August 31, 2010

Rhino Bucket: New album project

"The time has come for Rhino Bucket to record a new record and rather than the customary “pre-sale” that we usually do, we have decided to reach out further and involve everyone in the process.

Those of you not familiar with the band, they continue the tradition of bad ass boogie-rock ala AC/DC and ZZ Top. They were on a major label in the past, broke up for a while and resurrected the band a few years back. The Bucket has had songs in films ranging from Wayne’s World to The Wrestler - That’s a pretty long career span!

The funds we raise though Kickstarter will go directly to recording and promoting a new record. We have a great producer on-board with credits including Danzig, The Vines, and many more so the record is sure to be loud and proud."


Rhino Bucket is taking an innovative approach to funding their new album. Click HERE for complete details. Donate some cash and you can not only help the band but get a lot of rare, cool, and one of a kind items. (Got enough dough and YOU can sing on a track!!) If nothing else click the links above to check out Georg's funny video and try to spot the FatCat Radio shirt. Hint... it's at the 2:55 mark. FatCat Radio is proud to be an official backer - for as little as $5.00 you too can help keep real rock alive.

FREE Dave Rude Band ringtones

Click the image above to get 'em. Need more details? Read this.

August 30, 2010


FatCat Radio is back online and on the air. Thank you for your patience these past few days. Thankfully it wasn't that difficult to get things under control and secure. The site has been deemed malware free since approximately 1AM last Thursday. Changes/updates were made Friday and early Saturday. The rest of the weekend was spent testing and doing 'quality control'. I am now confident the site is safe for all to Click on the Cat.

Bottom line: We're back. The website is safe. And all hacker scum can burn in hell.

August 29, 2010

Picture Of The Week: 8/29/10

The complete lyrics to 'Run Fat Boy Run' by Nine Pound Hammer

Photo courtesy of Nashville Pussy

Nine Pound Hammer is currently tearing up Europe on their 25th Anniversary Tour. (Complete list of tour dates here).'Run Fat Boy Run' is from the 1994 album Hayseed Timebomb which can be found at As previously reported here at The Cat's Meow, the FINAL Nine Pound Hammer album, Country Classics, is now available as a Limited Press Edition. I'll be airing some tracks on this week's BIG Show & am working on some special programming devoted to the album in the next few weeks but for now... you should go BUY IT. (purchase info).

For more info on Nine Pound Hammer visit Facebook.

August 28, 2010

Status Update 2

Hope it'sn ot a train

Done with the website crap for today (6+ hrs is enough) but things are looking up... stay tuned.

August 27, 2010

Status Update

All things FatCat Radio are on hold. The website is once again safe & secure. Repeat, the site is SAFE. If I chose to I could re-open everything right now except the ON AIR page (live stream). However, at this point I would rather not. I am looking into alternatives to our current broadcast method, including switching literally hundreds if not thousands of files onto different computers. So far... things aren't progressing as I had hoped.

Despite a smattering of supportive emails encouraging me to continue, this little set back very well could spell the end of FatCat Radio. Despite the fact that this is an internet radio station and I spend an unhealthy amount of time online, the computer side of this whole venture has ALWAYS been a pain in my ass. I do not enjoy the computer side of this stuff at all. The years of frustration with that aspect may ultimately be the reason I choose to shut down all operations. That decision has not been reached yet. I'm still working on getting things back up and running in a way that is 100% safe & secure, one that is not too headache inducing, and one that doesn't cost me $$$ that I can't afford to spend.

The best I can say right now is STAY TUNED FOR FURTHER DEVELOPMENTS.

August 25, 2010

OFF-LINE and OFF AIR (*updated*)


FatCat Radio is OFF-LINE and OFF-AIR until further notice. The site was hacked / attacked tonight (see previous post). FatCat Radio will be not re-opened until I'm 100% sure this will not happen again. Please adhere to any warning you may see. You should get an all clear notice in a day or two (offending pages removed/site has been resubmitted). However like I said, FatCat is OFF-LINE until I can guarantee it's once again safe for all. This may take awhile. This could even spell the end of FatCat Radio. I will NOT in anyway contribute to jeopardizing anyone's computer health/safety. I will provide an update via email as well as this blog, Facebook, Twitter etc.


