giving you multiple chances to WIN THE CD. All you gotta do is be listening during the day Monday June 14th. Once you hear the special CD Giveaway promo follow the simple instructions and YOU could win Hell or High Water.

Monday Marathon begins at 12:00AM CDT and runs all day/night Monday. It's the exclusive World Premiere of Hell or High Water from Joecephus and the George Jonestown Massacre.

FatCat Radio's Monday Marathon
Your standard song block...only fatter!!
Tune in !

Picture of the Week 6/13/10

Joecephus Pic of the Week

Joecephus of Joecephus and the George Jonestown Massacre (far left)
with a couple of fans in New Orleans.

Close up of Joecephus' back HERE, his back with W.S. Holland (Johnny's drummer), and Hank III. I have the same iconic photo of Johnny Cash on the back of the door here in FatCat Studios. I do not unfortunately own a similar belt. :D (take a closer look above)

June 12, 2010

The Skinny 6/12/10

A quick look at various bits of news, links, & other stuff from the world of FatCat Radio.

- A special edition of Monday Marathon will be airing June 14th. A true world premiere from Joecephus and the George Jonestown Massacre. Plus your chance to not only hear it before you buy it, but WIN it as well. More details coming tomorrow.

- There will not be a BIG Show 6/16. A 'marathon' rebroadcast of past shows will probably be airing most of the day/night Wednesday. The show returns live on June 23rd.

- "In the world of hard rock, a sex change is a very big decision.". Find out all about the big change in the world of A Simple Complex by clicking HERE. Don't worry - the link is SFW (and easy on the eyes).

- More FREE music available. This time around it's Bastard Winos doing the offering. Download 'em and be sure to let 'em know what you think.

- Nashville Pussy is off the road (and on the couch) after a 2 month tour of the "Late Great USA". You know what that means... the Rare Shit Store is open again !! Rare goodies autographed by Blaine & Ruyter.

- The large scale computer cleanup continues for yours truly. I've made significant strides in beefing up the security of the main FatCat computer (yay, Avira!), but still have a lot of work to do in getting rid of the pesky problems left behind by several viruses, worms, trojans, malware, spyware etc. (boo!)


Got news for The Cat's Meow? Drop us a line. (Contact info)

June 10, 2010

John Wilkes Booth: FREE album download

John Wilkes Booth (Long Island, NY) have decided to give it all away for FREE - including the excellent Sic Semper Tyrannis, one of my choices for The Top CDs of 2008.


"yes thats right kiddies....you can now download all the recorded works of john wilkes booth for freeeeeeee!!!... after much discussion and debate, it was decided we have more to gain by giving our shit away than we do by trying to make a few nickels selling it... share it with everyone...let us know if you download it and what ya think"
Source: JWB Blog

An interesting move and one more than a few FatCat artists have made. I gladly purchased mine (you can too by clicking the link at the top) but if a band WANTS you to download their stuff for free... well, I suggest you do it !! In addition to Sic Semper Tyrannis, John Wilkes Booth is also giving away their debut EP as well as compilation tracks. See JWB @ Facebook for more info.

June 9, 2010

6/9/10 BIG Show recap

NEW ARTIST: Mass Assembly

A grumpy, extremely tired host (plus more $&#*!~ computer problems) didn't prevent tonight's show from rockin' as it always does. The music has always been the key to the success of The BIG Show. Thanks for the requests & thanks to those that hung out / provided feedback via the Fancy Live Blog. Tonight's playlist & artist links are located below. (Click the READ MORE link).

PROGRAMMING ANNOUNCEMENT: There will be no BIG Show next week. I am in dire need of a computer vacation. The BIG Show will return live on June 23rd.

