June 28, 2011

FatCat Feedback

Unsolicited listener feedback with no strings attached... it's a beautiful thing. Sure beats spam!!!

FatCat Feedback

"Subject: what a awesome radio !!!!!!

hey my name is martin and im from germany i listen to your radio the first week and damn!!!!! its fucking gooodd!!!! so keep on rockin!!!

i like your radio!!!

greetz martin

Source: FatCat Contact Form

A big big thanks to Martin for taking the time to send such gracious feedback via the actual website. Sorry but "Likes" on Facebook don't do much for me. For years now FatCat Radio has been inexplicably popular in Germany - continually a very close second to the USA in terms of total listener hours. FatCat salutes Martin and all the independent rock & blues supporters in Germany who continue to Click on the Cat.

Keep the feedback comin' - it's always appreciated.

June 25, 2011

Ebeniezer And The Crooked Hookers (FREE downloads)

Great band name!

Introducing Ebeniezer And The Crooked Hookers (Wolf Creek, CO), a self described "blues based Americana hard rock-n-roll band". If you like what you've heard from them so far on FatCat Radio, Ebeniezer And The Crooked Hookers encourage their fans to "download, play, rock, share, enjoy!". So head on over to Bandcamp for FREE downloads from the band's forthcoming debut album. Be sure to let 'em know what you think by leaving some feedback here or on their Facebook page.

June 16, 2011

VIDEO: Rocker Lips - 'Dozen A Dime'

Rocker Lips are expected to announce the release date of their latest album Wise To The Word soon. Here's a snazzy video of one of the new tracks.

"From the new album by Rocker Lips recorded with Chris Cosgrove.
Video and editing by Jeff Knights (Snap the Moment) 2011.

Another track from the new album called 'Coming Back To You' is available at ReverbNation.

June 13, 2011

ReverbNation Spotlight: The Fink

The Fink (Long Island, NY)
"A band who's music is as hard and powerful as the NY streets that inspired them. Pure, unadulterated rock and roll is back and its name is The Fink. Log on to www.originalfink.com for the complete bio and The Fink story."

Find Gigs

The Fink are a veteran band currently enjoying their second act. You can download their two song single for FREE at CDBaby.com or via their ReverbNation page. A full length release featuring new tracks and re-recordings of Fink classics is due late Fall 2011. The Fink are a band that truly appreciates the exposure they get via FatCat Radio and like ALL bands they dig feedback so let 'em know what you think by dropping them a line on their guestbook.

The Fink (Official Website)
FatCat Radio @ ReverbNation

June 12, 2011

VIDEO: Stevie Peavey - Welcome to my guitar collection

Get a look at Stevie Peavey's guitar collection and a bonus instructional video to boot !

FYI: I literally have never heard a Lady Gaga song...

For even more METAL be sure to check out Deathsquad Demongods.

June 11, 2011

Deathsquad Demongods: Everybody's Favorite Guy (FREE)

Deathsquad Demongods (Hollywood Hills, CA) "your favorite new fuckin' band" (self-proclaimed) are new to FatCat Radio. You've been hearing them along with frontman Stevie Peavey's multiple new promos in heavy rotation this week. You can download their current two song single "Deathgod Demongods" and "Everybody's Favorite Guy" for FREE over at Bandcamp.

A big FatCat thanks to Stevie for the entertaining new spots - plus for helping promote the addition of DSDG to the rotation - which resulted in the biggest listening audience in months. All you guitar geeks out there keep an eye on The Cat's Meow for a special instructional video from Stevie featuring his beloved new Flying V. For more info on Deathsquad Demongods visit dsdgods.com

June 10, 2011

REPOST: FatCat Radio banners - Stick one on YOUR site today

Simply cut & paste the code below each to add to your website. Thanks !!!






June 4, 2011

The Skinny: 6/4/11

A quick look at news, links, & other stuff from the world of FatCat Radio.

- YOU'RE STUCK WITH US: Recently re-upped the FatCat Radio domain for another year.

- DRUMMER NEEDED: Charlie Hustle is looking for a drummer. No word yet if a bowl haircut and or a gambling problem is a prerequisite for the gig.

- TO TEXAS AND BACK: American Dog kicks off their mini tour next week with stops in Kansas, Texas, and Iowa. Look for shows with a couple FatCat favorites - Broken Teeth & Rocker Lips.

- WARPED CREEPS: 7th Day Creeps are in a Battle of the Bands and need your vote to land a spot on the Detroit stop of the 2011 Van's Warped Tour. You do need to register in order to vote (just like real life!) but you're able to vote immediately after submitting your email addy.

- WARPED FINK: The Fink have already advanced to the 2nd record of the same Battle of the Bands / Warped Tour contest by amassing over 4,900 votes!! That's awesome. They could use your vote though to help 'em secure the spot at the Nassau Coliseum in New York.

- THREE BANDS THAT GET IT: Thanks again to Waxgordon, El Paso Killers, and The Bloody Muffs for providing station IDs last month. As a result they got a ton of airtime. That ain't a coincidence you know. If that passive aggressive aside has done the trick - call 206-337-0228 NOW to record a spot or two. Looking for song intros as well. (More info).

- SHE AIN'T FAT (YET): Introducing our new cat, Beatrice. Adopted May 15th from Rock County (WI) Humane Society. Bea's fitting in quite nicely & has reset the balance of things 'round here. One portly pussy + one soon to be. And for the record, Bea did not have a co-starring role in a certain 80's Stephen King flick.

Got news for The Cat's Meow? Drop us a line. (Contact info)

June 1, 2011

The Demon Beat: New album news

Click for more details & track listing

The Demon Beat are releasing their latest album Bullshit Walks (great title!) on July 5th. The single "Jump My Bones" is currently in heavy rotation here on FatCat Radio. You can get the track as an immediate free download at Bandcamp by pre-ordering the limited edition hand screen-printed 12" vinyl album. Designed and hand-assembled by Jordan Hudkins. The rest of the album automatically e-mails to you on the release date of the record.