8/26/10 UPDATE: The site is once again malware free and deemed safe by Google. However, all content is still OFFLINE and we are OFF AIR until further notice.


8/26/10 UPDATE 2: Safe Browsing Diagnostic page for

What is the current listing status for
This site is not currently listed as suspicious.

What happened when Google visited this site?

Of the 27 pages we tested on the site over the past 90 days, 2 page(s) resulted in malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent. The last time Google visited this site was on 2010-08-25, and the last time suspicious content was found on this site was on 2010-08-25.

Malicious software is hosted on 1 domain(s), including
This site was hosted on 1 network(s) including AS15003 (NOBIS).

Has this site acted as an intermediary resulting in further distribution of malware?
Over the past 90 days, did not appear to function as an intermediary for the infection of any sites.

Has this site hosted malware?
No, this site has not hosted malicious software over the past 90 days.


8/25/10 BIG Show recap

A little more than 1 hour into tonight's BIG Show, FatCat Radio was hacked - specifically the ON AIR page display. A number of listeners using Firefox reported a warning message regarding malware. This is the 1st time in the history of FatCat Radio something like this has occured. And one time is one time too many. I apologize to all who may have been affected. Please adhere to the warning and leave the site until further notice.

The offending pages/data have been taken offline. The site has been re-submitted to Google for their review. Once they confirm the site is ok (should be within a day or two) - the error message will be removed.

FatCat Radio is offline and off the air until further notice. I will contact everyone on our mailing list and post updates on Facebook/Twitter when I have more information. This site will NOT be going back up until I am 100% sure this can not happen again.

Once again, I'm sorry for the trouble. Sucks 'cause we were havin' a rockin' show tonight too!

August 25, 2010

Isnt this an awesome BIG Show banner?
Complete playlist w/artist links after the jump.

August 24, 2010

VIDEO: Nashville Pussy - 'Go Motherfucker Go'

The mighty Nashville Pussy performing 'Go Motherfucker Go' at the Garage in London on August 12, 2010. Check out the other hi-quality videos from the same gig courtesy of Loud Pixels Live.

"Hell Yeah!!"

The Pussies are off the road while Nine Pound Hammer tours in Europe for the next couple months. Look for October/November dates for a US/Canada tour to be posted soon at

August 23, 2010

Monday Marathon: August 23, 2010

Your Monday Marathon line-up for Monday August 23rd. Click the links below for more info and to buy / download the albums. Use the comments section to provide feedback for the artists.

Broken Teeth
CD: Electric

Rocker Lips
CD: Needle In The Groove

The Racket
Various Tracks

The Creeping Cruds
Tennessee Bloodbath

8 Lives Spent
Self-Inflicted Wounds

NOTES: Someone humor me and leave some feedback by way of posting a comment OTHER than Chinese spam. Oh yeah, enjoy this fantastic opportunity brought to you by FatCat Radio. It's called Monday Marathon and allows you to listen to ENTIRE albums absolutely FREE by super talented unsigned or independent artists.

FatCat Radio's Monday Marathon
Your standard song block...only fatter!!

FatCat Pop-up player)

August 22, 2010

Picture of the Week: 8/22/10

Justin Bieber FatCat Radio Pic of the Week
Sometimes a picture IS worth a thousand words!!


This kind of GARBAGE and the whole phenomenon associated with the little kid and his haircut is a big reason why there IS a FatCat Radio and why I do what I do. The artists we play deserve to be heard soooooo much more than what the mainstream is shoving down your throats. Support independent and unsigned artists. Support independent music. Support FatCat Radio !

Do YOU have a photo for our Picture of the Week feature? Send it (or a link) to us via EMAIL!!

August 20, 2010

VIDEO: Pretty Little Suicide - 'Cope'

Pretty Little Suicide's video for their first single, "Cope" released earlier this year.