June 8, 2010

REVIEW: 'Big Rock in the Backyard' 6/4/10

Photos by Swede

Artists: Rhino Bucket, American Dog, Broken Teeth
Event: Big Rock in the Backyard (aka Rhino-Dog-Teeth 2)
Venue: Route 33 Rhythm & Brews, Wapakoneta, Ohio
Date: Friday June 4, 2010

Three of the biggest names on the FatCat Radio roster (aka three of The BIG Show 'Big Four') shared the stage in hot, humid, and (eventually) stormy Northwest Ohio last Friday. The event was officially billed as Big Rock in the Backyard as it took place outside on Rhythm & Brews 'Backyard Stage'. Regular listeners (and maybe a few attendees) should recall this was the venue for last August's FatCat Festival of ROCK.

Hats off to Ron & Terry and all the crew at Rhythm & Brews. Once again they showed why they are amongst the last of a dying breed. Bringing in top notch live entertainment, serving great food, and showing all kinds of hospitality to the bands and fans. They, for a lack of a better term, "get it". I hope people in the area realize how lucky they are to have Rhythm & Brews in their neck of the woods.

As for the gig itself - of course it kicked ass !!! I've seen each of the bands perform numerous times and have yet to be disappointed. I was fortunate to see the only other 'Rhino-Dog-Teeth' billing last Halloween at another fine venue, Clark's Bar in Coschocton, OH. On Friday in Wapak, all three bands played full sets to a hot & sweaty and very appreciative crowd. American Dog led things off around 7:30pm. They featured several cuts from their current album Mean, as well as their usual concert staples, and a rarity or two such as "Human Garbage Can". The Dogs have been playing Rhythm & Brews regularly for 10+ years now and still continue to gain new fans (and move a lot of merch) each time. Up next was Rhino Bucket, which was kind of surprising in that every other time they've played Rhythm & Brews they went on last. They kicked off their set with the track that after all these years still gets the biggest reaction, "One Night Stand". They played stuff from their latest disc (The Hardest Town) but the set this time around seemed to be heavier on the older material such as "Beat To Death Like A Dog" and "Bar Time". Broken Teeth finished off the night just as the rain started, the wind picked up, and lightning was in the distance. The really nasty weather thankfully held off as basically it "just sprinkled" as Ron correctly forecast from his ever present golf cart. (You had to be there). Broken Teeth tore thru a killer set that highlighted their current album Viva La Rock Fantastico. I had the great fortune to bellow out a line from the title track as front man Jason McMaster stuck the mic in my face. Jason preached the gospel of rock ("Can I get a fuck yeah?") thru out the set and dedicated "Electric" to those who still believe. As usual the medley/breakdown during "Undertaker" got a big reaction from the crowd. And like that... 3 plus hours of kick-ass, no frills, ROCK AND ROLL was done.

Rhino Bucket, American Dog, and Broken Teeth are all cut from the same cloth. Similar styles, similar approaches. Similar attitudes. Each are veteran bands who rock with more power and energy than artists half their age. All three bands get along quite well and VERY appreciative of the support they get from fans, venues, and silly little internet radio stations that have fat felines as their mascot. My only complaints (and the reason for less than 5 cat-heads) have nothing to do with the bands or Rhythm and Brews. It was friggin' hot & humid... it's a 13 hour roundtrip from Rockford, IL ... and while the crowd was decent sized and provided a lot of feedback it should of (and could easily have been) 4 or 5 times larger. Seriously, that big ol' tent will hold a LOT of people! Oh... and American Dog didn't play "Motherfucker", Rhino Bucket didn't play "What'd You Expect", and Broken Teeth didn't play "Pull The Plug". (The last complaint is entirely tongue in cheek!)

Bottom line: A proper 'Rhino-Dog-Teeth' tour needs to take place before its too late. Seriously, somebody out there make this happen!

Swede's rating: 4.5 out of 5

5=Excellent | 4=Very Good | 3=Decent | 2=Pretty Bad | 1=Garbage

June 7, 2010

ReverbNation Spotlight: Guns of Nevada

Spotlight on: Guns of Nevada (Seattle, WA).


