August 17, 2010

The FINAL Nine Pound Hammer cd is now available

Country Classics, the final cd from Nine Pound Hammer, is now available for pre-sale. Only two ways to get it now as it won't officially be released for a few months. To the press release !

This cover had better look familiar music fans! (click to order)


The long awaited newest and FINAL studio album from the kings of cowpunk Nine Pound Hammer is now available right here for pre-order!!!

All pre-ordered CDs will be shipped on August 25.

The boys put the Hammer to classics by Waylon Jennings, Charlie Daniels, Johnny Cash, Ernest Tubb and others. They even turned in an amazing version of Gordon Lightfoot's Sundown that sounds like the Ramones came back to life and now play like CCR. But the real treasures are the Hammer Classics done straight forward country style. Such gems as 'Stranded Outside of Tater Knob' and 'Dead Dog Highway' are given the full blown bluegrass treatment with banjo, fiddle and mandolin. It's a perfect combination. This CD also features guest appearances from Andy Gibson of Hank 3, and Ruyter Suys of Nashville Pussy as well as others.

This Promotional Advance Limited Edition is ONLY available HERE or at the Hammer shows in Europe. The official release of this record isn't scheduled to be availble for months so get yours now! $14.99 includes shipping in North America and $17.99 includes shipping outside of North America."

New Nine Pound Hammer is always great news - their last two releases have been stellar (particularly Kentucky Breakdown) - but it is kinda bittersweet that it's being touted as the FINAL record. 25 years is a long damn time though and of course Blaine has his plate full with Nashville Pussy. Go pre-order Country Classics and if you're in Europe - try to catch a gig on their 25th Anniversary tour currently underway. Fellow FatCat Radio artist, Beavershot will be opening for Nine Pound Hammer on August 28 at De Waerdse Tempel in Heerhugowaard (The Netherlands).

Complete track listing / pre-order info: Country Classics

Go buy this one too if it ain't already in your collection!!

August 10, 2010

The Swede Interviews: Joey Killingsworth

The FatCat Radio Network will be airing an exclusive interview with Joey Killingsworth of Joecephus and the George Jonestown Massacre this Wednesday August 11, 2010 on The BIG Show hosted by One Angry Swede. The BIG Show airs from 7pm - 10pm CDT. The interview is slated to begin at or around 8:00pm.

Joecephus touches on a number of topics in the interview: The origin of the band name, hangin' out with Johnny Cash's drummer, his one musical regret, how DIY is a way of life, and how FatCat Radio helped get their new cd Hell or High Water in Lemmy's hands.

The Swede Interviews: Joey Killingsworth. Wednesday August 11th on FatCat Radio.
Official Joecephus & The GJM website

UPDATE:Now available as a 'PodCat'.

August 3, 2010

FatCat Radio: As heard in 87 countries !!

South Africa
#87 South Africa
Thanks for Clicking on the Cat!

Didn't we just do this? Another week, another country added to the confirmed listeners list. Earlier today a listener in Johannesburg, South Africa tuned in to the Auto-Pilot for 20+ minutes. That's 87 different countries that have Clicked on the Cat. We rule. The music we play rules. Our worldwide audience rules. See the complete list of confirmed listener countries (as of August 3, 2010) in the comments section below.