You can next catch Pretty Little Suicide live on stage August 21st at Plymouth Memorial Hall in Plymouth MA. And... you can purchase "Cope" at

August 19, 2010

ReverbNation Spotlight: The McGunks

The McGunks (Providence, RI)
"The MCGUNKS are a 4-piece hi-energy rock and roll band from the Providence/Boston area that formed in the mid-1990s. Rooted firmly in a rock and roll background, their music reflects rockabilly, punk rock, surf and even a teensy-tiny bit of country. After multiple prior releases and a retooling of the bands line up, The McGunks are looking forward to regional touring, and finishing their next full length album with producer Phil Greene. They've also shared the stage with dozens of awesome bands including The Supersuckers, The Dropkick Murphys, Darkbuster, Dirty Filthy Mugs, American Speedway, Leftover Crack, Street Dogs, and a whole lot more. Be warned!!! They'll be invading your town soon!"

standalone player

The McGunks are one of the most recent additions to the FatCat Radio roster of artists. You can hear them Wednesday nights on The BIG Show as well as through out the week on the Auto Pilot and FatCat On Demand.

Official Website of The McGunks
FatCat Radio @ ReverbNation

August 18, 2010

8/18/10 BIG Show recap


Lots of new listeners tonight - thanks to those bands who help promote the show on Wednesdays. I see (most) all - and it IS appreciated. Tried to mix things up a bit tonight and feature some bands that haven't been heard in awhile. We did have some sporadic trouble with the On Air page displaying correctly so if you missed anything be sure to check out the playlist with artist links below. Thanks for listening. Tune in next week... a new round of MISSING LINK is scheduled.

Isnt this an awesome BIG Show banner?
Complete playlist w/artist links after the jump.

August 17, 2010

The FINAL Nine Pound Hammer cd is now available

Country Classics, the final cd from Nine Pound Hammer, is now available for pre-sale. Only two ways to get it now as it won't officially be released for a few months. To the press release !

This cover had better look familiar music fans! (click to order)


The long awaited newest and FINAL studio album from the kings of cowpunk Nine Pound Hammer is now available right here for pre-order!!!

All pre-ordered CDs will be shipped on August 25.

The boys put the Hammer to classics by Waylon Jennings, Charlie Daniels, Johnny Cash, Ernest Tubb and others. They even turned in an amazing version of Gordon Lightfoot's Sundown that sounds like the Ramones came back to life and now play like CCR. But the real treasures are the Hammer Classics done straight forward country style. Such gems as 'Stranded Outside of Tater Knob' and 'Dead Dog Highway' are given the full blown bluegrass treatment with banjo, fiddle and mandolin. It's a perfect combination. This CD also features guest appearances from Andy Gibson of Hank 3, and Ruyter Suys of Nashville Pussy as well as others.

This Promotional Advance Limited Edition is ONLY available HERE or at the Hammer shows in Europe. The official release of this record isn't scheduled to be availble for months so get yours now! $14.99 includes shipping in North America and $17.99 includes shipping outside of North America."

New Nine Pound Hammer is always great news - their last two releases have been stellar (particularly Kentucky Breakdown) - but it is kinda bittersweet that it's being touted as the FINAL record. 25 years is a long damn time though and of course Blaine has his plate full with Nashville Pussy. Go pre-order Country Classics and if you're in Europe - try to catch a gig on their 25th Anniversary tour currently underway. Fellow FatCat Radio artist, Beavershot will be opening for Nine Pound Hammer on August 28 at De Waerdse Tempel in Heerhugowaard (The Netherlands).

Complete track listing / pre-order info: Country Classics

Go buy this one too if it ain't already in your collection!!

Sideburn: Rock Band 3

Official press release received yesterday from Sideburn.

Sideburn will be featured on the new Rock Band 3 video game.Their single Cherry Red will be a part of the new Rock Band 3 format which will be launched in October.

"This is a really big step for us" says the band's drummer Lionel Blanc. "It will give our fans the opportunity to play along with our song. We will also be featured among some of rock's legends such as AC/DC, Ozzy, ZZ Top... and it's a great honor."

Sideburn is currently in the studio working on a follow up album to their successful 2008 Cherry Red."