"The Guns of Navarone. Guns of Brixton. And now, Guns of Nevada. Chalk them up as another legendary name to remember. They’ll pound your ears, break your heart, make you yell, and in the end you’ll realize that you just fell in love with the music of GUNS OF NEVADA. Formed in 2007 by four Washington natives, Earle Thunders (LUCKY STIFF and STUMBLEBUM), Rev. Adumb Green (I FORGET and EVIL TWIN, local radio personality and brother to Jeremiah Green of Modest Mouse), ‘Disco’ Donnie Guns (JACK THE HOT ROD), and D.H. Lynch (SLAPSHOT) have been rocking stages, playing to standing room only crowds, and putting on a hell of a show since their inception, much to the delight of their ever growing fanbase."

standalone player
The Rock / Alt.Country / Garage sounds of Guns of Nevada have been gracing FatCat Radio for a couple of years now. You can hear them Wednesdays on The BIG Show, anytime during the week on the Auto-Pilot, and of course on the newly revamped (and 100% ReverbNation powered) FatCat On Demand programming.

Guns of Nevada @ Facebook
FatCat Radio @ ReverbNation

June 6, 2010

Picture of the Week 6/6/10

Georg Dolivo (Rhino Bucket) and Jason McMaster (Broken Teeth)

Source: John Gard

What? No Michael Hannon (American Dog)? :D The above snapshot was taken Friday at the Big Rock in the Backyard event at Rhythm & Brews in Wapakoneta, OH. Perhaps you heard something about it right here at The Cat's Meow and um.. all day Friday and Saturday on FatCat Radio?

As it expected all three bands rocked. Somebody out there seriously needs to make this tour happen. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have attended both 'Rhino-Dog-Teeth' events - it's a shame that more people aren't able to say the same. Believe me - all three bands are ready, willing, and extremely able to take this show on the road!

A reminder - we are ALWAYS looking for a little help when it comes to content for the blog. Artists, listeners, supporters, please submit any news relating to FatCat Radio artists or independent music in general. Please do so via EMAIL and EMAIL only. (contact info) And yes... that includes pictures for the new Picture of the Week feature !

June 3, 2010

It's a RHINO-DOG-TEETH Weekend 6/4 - 6/5 !!

Friday June 4th - Saturday June 5th


Click HERE to listen.

To mark the Big Rock in the Backyard show featuring FatCat Radio artists Rhino Bucket (Van Nuys, CA), American Dog (Columbus, OH), and Broken Teeth (Austin, TX) taking place Friday June 4th on the outdoor stage at Route 33 Rhythm and Brews in Wapakoneta, Ohio we're having a special RHINO-DOG-TEETH Weekend.

All day Friday June 4th. All day Saturday June 5th.
Nothing but Rhino Bucket, American Dog, and Broken Teeth.
ONLY on FatCat Radio. Your source for the best independent rock and blues.

Enjoy the music. Hope to see many of you at the show !!


June 2, 2010

6/2/10 BIG Show recap

NEW ARTIST: Chris Steven Tomchak
NEW ARTIST: The Naddiks

As always I thank YOU for listening and supporting independent music. Tonight I did exactly what it is I do on Wednesday nights... drink beer and play indie music that ROCKS! Don't forget to click the links for more info on the artists featured on tonight's BIG Show. The playlist, with those ever important artist links, and a replay of the Fancy Live Blog can be found after the jump.

(Click the READ MORE link below.)

June 1, 2010

VIDEO: Broken Teeth - 'Viva La Rock Fantastico'


LOVE the song. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the album. After many viewings I'm still not sure what I think of the above video. It's either brilliant in it's simplicity and DIY-ness or... it's simply kinda stupid. haha. The Teeth are on tour - do yourself a favor and get to a show if at all possible. (See ya in Wapak for 'Rhino-Dog-Teeth' 2 aka the unofficial FFoR 2) Viva La Rock Fantastico!