FatCat bands AND listeners - we want YOU to be part of the FatCat Radio broadcast. Record a station id, song introduction, or your very own 'Click on the Cat' promo.

Station Identifications: "This is ____ from ____ and you're listening to FatCat Radio". Feel free to use some creativity and record something with a bit more personality.

Song Introductions: Play DJ and introduce a song. "This is Angus Young of AC/DC. This next song is a true story about a big fat groupie called 'Whole Lotta Rosie'".

Option 1
Call the FatCat Phone 848-228-3289 anytime. Follow the simple instructions to record your spots.

Option 2
Record your own mp3 or wav file and email to the station.

You can never go wrong by identifying yourself & using the station's catchphrase which is, of course, "Click on the Cat". If you want to record multiple spots I suggest calling the FatCat Phone (848-228-3289) & recording one long message. Just leave a few seconds between takes for editing purposes. Bands, make sure to mention your website. Listeners, be sure to give your location. Try to keep all promos less than 30 seconds. Other than that anything goes. Drop us a line via email if you've got questions or need help.

Promos wanted from CURRENT FatCat Radio artists & listeners only. Do NOT submit promos prior to being accepted for airplay.

Several more examples of station ids & song intros can be found at Soundclick.