I'm not much of a gamer - never once played any version of Rock Band - but even I gotta admit that's pretty damn cool! Congrats to Sideburn.

August 16, 2010

Monday Marathon: August 16, 2010

Your Monday Marathon line-up for Monday August 16th. Click the links below for more info and to buy / download the albums. Use the comments section to provide feedback for the artists.

CD: Live In Bochum

Joecephus & The George Jonestown Massacre
CD: Hell or High Water

CD: Drown

American Dog
CD: Hard

CD: Bronze

NOTES: New music from Holland's Beavershot (despite the title it ain't a live album). You could have won Hell or High Water by tuning in to Play It Again Sam last week. If you dig Knuckleduster be sure to tune in to The BIG Show this week for a new band that sounds an awful lot like 'em. Enjoy the Marathon. Be a pal and provide the bands some feedback this week.

FatCat Radio's Monday Marathon
Your standard song block...only fatter!!

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August 14, 2010

The Skinny: 8/14/10

A quick look at news, links, & other stuff from the world of FatCat Radio.

- The latest edition of The Swede Interviews (Joe Killingsworth) is now available in 'PodCat' form.

- Metalliville - "The UK's finest rock & metal webzine" has been added to our Litterbox. And FatCat has been added to their list of internet radio stations.

- Thirty 2 Life recently announced a lineup change: "Guitarist Brian Greenway(2007-2009) and drummer Josh Lynn(2009-2010) decided to leave the band in May, both due to time restraints. We have added a new drummer Larry Perkins and guitarist Scott Sanders. We should also be getting a new song to you in the near future, (next month) if all goes as planned."

- Dave Rude Band have a new mailing list courtesy of the fine site ReverbNation. In other DRB news, they are returning to the recording studio in September. Expect a possible FatCat Radio exclusive / world premiere / and or special DRB programming soon after.

- 7th Day Creeps recently uploaded several new photos to their Facebook profile.

- The greatest day in FatCat Radio history took place a year ago this week. Look for a 'Where Are They Now' type post soon here on The Cat's Meow. Hint - some of 'em ain't around no 'mo!


Got news for The Cat's Meow? Drop us a line. (Contact info)

August 11, 2010

8/11/10 BIG Show recap

SWEDE INTERVIEWS: Joe Killingsworth
CONTEST WINNER: Barbara from Düsseldorf, Germany

Thanks for listening. Your host was feelin' about a gazillion times better than last week. Live listeners tonight from USA, Canada, Germany, and Ireland (Paddy - thanks for the call on the BS Hotline!). Hope everyone dug the Swede Interviews segment. Thanks again to Joe from Joecephus & The George Jonestown Massacre for taking the time for the interview.

If you missed the interview catch it again on Thursday's Play It Again Sam programming. There is an exclusive giveaway for my rebroadcast listeners on Thursday August 12th. I greatly appreciate your support week after week as you listen 'live on tape'. Since you always miss out on the giveaways/contests during the live shows this one's for you. I will give a copy of the cd Hell Or High Water from Joecephus & The George Jonestown Massacre to the 1st person who correctly answers the contest question I asked after the interview. Listen closely to the entire interview - the answer to the question can be found there. Again - this contest is exclusively for listeners to the rebroadcast on Thursday. Listen, email the correct answer, and win ! Good luck!

UPDATE:: An excellent turnout on Thursday for the rebroadcasts!! USA, Germany, UK, France, Mexico, Italy, and Spain all tuned in. Congrats to our WINNER of the Joecephus & the GJM CD Giveaway -- Barbara from Germany !!

Isnt this an awesome BIG Show banner?
Complete playlist w/artist links after the jump.

August 10, 2010

The Swede Interviews: Joey Killingsworth

The FatCat Radio Network will be airing an exclusive interview with Joey Killingsworth of Joecephus and the George Jonestown Massacre this Wednesday August 11, 2010 on The BIG Show hosted by One Angry Swede. The BIG Show airs from 7pm - 10pm CDT. The interview is slated to begin at or around 8:00pm.

