Be part of the FatCat Radio broadcast. Record a station id, song introduction, or your very own 'Click on the Cat' promo.

Option 1
Call the FatCat Phone 848-CAT-FAT9 aka 848-228-3289 anytime. Follow the simple instructions to record your spots.

Option 2
Record your own mp3 or wav file and email to the station.

Station IDs: The standard (if boring) "This is ____ from ____ and you're listening to FatCat Radio". Feel free to use some creativity and record something with a bit more personality.

Song Intros: Select a track and introduce it. "This is Angus Young of AC/DC. This next song is all about life on the road and it's called 'Highway To Hell'". You get the idea.

Several more examples of station ids & song intros can be found at Soundclick.

At a loss? You can never go wrong by identifying yourself & using the station's catchphrase which is, of course, "Click on the Cat". If you want to record multiple spots I suggest calling the FatCat Phone (848-CAT-FAT9) & recording one long message. Just leave a gap in between messages so I can prep 'em for broadcast. If you're in a band make sure to mention your website. If you're a listener be sure to give your location. Try to keep all promos less than 30 seconds. Other than that anything goes...

Bands that provide station ids / song intros tend to get more airplay. Drop us a line via email if you've got questions or need help. Thanks everybody.

Promos wanted from CURRENT FatCat Radio artists & listeners only. Do NOT submit promos prior to being accepted for airplay.