Joecephus touches on a number of topics in the interview: The origin of the band name, hangin' out with Johnny Cash's drummer, his one musical regret, how DIY is a way of life, and how FatCat Radio helped get their new cd Hell or High Water in Lemmy's hands.

The Swede Interviews: Joey Killingsworth. Wednesday August 11th on FatCat Radio.
Official Joecephus & The GJM website

UPDATE:Now available as a 'PodCat'.

August 8, 2010

Monday Marathon: 8/9/10 **SPECIAL PROGRAMMING**

Monday August 9th : ALL SNEW. ALL THE TIME.

FatCat Radio presents 24 hours of SNEW & their new cd We Do What We Want .

Instead of the usual Monday Marathon format this Monday we are devoting 24 straight hours to one artist and one album. Here's the format for the ALL SNEW. ALL THE TIME special. First we'll air the entire We What We Want album uninterrupted. After that it's the cd with track by track commentary provided by SNEW frontman, Curtis Don Vito! That's right - get the scoop on all ten tracks on We Do What We Want direct from the source. You'll get the stories behind the songs, info on the band, and a bunch more - straight from SNEW. This format will continue all day/ night Monday 8/9/10. Start time is 12:00AM CDT. ALL SNEW. ALL THE TIME. Only on FatCat Radio.

For more info on the band please visit

FatCat Radio's Monday Marathon
Your standard song block...only fatter!!

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August 7, 2010

ReverbNation Spotlight: Pretty Little Suicide

Pretty Little Suicide (Boston, MA).
"Like a hard right hook to the jaw Pretty Little Suicide hits like a ton of bricks, packing a major punch!!! With enough hooks to stock a bait and tackle shop the size of Texas. Their brand of heavy yet melodic hard rock immediately captivates the listener dragging them into a sticky web of rock-n-roll debauchery. Having members that have lived in both Boston and Los Angeles PLS blends east coast grit with west coast attitude and flash!!! The band's influences span five decades. From 60's classic rock, to punk and arena rock from the 70's, to 80's metal and glam, and heavy goth-industrial rock from the 90's, add in a dash of modern day chart topping pop and you have Pretty Little Suicide, a band that is sure to create some tsunami size waves in the not too distant future!"

Band website builders

Pretty Little Suicide came to FatCat Radio last month via our Music Submission Form. They've since been featured on The BIG Show, Monday Marathon, and can be heard on FatCat On Demand as well as our Auto-Pilot programming. We're still waiting on those station ids...

Official Pretty Little Suicide website
FatCat Radio @ ReverbNation

August 5, 2010

VIDEO: Nine Pound Hammer - 'Rub Yer Daddy's Lucky Belly'

Nine Pound Hammer performing "Rub Yer Daddy's Lucky Belly" from the cd Kentucky Breakdown last month at the band's 25th Anniversary Show at Cosmic Charlies in Lexington, KY.

'Lucky Belly' was described by Blaine Cartwright earlier this year in a Swede Interviews as the "quintessential Nine Pound Hammer song". In other news - a brand new album is in the can and should be released soon. Nine Pound Hammer kicks off a string of European dates later this year.

August 4, 2010

8/4/10 BIG Show recap


"The show must go on". Whether your humble and lovable host is sick with flu-like symptoms or not. Ugh...tonight was a rough one for yours truly. Biggest listener turnout since late May however with several requests and a few folks even braving the Fancy Live Blog. Hope you dug the tunes. Hope you didn't catch any virtual cooties from me.

Tune in next week for more NEW music and new edition of The Swede Interviews.

Isnt this an awesome BIG Show banner?
Complete playlist w/artist links after the jump.

August 3, 2010

FatCat Radio: As heard in 87 countries !!

South Africa
#87 South Africa
Thanks for Clicking on the Cat!

Didn't we just do this? Another week, another country added to the confirmed listeners list. Earlier today a listener in Johannesburg, South Africa tuned in to the Auto-Pilot for 20+ minutes. That's 87 different countries that have Clicked on the Cat. We rule. The music we play rules. Our worldwide audience rules. See the complete list of confirmed listener countries (as of August 3, 2010) in the comments section below.